14 Bollywood celebrities who adopted kids

bollywood celebs who adopted kids

Bollywood celebrities might be all living the glam life but they sure nurture a heart as humane as the common man. Which is why so many of these screen stars and popular personalities have adopted others children as their own, either to realise their social responsibility or to experience the joys of parenthood. Whatever the reason though, these actors and directors and producers and choreographers continue to be setting parent- child goals with the wonderful relationship they share with their adopted kids, showering them with as much love and care as they do with the one they are biologically connected to. Here’s taking a look at all such biggies of the entertainment world who have taken the route of adoption to live a life of familial contentment-

Sushmita Sen

Among the Bollywood celebrities whose adoption story is rather well known is former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen. Always an early achiever in her life, having won India her maiden Miss Universe title when she was just 18, Sen went her own way with motherhood when she was a mere 24 years. The glamorous actress adopted her first daughter Renee in 2000 and her second daughter Alisah exactly a decade later because she wanted to embrace the beautiful realisation of being a mother.

But while Sen’s step forward to adoption had been a profound experience in itself for her, the diva also had to face quite some legal hurdles particularly when she was all set for adoption a second time. The complicated battle against the provision that mandated the adoption of a son following that of a daughter meant that Sen had to fight it out for a long 10 years before she was finally able to bring into Reene’s life a younger sister, in the form of a then just 3 month old Alisah.

Raveena Tandon

Even younger a mother than Sushmita Sen had been the ravishing actress Raveena Tandon who adopted her two daughters at just 21 years of age. Daughters of a distant cousin who had passed away, Chaya and Pooja were 8 and 11 years old respectively when they were taken into the loving care of Tandon who did not like the way the young girls were being treated by their then guardian.

More like her best friends than daughters, the whole adoption journey shaped up as quite unique an experience for Raveena who was walked down the aisle by them when she got married a decade later. Now also the mother of two children with husband Anil Thadani, Tandon is a grandmom as well. With both Pooja and Chaya being well settled and married, the popular actress of the yesteryears sure can look back on her adoption journey filled with pride and fulfilment.

Sandip Soparkar

With a distinction as trailblazing as the first single man to adopt in India, internationally renowned Bollywood choreographer Sandip Soparkar became a father in 2007 with son Arjun finding way into his life, a couple of years before he would marry his now separated wife Jesse Randhawa. Beyond his personal life, Soparkar’s adoption of a child as a single father also accounted for his public image, making him the cause ambassador for adoption in India as chosen by Catalyst of Social Action and inspiring in the process also his student and pop icon Madonna to adopt an Indian child herself. He continued to go about the noble way of adoption in another diversive manner as well, seeking to take care of the personal hygiene of 2000 young girls in association with NGO Lets All Help and M/s Wonderiz.

Sunny Leone

Her past as a pornstar might have earned her the ridicule and stares of many a industry folk but Sunny Leone is definitely one of the bigger hearted celebrities to be currently dazzling in Bollywood. Leone and her husband Daniel Weber adopted a 21 month old baby girl in 2017, almost six years after their marriage and named her Nisha Kaur Weber.

Both Sunny and her husband make for a set of doting parents, and together with twins Asher and Noah whom they welcomed via surrogacy, Nisha enjoys the lavish attention of her gorgeous mom and handsome dad. That, despite the fact that prior to the adoption Nisha had been rejected by 11 other couples which however never made Leone and Weber question their choice to embrace the lovely girl as their own daughter. So phenomenal has been Sunny Leone in her parenting journey throughout that she has even inspired another Bollywood beauty Shefali Jariwala to consider adopting a baby girl of her own.

Salim Khan

The famous father of the famous Salman Khan and a Bollywood biggie himself, writer Salim Khan’s loving, boisterous family also has had an adopted child living with them as their very own since forever. Arpita Khan, who is well known in the film industry despite not being an actress herself, was adopted by the Khan family when her biological mother who was a homeless woman living in the streets passed away.

Although there remains different claims in the media as to whether Arpita was adopted by Salim Khan with first wife Salma Khan or with second wife Helen, it indeed is certain that the little girl experienced quite a dramatic change in fortune when she was brought to live into the Khan household. Loved by the entire family and specifically doted on by elder brother Salman Khan, Arpita Khan today lives a happy life of her own and enjoys a close bond with each of her family members.

