fashion sequins pants

Style strewn in sequins

Seems like everything in the world has its own significant history. Even sequins. Or rather- especially sparkly, shiny, shimmery sequins.
types of pleats

Styles to pleat your fashion senses in

Something that occurs as a feature more than often flaunted in shows of style, pleats are rather wonderful ways of functionality spreading...
spring style staples fashion

Sartorials of the spring style

Spring you say, style we hear. The season of love itself, this period of prettiness and perfection and playfulness is pleasant in...
floral print in fashion

Flowers for fashion

The spark of beauty necessarily entailing the flurry of a many flowers defining your style choices as a fashion statement longstanding is...
types of boots

8 boot styles to fancy

A classic winter essential but as favourably residing in the greater all weather rendition as well, boots are the type of footwear...
madras cloth fabric

Musing upon the Madras measure of fashion

Eminent simultaneously in its identity of occurring both as a fabric and a pattern of definiteness, the make of the Madras is...
types of cloaks

Cloak styles to uncloak the magic

However magical and unreal they might seem, cloaks happen still to be a part of the garb under which we traverse as...
boyfriend fashion

Befriending the boyfriend style

There might be a certain stereotype underlying the whole notion of the boyfriend expression in fashion. But despite the at least half...
gloves types style

(G)loving it!

Essential for some seasons, ornamental through others and a mix of both defining their essence otherwise, gloves warm up to their being...
history of fashion shows

Decoding the showy dynamics of fashion

A mere some minutes of time is what might entail as the duration of a fashion show but these some of he...