Popular Indian Ad Campaigns that Remain Unsurpassed

Product advertisements relies on creativity, even more than the product itself. And even as you gape at the imagination that works up the wonder, you also have to grin at the thought that spruces up your screen! Some of the most popular Indian ads would definitely include the following-


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A catchy jingle complementing an awkwardly romantic setting in a toothpaste ad can only be a reality in India. Indeed, “Kya Aap Close Up Karte Hain?” exudes humor in its every tone to make for one of the funniest commercials to freshen up your mornings!

Deepika Padukone
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Cleverly manipulating its brand campaigns to fit in every conceivable current affair, Amul is not just a dairy marketer par excellence, but also a  brilliant advertiser in its own right.


The Hindu
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An epitome of solemn class, The Hindu goes bold with pretty much all its campaigns. The recent “Behave Yourself India. The Youth Are Watching” crusade brutally trolls all those self- righteous elements that plague the society. That apart, the newspaper’s take on its rivalry with the Times Of India saw literal brutality reach new heights.


Dairy Milk
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Extremely touching right down to the feels, Cadbury ads have always inspired love and fondness. A family bonding over the dinner table exemplifies the brand’s ad campaign of “Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye!”


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A super adorable pug following you as you tow away on your heels was enough to hit just the right chord in every viewer’s heart. Telecom company Hutch cashed in on “Man’s Best Friend” analogy to rake in the moolah with this delightful simplistic depiction of pure love relationships.


Five Star
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Goofy brothers Ramesh and Suresh deliver the perfect dose of innocent humor in Cadbury’s series of ads marketing its “Lost In Taste” wala chocolate. The mass appeal of this ad campaign lies in the appeal of the characters itself, even without resorting to ironies and satire.