Breshna Khan: Germany’s love affair with Bollywood’s dancing superstar Dharmesh

Breshna Khan

Breshna Khan has been gracing headlines in India for quite some time now. The German native, along with her sister Khatera Bilsky became overnight stars after their Bollywood Dubsmash videos went viral.

However, buzz about Breshna Khan in India is more focussed on her relationship with dancing stud Dharmesh. The duo met almost 5 years back on the set of a reality dance show. The show Dance India Dance (DID) has been instrumental in providing the fillip to their now strong love relationship.

Breshna Khan
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Currently in India courtesy her professional life as an actor, the 25 year old Breshna Khan is very much a fashionista. She is also actively engaged in theater and currently stars in a TV series by the name Pushpavalli.


Breshna and her sister took to Dubsmashing iconic Indian scenes from famous Bollywood movies. Their first video enactment of Andaz Apna Apna catapulted them to fame as the ultimate sensations. With their on point expressions and flawless lip syncing to some of the most popular dialogues, their popularity as the Queens of Dubsmash is justified.

Breshna Khan and Khatera has Dubsmashed numerous videos. From the hilarious anecdotes of Chennai Express to the funny and adorable Gutthi and Palak trademark antics, from evergreen songs like Mera Joota Hain Japani to Jai Shiv Shankar, from grooving to the catchy tune of Kaali Kaali Aankhein to crooning away the romantic melody Chura Liya Hain Tumne Jo Dil Ko, the sister duo have done it all.

Even the ‘Shopkeeper, Shopkeeper’ callings find expression in their videos. Breshna Khan and her sister resorts to using props for enhancing the impact of their performance, even going to the extent of ’employing’ Khatera’s toddler for the purpose.

Breshna Khan
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Sholay’s ‘In kutto ke saamne mat nachna’ dialogue finds reverberation in their performances, but perhaps the worthiest of the lot is their ‘retelling’ of the song ‘Bade Miyan Chote Miyan’. With the sisters somehow relating to the utterances Bade Miyan and Chote Miyan, this remains one of their most enjoyable performances.

Incidentally, the siblings’ father had been a die hard fan of Bollywood movies and his daughters got this fascination for Hindi cinema, which led them into dubsmashing. And although the girls are not too fluent in Hindi, they know and understand the language well. As such, it has been a smooth ride for them when they chose to venture into the world of lip sync and action.


As concerns her personal life, Breshna Khan has been linked to Dharmesh ever since the duo first met on the sets of DID. And while their love has blossomed over the years, it has not been a smooth sailing for them. Dharmesh’s parents have objected to the relationship citing religious differences.

Breshna Khan is a Muslim and the dancing star’s family is unwilling to accept her into their fold. Even then, the couple is still going strong and has been trying hard to make it a smooth sail for the relationship to culminate into marriage.

Breshna Khan
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Both Dharmesh and Breshna have been vocal about their relationship. With almost everyone in the industry party to their romantic bond and the duo’s frequent public outings, their love connection is well known in the media. Also, courtesy their active social media accounts, fans are treated to delightfully romantic pictures of the two.

Dharmesh who is revered and celebrated as a terrific dancing star, has been particularly expressive about his love for Khan. With extensive posts on Instagram and the celebrations of Breshna’s last birthday on September 7, it is quite evident that the couple are very much into each other.

Many many happy returns of the day @breshna_h_khan u r most important person in my life

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We sure wish that this beautiful couple gets things going their way. Wishing them a life of love struck happiness!