And They Said…..

and they said

That a sensitive soul spewing intelligent life quotes about science and the philosophy was pumped to his gills with “substances of misuse” aka drugged in local parlance that he took his own life and died by suicide, which they say is actually murder considering the horrendous “pumping” by his girlfriend aka girl – fiend now… Well the fact that this philosophy spewing intelligent soul was almost “high” on the ganja which is preferably referred to as marijuana by one and all considering the style and “drugginess” that the word carries than the wholesome home spun “ganja” which perhaps is being smoked by yours truly the mendicant next door or almost all devotees of an Indian Dancing God making it a godly offering, legitimising the word and the action as one of the lesser evils. The boy took his life, the girlfriend aka fiend turned drug lord, maybe will get arrested after a horrific media trial with social ostracism, some even did politics they said…

Source: OpIndia

Marijuana has been a staple in the creative world is what they failed to say, get yourself immersed in the milieu and be sure to a serving of “cutting chai” and a “joint” – it’s that simple. The Beatles have done it with a Yogi, why should you not, it gives you the edge to get your creatives to the next level! Says Who?? The artists of course and also the sciences, by the way, have you ever read those scientific citations that pop up on google when you type “effects of smoking marijuana” – oh yes! you have and have almost always skipped the ones which states the ill effects to jump start on the ones which gives you the “high!!” The high which probably gives you a mental image of the song gaining crescendo in sounding great or a shot being perfect, be it in photography or the movie scene or even the words that you write becoming superfluously articulate and hard hitting than what they exemplify. The “ganja” they say levitates you to a level of a higher being, a human dehumanised of those worldly graces of pain, failure, mediocrity and the works, turning your mediocrity into meritocracy, pain into resolve and failure into acceptance of the lower mortals as those striving for success, while you fly above it all in your godly avatar of the “been there, done that” being.

That sensitive soul probably became human again by taking his life….

And they said….