Mandira Bedi

Mandira Bedi adopted daughter
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One of the Bollywood celebrities to have recently experienced the joys of adoption is actress and presenter Mandira Bedi. Already parents to a nine year old son Vir, Bedi and husband Raj Kaushal adopted a baby girl in 2020 and completed their dream of a happy family. Though Bedi had been wanting to adopt a child for quite some time now, having filed in her adoption application three years back, it was the coronavirus induced lockdown that fueled more her desire to have a second child. And thus a four year old Tara Bedi Kaushal from Jabalpur found her way into the family who looks forward to shower her with all the love and happiness in her life.

Mithun Chakraborty

Versatile and enigmatic, Mithun Chakraborty might have been the trendsetter of Bollywood during his times but what remains a lesser known facet about the uber famous Disco Dancer of tinsel town is his kind heartedness. A biological father to three sons, Chakraborty also dotes on an adopted daughter named Dishani. Abandoned by her parents near a roadside garbage dump in West Bengal, a crying infant girl was rescued by an NGO and a few government officials eventually finding shelter in the loving arms of the popular actor and his wife Yogita Bali, who they raised with utmost love and affection. An absolute favorite in the Chakraborty family, Dishani has quite taken to the Bollywood way of life as she aspires to be an actor herself someday, much like her legendary and loving father.

Subhash Ghai

Subhash Ghai adopted daughter
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A well known filmmaker of Bollywood but one who isn’t as well known in his adoption story is celebrated director Subhash Ghai. Father to daughters Meghna and Muskaan, Ghai actually adopted the former along with wife Rehana. The daughter of his younger brother, Meghna has always been an indispensable part of the Ghai family and handles at present her father’s production company and film institute Whistling Woods.

Preity Zinta

Another Indian celebrity who took the unconventional route forward with adoption but in a manner even more unconventional is dimpled beauty Preity Zinta. In 2009 on the occasion of her 34th birthday, Zinta adopted 34 girls of the Mother Miracle orphanage in Rishikesh, pledging to take care of their upbringing to afford them a better chance at life.

Kunal Kohli

Kunal Kohli adoption
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Producer and director Kunal Kohli too discovered the joys of parenthood when he and his wife Ravina adopted a then seven month old baby girl way back in 2011. Named Radha, the little bundle of joy found her way into the conjugal life of the Kohlis after they had been married for a good 12 years, with the plan of adoption finding resonance between the couple for long till then. The process of adoption had been a long one for Kunal and his wife but the doting father wasn’t the one to be complaining, especially since he believes that the lengthy legal procedure stands in fact in good stead for the kid who is all set to be taken into a new home for a new life ahead.

Dibakar Banerjee

Another Bollywood producer- director who chose to adopt a child has been the much acclaimed Dibakar Banerjee. Back in 2010, Banerjee and wife Richa Puranesh adopted their baby girl Ira from a Mumbai orphanage to become proud parents to a lovely daughter, going as far as switching their lives off completely over the weekends to bond more with the little angel in their lives.

Sakshi Tanwar

Single parent Sakshi Tanwar also embraced the journey of motherhood by adopting a nine month old girl child. Named Dityaa after Goddess Lakshmi, the little one is the source of all joy for her foster mother who sees her as a blessing and has been absolutely doting on her for the couple of years she has had the good fortune of holding her munchkin in her arms.

Neelam Kothari and Sameer Soni

Neelam Kothari sameer soni adopted child
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Actor couple Neelam Kothari and Sameer Soni decided to embrace parenthood through the medium of adoption after their marriage in 2011. Two years after tying the knot, the Bollywood celebrities adopted a half year old Ahana as they had always been desirous of a girl child. It was love at first sight especially for Neelam who found herself attached to the radiant smile of a baby Ahana and instantly knew that this was indeed her daughter. Almost a decade later and the bubbly girl continues to be the eye candy of her loving parents.

Nikhil Advani

nikhil advani child adopted
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Another of Bollywood’s most successful directors, Nikhil Advani too chose to take the route of adoption along with wife Suparna. Together they adopted daughter Keya when she was a little girl of five months in 2006, growing as a family over the years to Advani being such in awe of his child today that he considers her as more important than his films.