6 Bollywood Movies You Need to Watch for your Dose of History

Cinema seeks inspiration from all quarters, drawing upon every facet of life and history. The stunning depictions of the life and society of yore, therefore, has very often catapulted Bollywood movies to the dint of glory. Below we list some epic Bollywood films that were inspired by historical events-


Mughal e azam
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A poignant love story between Mughal emperor Jahangir and a court dancer Anarkali, Mughal-e- Azam explores the nuances of this unconventional relationship and made for one of the most interesting watches in Indian cinematic history.


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This is a movie portrayal of how disguised Magadh Samrat Ajaatshatru fell in love with a woman named Amrapali, who incidentally belonged to his rival camp. However, this turns out to be more than a love story, with Amrapali’s character adopting a different tone throughout the rest of the movie.


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A 2001 presentation of the 3rd century Indian subcontinent ruler Ashoka, the film follows the early life of the emperor and was a critical success at the box office. The superlative performance of King Shahrukh Khan does justice to his casting as the righteous emperor in the movie.


Mangal Pandey
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This Indian historical drama film was a life biography of an Indian soldier Mangal Pandey who was one of the crusaders of the First War of Independence. A precursor to the actual advocate of the independence of India, Mangal Pandey is a true Indian hero who was perfectly enacted by Bollywood perfectionist Aamir Khan in this 2005 film.


Jodha Akbar
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Critically acclaimed as much as commercially lauded, Jodha Akbar revolves around the romance of Mughal emperor Akbar and his Rajput princess wife Jodha Bai. Hrithik Roshan as the emperor and the striking beauty Jodha by Aishwarya Rai managed in pulling off one of the most successful period dramas in Bollywood cinema.


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Apart from the controversial buildup leading to the release of the film, Padmaavat starring Deepika Padukoneas the beautiful Rajput queen Padmavati has been one of the most expensive Indian films ever made. Revolving around the love triangle between the obsessed Allaudin Khilji (Ranveer Singh), Padmavati and her husband Ratan Singh (Shahid Kapoor), the movie witnessed some stellar performances from some of the finest actors in Bollywood.