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9 Incredible Success Stories from North-East India

Mary Kom
2 min read The North-Eastern region houses some of the most resourceful and talented people in the country. Here are some of the best that have even left a mark in the mainland. #1 Bhupen Hazarika The Bard of Brahmaputra, as he is widely known, Bhupen Hazarika is popular the world over for his highly enriching songs, marked by the themes of...

Birthdays of famous Indian sportspersons

indian sportspersons birthdays
India boasts of a host of famous sportspersons across a range of different sports who have made the country proud with their commendable achievements. Here's a compilation celebrating the birthdays of some of the most famous Indian sportspersons- Abhinav Bindra Date of birth: 28 September, 1982

Most qualified politicians of India

educated indian politicians
While politics in India isn't exactly a matter of credibilities, it indeed helps when politicians come armed also with exemplary educational and professional qualifications to work their way up the revered minds of the nation. Politicians of the country dwell between extremities- from dropouts to doctorates, India is a democracy run by all. Here are some of...

Top 8 Indian sports personalities and their contributions to the nation

indian sports personalities and their contributions
Sports has always been a great leavener of humanity. The sporting spirit that imbues the heart and soul of every sports person translates also in their life choices and overall personality. In taking on field instincts of compassion even in the face of stiff competition as a life mantra, sports personalities tend to very often plunge into...

Most inspiring women achievers in India of all time

women achievers in india
Women are the embodiment of all things resiliently steadfast and challenging. Perhaps it is the innate power stemming from the female essence or a resolution to do all odds- female power indeed is inspiring. India has been a country propagating women empowerment and considering its women folk as equals, yet numerous times there have been people who...

What Made The Year 2018 So Remarkable for Northeast India?

The states of Northeast India have been neglected and unexplored for many years. With an abundant variety of natural resources, the wonderful eight states of the northeastern region have not been much of an eye-catcher. However, the eight states of the northeastern region collectively termed as ‘Ashtalakshmi’ by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, have been able to make headlines recently in media...

5 Indian Women Boxers To Get Inspiration From

mary kom
In Indian history, whether it is ancient, medieval or modern, there are many vivifying stories of women who have made much effort and toiled hard to come out of their comfort zones and made a truly inspiring mark in their respective fields. Boxing is one of the sports mostly preferred to be for men and less for women. However ,there...

5 Bureaucrat Storytellers of India- Soaring Passions

English, August
A position as demanding as that of the civil servants hardly leaves any scope for pursuing passion. However, sheer determination and will power can grant you even such luxury that you would never have fathomed. Below we outline five famous union service holders who follow their passion alongside their profession to lead a life of  balance and satisfaction. UPAMANYU CHATTERJEE A...

Podcasts that pour unto the soul

podcasts with a soul
Call it a means of entertainment or seek out its power as a medium of communication, podcasts are the new age way of relaxing with a purpose in mind. Mind diverting an exercise but mindful still, letting the narrative play along to your ears even as you continue with your pursuits in action, the play of a...

The Magic of the Green Gold

Now Follow INNFINITY at Bloglovin In India, there are 125 indigenous as well as exotic species of bamboo . However, more than 50 per cent of the bamboo species grow in the north-eastern regions of India. This eco-friendly material has been a source of livelihood for many persons from olden times. It is therefore, rightly known as ‘Poor...