5 reasons to watch ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’

The King Eternal Monarch

The world of K-dramas was incomplete for two years due to the absence of heartthrobfrom the silver screen –Lee Min-ho. Following his military service, the megastar made his much-anticipated comeback with ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’ alongside popular actress, Kim Go-eun. In this sci-fi treat, the K-drama dreamboat Min-ho arrives on a white horse Maximus and encounters a portal to a parallel universe. When the two worlds (Kingdom of Corea and Republic of Korea) collide, the story follows the adventures in the life of the His Majesty Lee Gon (essayed by Lee Min-ho). The 16-episode series gradually unravels many mysteries as it progresses towards concluding stage.

Here are some important elements that make this show a must-watch for K-drama fans!

Twisted plot with many crossovers

This enchanting drama seems less like a fairytale and more like a supernaturalnarrative. The story begins with the young crown prince Lee Gon, who witnesses his uncle Lee Lim murder his father (then king) and steals the magic flute “Manpasikjeok” – the kingdom’s most prized possession. As the prince grows up to become a handsome emperor, he discovers adoor to the parallel world. Surprisingly, he meets a detective named Jung Tae-eul (played by Kim Go-eun)– who turns out to be thelove of his life.

As Lee Gon steps his foot on the alien land, he is unaware of the fact that his evil uncle Lim is waiting for him to grab the other half of the flute that Gon had at the time of his father’s demise.While Lim conspires to destroy his nephew’s fate, the latter intends to avenge his father’s death.

Lee Min-ho’s heart-stealing appearance

Portraying the character of a handsome 25-year-old emperor of a fictional kingdom, Lee does not fail to impress his female fans with his smouldering looks. Donning a high-collared royal attire, Lee looks more mature. But what makes this role different from his previous ones is the fact he is mathematic whiz who roams around reciting Einstein’s theoriesat the tip of his fingers.

Alternate reality calls for some Double Trouble!

Two dimensions, two worlds, and two faces! Crossing the barrier makes the past and future intertwined. The game of look-alikes starts to unveil. Defying the balance of the universe-crossing fantastical worlds, the characters land in hot waters. As the story advances, the increasing crossovers especially Prime Minister Goo Seo-ryung’s entrance in the Republic of Korea uncovers strange events tearing both the worlds apart – be it the doppelgangers stealing away the lives of their counterparts, or burning bruises that serve as side effects of crossing the door to the other side. Despite these entangled storylines, the show reiterates the message – love transcends both realms.

Watch some strong-headed female characters

Unlike most of the K-dramas which depict female characters as meek and vulnerable, this series has some really bold and self-righteous women. Being a detective herself, the leading lady Jung Tae-eul is no damsel in distress and her fighting sequences are absolutely amazing. And yes, she does not fall for the wealthy Prince Charming in their very first meet, instead she arrests him for obstructing traffic. Tae-eul’s lookalike Luna is also one of kind – a thief with a good heart for the needy.

Even in imperial household, there are influential women like Head Court-lady Noh Ok Nam, who plays a significant role in the emperor’s life and her opinions matter the most to His Majesty. Besides her, Prime Minister Goo Seo-ryung is the daughter of a fish seller who reaches the pinnacle of success with her intelligence. This beauty with brains poses a little threat to the king’s future in the final episodes.

Actor Lee and renowned screenwriter Kim Eun-sook reunite

This series marks the second collaboration of Lee Min-ho with the famous screenwriter Kim Eun-sook. They worked together on ‘The Heirs’ featuring Lee Min-ho as the main protagonist. Kim has several blockbuster series to her credit, namely Descendants Of The Sun, Secret Garden, Guardian: The Lonely And Great God, and Mr. Sunshine. Their reunion has surely brought these larger than life characters on the small screen.

What will be the fate of the king? Will Jung Tae-eul abandon her world and become the Queen of the Kingdom of Corea? Is Lee Gon following his destiny as Head Court-lady said? Or is it a trap thrown byvillain LeeLimat the King?These are some of the questions that will keep you hooked to the show till the very end. So,check out this time-travellingserieswith a dash of romance streaming now on Netflix.