And They Said….

black lives matter

That an Ivy League, the Princeton had a valedictorian of “colour” in 240 years and he is the first in the history of this University! Then there is the affable Vice Presidential candidate with skin of “colour” – Kamala Harris the first woman of colour to be nominated in the American elections. they say. Barack Obama of course will always go down in history, coloured or otherwise. Some tech giants like Twitter and other billion dollar establishments like J P Morgan even removed certain programming codes from their technologies lest they defied the “colour” disparities. The words that were removed were “master” “slave” and the likes symbolising the disparity of race, culture, colour et al.

One “man of colour” died in a scuffle or whatever else the world is saying he died of asphyxiation, the loss of air being one of the several reasons, and then the most developed country in the world, a symbol of ultimate freedom exploded into a series of events which then spread worldwide into a movement denoted by the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter, both in the real as well as the digital space. Newspapers, online portals, magazines, television, the social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit.. you name it and the hashtag prevailed. Almost all states across the Americanas plunged into mass protests, reviving the days of the “Harlem” with a nasty reminder that the freedom and equality that this great country derives its pride from is but not completely true. This has been there ingrained since in the social psyche and the culture is what they said…

And they said it right, no valedictorian, no presidential candidate of colour or the removal of mere words from programming codes is gonna change anything anytime, it’s the ingrained seeds of social inequality in the cultural and social thread that needs expulsion not mere protests with a hashtag to the boot. Since this is an imperfection, an imperfection based on colour. And the colour “black” is for yours truly, the defined laws of physics just an absence of visible light, a “non colour” and one which absorbs all the other colours of the spectrum, an embodiment of the element of a silent, resilient force, able to take into itself all that others give out. Yet to the eyes of the looker, black is not just another colour, distorted into tidbits of imperfections not so perfect by them The black hole for instance, pitless and unknown, a black beauty, anything which is beautiful but black. Then there is the just beautiful, anything that’s beautiful but not black, then there is black magic, which distorts the living mechanism, sometimes even kills. And then there is just magic, heavenly, wonderful, magical almost like in the fairy tales. Then of course there is the black cat, conjuring thoughts of evil, the witches paramour and if one crosses the road you betcha stand still. Well then there is a cat of any other colour, just a furry pet that lies on your lap to be caressed and cherished.

The colour “black” a metaphor for death, evil, ghostly, the Dracula drank human blood and was always showcased in jet black and nothing less, then the skin of a human, a tonned coloration, completely genetic based on the melanin and the melanocytes, that which are just pigments, just another colour, black or otherwise. It is is these imperfections in the “black” and the “colour” that needs to be made perfect than to create revolutions of the hashtag kind.

That #Lives probably will only matter when “black” is obliterated from the colour spectrum as defined by the laws of physics into a “non colour…”

And They Said……