Best dance groups in India who can create magic on stage with their moves

best dance group in India

One of the performing arts that has an universal appeal, dancing is more passion than it’s a profession. Yet dance groups do well to pursue their passions even professionally so that they can continue doing what they love with all their heart. Because dance has a way of appealing to the soul, it indeed is some sort of inexplicable magic. The best dance groups are in fact the ones who recreate this magic every time they come on stage. So who in India can claim to be the best dance group- the one that has an entire nation grooving along with them? Read on to know about the top five dance crews of India-

The Kings

The first Indian group to win a medal at the World Hip Hop Dance Championship, The Kings are easily the best when it comes to dance groups in India. Also the winner of the NBC’s 2019 World of Dance, The Kings came into existence a decade back in 2009 under Suresh Mukund and Parth Vyas. Then known as the Fictitious Dance Group, the hip hop dance enthusiasts went on to win the popular dance show Boogie Woogie the same year.

Also the 2011 winner of the reality show India’s Got Talent, The Kings made it to the World Hip Hop Dance Championship the following year and ended at the eight place. While this was a first for any Indian dance crew, it wasn’t the only laurel claimed by The Kings in the prestigious competition. Three years later, The Kings created history with their third place finish that earned them the bronze medal, the only Indian group with a World Dance Championship medal.

the kings
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Documented in the Bollywood film ABCD2, The Kings dance group did went through a lot of struggle in their initial phase. But even as the group disbanded once only to return stronger and better, The Kings indeed continued to create records. The group won Season 3 of the American dance reality show World of Dance with a perfect score of 100 in the grand finale, that helped them win a prize money of US$1 million. Not just that, the choreographer and director of The Kings, Mukund was also nominated for an Emmy Award in the Outstanding Choreography for Variety or Reality Program category for the group’s performances.

V Company

The first mega dance group of India, V Company was the initiative of choreographer Vernon Monteiro who was earlier a part of The Kings. Winner of a number of Indian dance reality shows like Dance Plus, Boogie Woogie, India’s Got Talent, Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega, 7up Dance Challenge et al, V Company unravels its move in quite a magnificent stage with some 50 prolific dancers stunning one and all with their power packed dance moves.

MJ 5

An all male dance crew for whom Michael Jackson is their forever inspiration, MJ5 emulates the essence of their idol in their every aspect. Whether it be their very quirky name or their unique dance style that has earned them the title of the Moonwalk Magicians, the five member group is easily one of the best when it comes to competitive dance in India. With mentors Karthik and Shraey Khanna and their students Rohit Singh, Himanshu Gola and Vishnu Sharma, MJ5 developed its own characteristic dance style- one that jazzed up the iconic moves of MJ with the vibrancy of Bollywood. Winner of the dance show India’s Dancing Superstar on their very debut, MJ5 had further validation come their way as they were named the ‘2018 Most Trending Performer’ by DadaSaheb Phalke International Film Festival.

Skeleton Dance Crew

The first dance group to present tron dance in India, Skeleton Dance Crew has been in existence since 2001. Formed by Harpreet Singh, Skeleton Dance Crew does it all- from visual tron to Tron LED and even Laserman Shows, Visual Pois and various dance forms that perfectly amalgamate technology in their many moves.

Desi Hoppers

Best dance group in India desi hoppers
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The first group to represent India at the World of Dance Championship and also emerge as winners, that too on their debut, Desi Hoppers is easily one among the best dance crew in India. Formed in 2015 by Palki Malhotra along with eminent dancers Shantanu Maheshwari, Macedon D’Mello and Nimit Kotian, this seven member crew have also give special performances on season 11 of the popular reality show America’s Got Talent (season 11) and Day Day Up. Also the only Indian team to showcase an exhibition performance in the World of Dance two years after they lifted the trophy there, Desi Hoppers became also the first ever Indian dance crew to represent India in the world’s biggest dance reality show World of Dance (TV series) with their participation in 2018.