And They Said….


That we have all been turned to “lab rats” well fed ones at that, scuttling from one digital platform to another in search of God knows what, in fact it’s not something which God knows but it’s just a search for things that we have left behind as people and before they turned us into rats! Connection, Connection and more Connection that’s the only thing that we as people then and as lab rats now want and desire. The connection then was physical, man to man, conversation to conversation, a cuppa coffee to a glass of wine, sometimes even whisky or a strong puff of smoke. A rats life later, the connection now is as everyone says, at a deeper level, nothing physical pure soul. Soul? What’s a soul? Are we left with any anyways? And they say it’s the soul of the algorithm, the strings of strange looking words amassed together to form the codes, the codes that now rules our lives, our social lives that we live within the confines of the devices that are the very own precious part of living.

And they said can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em and they called it “the social dilemma” – dilemma it really is cause when we ask anyone of those caught in this dilemma about the problem, no one seems to know what the problem was, is or gonna be in the future. All they say is we are all caught in a web of these “codes” which are working into the deep recesses of our minds which the “whistle blowers” say is gonna change the world to the liking of these “code owners!” They say it’s worse than all the warfare we’ve seen till date, they say it’s worse than all the disease and disasters that have stuck humanity till date yet they cannot tell us where the problem lies and how is it a problem if there really is one. Dilemma it truly is, problem not very sure!

Social Media aka Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, Google and yours truly the ubiquitous Whatsapp, I hear that some even switched to the Telegram to get away from those “Family Groups” “Born in the 80s Group” “Met on the way to the Washroom Group” – but wherever one goes it’s just exchanging your position within the self built “echochambers” of one’s life! You hit out a googly only to get back one better than yours! Post your travel photos from the palaces and sand dunes of Udaipur and then sit staring at the camels of the Gobi Desert that your bestie rode on that “oh so so exotic” trip against your “oh so exotic” trip which then seems exotic no more! The next thing you realise or maybe don’t realise is that a “panic attack” has struck the innards of your mind that has set the ball rolling in this echo chamber of yours which screams “oh I need another exotic trip!” Travel is just one of these echoes resounding on the walls of the Facebook or the Instagram, there are many more having dangerous implications on the minds of the users. It could be as simple as the chocolate cookies that you baked and put into the echo chamber to resound further or could be a constituency that deserved a better candidate than the one someone put into his self created echochamber changing the governance of the country to his whims and fancies! The dilemma is thus explained more so in technological language but the problem? Not sure till now! As we delve deeper and deeper into these echochambers of destruction thinking them to be one of motivation instead, we all know and feel that there is actually a problem as stated by the “whistle blowers” but we tend to be as lost as them. This is rooted in the non definition of the problem, a problem which is one that everyone is aware of but no one seems to address or care. Like the whistle blowers if we think that these money minting companies who initiated the creation of this problem and left it in our hands to aggravate the same is gonna change anything anytime, we are absolutely wrong. It’s all about the economics, it’s about the money, honey!! So no one’s gonna let go….

That we know there is a problem here and that we are lost within the maze of these self destructing chambers that keep echoing with the same death knell of society and the human kind, its only us and us that can solve this problem that as everyone nods their heads to say that “it ain’t there but it’s gonna be here somewhere”

And They Said……