6 Bollywood Songs To Celebrate the Magic Of Love Through Karva Chauth

The festival of Karva Chauth spreads the message of pure and divine love in a delightful manner- love that exists between two souls. The intriguing bond of a husband and wife that is shared through a lifetime once they are joined together by marriage is clearly depicted through this festival.

The sacred Indian festival of matrimony is observed to symbolize the spirit of true love that can overcome all hurdles of life and to prove that no matter what , love always gives strength to make impossible tasks fruitful. It is also celebrated to eulogize the well-known love saga of Savitri and Satyavan. In this festival,  married women fast from sunrise to moon rise to pray for a long life of their husbands. Nowadays, not only the wife, sometimes even the husband keeps fasts. This fast is broken after the full moon appears in the night sky and the prayers and rituals have been conducted.

Bollywood never fails to mesmerize us with its amazing lists of Karva Chauth songs. This Karva Chauth, let us rejoice in the world of love through these songs.


This romantic song sung by famous singers Alka Yagnik and Udit Narayan will let you feel the magic aura and beauty of the full moon in the dark and heavenly night sky . This song depicts the wish of everyone to see the moon soon so that they can pray and break their fast and celebrate the powerful emotion of love that creates a unique and beautiful bond.


This song from Dilwala Dulhania Le Jayenge clearly depicts that even though two lovers are separated by distance, love is always there and doesn’t die or separate. The song describes about the longing of a woman for her beloved to come home so that they can celebrate the festival of love together. The sound of the cuckoo rekindles the love of the lady and every sight and sound of nature and her village makes her strongly yearn to see her lover.


This soulful song sung by singer Sadhana Sargam beautifully expresses the sacred meaning of love that forms the basis of a relationship. The song tells about the wish and prayer of a lady to spend her life happily with her life partner.


Sung by Asha Bhosle, in a melodious voice, this song from the 1965 film Bahu Beti will surely make your elders nostalgic and is a must for you to include in your playlist. This song was composed at a time when traditions and rituals were closely followed. This song will really mesmerize you and touch your heart as it shows how the ladies were praying for each other with so many wishes and dreams.


Another song to impress your elders this Karva Chauth. This song from the 1978 film Karwa Chouth sung by Usha Mangeshkar  explains clearly about the significance of the sacred fast of Karva Chauth.


This evergreen Bollywood song needs no introduction and will certainly be in your playlist.It is also quite a popular wedding song. This song is so good to dance with your companions and has been ruling every Indian wedding and yes , Karva Chauth too.

So guys, enjoy this beautiful festival of Karva Chauth with your beloved. Happy Karva Chauth!

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