Exploring the many wonders of dance on International Dance Day

dance day

Dancing is one of the forms of expression that is as much about the art as the science behind it. While dancing is hobby for some and passion for others, relaxation for you and fun for me, it is also more than just that. In fact, dance is the best form of exercise as well. The wonders of dance do not remain limited to just being a visual treat. A holistic form of workout, dance does as much for your body as it does for the mind. Here’s listing the many amazing ways in which dance spells wonders for you-

Makes you stronger

Dance helps build stamina. Either because you need the strength and endurance to dance away or because dancing lends that buildup unto you, dancing keeps your body fit. Dancing increases the heart rate and leads to a more flexible you. Your muscles experience an all round development, your body become agile and you are more physically active than ever. Dancing also packs in an increased energy punch to your body, making you more alert and enthusiastic. From your arms and legs to your lungs and overall body strength, dance impacts your person positively in more wholesome ways than you can imagine.

Helps with bone health

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Dance benefits also your bone in a rather surprising way. While it is obvious that dance requires exertion of the bones in all those twists and flips, the strength it brings about to them is enormous. That dance does by in fact triggering small amount of damages in the bones. The minimal damage has special cells called osteoblasts rushes to the area of stress of the bone. These osteoclats help with recovery by absorbing and replacing the damaged cells with completely new functional ones. Overtime as you continue to dance your heart away, the newer cells help lend your bones more strength while also favourably impacting bone density. That’s perhaps the reason why dancers can move and turn at just about any degree and still manage to remain relatively unscathed!

Lowers stress

Dance being a form of relaxation has profound impacts on your mental well being. It helps relieve stress and tension by diverting your attention. It keeps you occupied and happy, by lessening mental fatigue and ensuring that you are enjoying the exercise. Because dance is a form of expression, it can even be an outlet for your feelings. This ability of dance to get burdens off your mind is a tremendous boon. Not only because it helps you to cope with stress and alleviate them but also because it boosts your immunity! The cortisol levels of the body decrease while levels of the essential immunoglobulin A sees a spike. Also because lung health is benefitted, it bodes well for your respiratory health that can further boost associated immunity and well being.

Aids weight loss

It comes as no surprise that dance can help you lose weight. Because it is one of the best forms of exercise, dancing as a workout perhaps is most effective because you tend to fully indulge in it. This obviously helps with weight maintenance and burning of calories while preventing the onset of obesity. Whether you are worried about the fat buildup around the belly or are just aiming of a slimmer waist, dance will bring all benefits unto you. This in turn protects you from a range of health complications that are primarily issues arising out of an unhealthy body weight.

Induces better sleep

As a form of exercise that require immense physical energy, dancing leaves your body craving for a good night’s sleep to work its way to optimum. Which is why it helps induce better sleep, not just by draining your energy but also by improving blood circulation. Also because dancing helps relieve you of stress, it ensures that you can enjoy a sound sleep. Good sleep being one of the important determinants of health, it is no wonder that dance manages to amp up your body every time you move along with it.

Helps in digestion

Dance also has tremendous effect on your body’s metabolism. While this undoubtedly helps you achieve your body goals and weight limits, it also helps your digestive health. Better weight management eliminates a host of lifestyle illnesses while the many movements of a dance session help your digestive system stay more active. Dance also aids digestion by stimulating better bowel movement and by making your abdominal muscle work better. As such dance endows you a clean, fresh body that can take on life with zest.

Disciplines you

People who adhere to any form of exercise as a regular routine are generally more disciplined than others. Dance also has that same effect on your being. From helping you attain a more desirable posture to making you more easy going, relaxed and uninhibited, dance makes your life all the more beautiful. With its range of all encompassing benefits on the body and the mind as well as your approach towards life in general, the flow of dance perhaps is the greatest gift you can give yourself.