Blatantly C grade titles of Hindi movies that will have you shaking your head in disbelief

C grade titles of Hindi movies

Making films is one thing, naming them is another. You can’t recreate the legendary love story of some king and queen and just name it Raja Ko Rani Se Pyaar Ho Gaya. Or can you? Because christening films- or for that matter, everything else- is a matter of skill. Which seems to be clearly lacking in some movies that have graced the appendices of the Hindi filmy catalogue over the years. Be it explicitly suggestive jargon or downright dumbass dishings, we bet you can’t read out the names of the following C grade movies and not realise the grevity of what they intend to deliver-

Meri Dhoti Tera Ghagra

Source: Ravepad

You don’t even need to have a dirty mind to decipher this one. This is as blatantly stated as ever!

Ghar Main Ho Saali Toh Pura Saal Diwali


The jija- sali affection seems to be going out of hand.

Tamboo May Bamboo

Source: Box Office India

The title speaks loud and clear; the poster speaks even clearer.

Ek Raat Shaitaan ke Saath

Source: Apni East India Company

Akeli Ladki Khuli Tijori

Source: ScoopWhoop

Waiting to be looted on screen!

Husn Ka Bazaar

Source: Pinterest

The makers have been damn care enough to not even put an effort!

Andheri Raat Mein, Diya Tere Haath Mein

The latter part is substantial only for the rhyme, the catchphrase here is Andheri Raat Mein!

Kacchi Jawaani

Source: India Forums

Waiting to ripen!

Hawas ka Pujari

All of you!

Jangal Mein Mangal

Source: Firefly Daily

Mangal of a different kind!

Pyaar Ki Masti


Loote puri basti. Now beat my rhyme!

Khajaane ke Lootere

Source: DesiMartini

Whether you choose to interpret it as a question or are seeking a validation, we have the same answer- Khaazane ke Looterey Bohut Hai!

Jungle ke Majey

Source: SantaBanta Forums

Seems like the jungle has a different charm when it comes to romance!

Pyaar ki Cheekh

pyar ki cheekh
Source: Daily Bhaskar

For when love goes awry, we would say!

Ek Ek ka Kaat Dungi

That’s the josh lady!

Shaarabi Ki Kahaani, Aurat Ki Zubaani

Shaarabi Ki Kahaani, Aurat Ki Zubaani
Source: volreplplat

Alcohol and women- jannat on earth!

Biwi tumhare Bacche humare

Case of an extramarital affair gone too deep!

Raat ke Laddu

Source: FILMIPOP Hindi

Wait, what?

Sasti Dulhan Mehenga Dulha

Sasti Dulhan Mehenga Dulha

Suggestive or not, this is blatant objectification. The only plus- even men aren’t spared here!

Loot gayi pyaar mein


The damsel in distress!

Jawaani Ki Qurbaani

Source: Jawaani Ki Qurbaani

A sacrifice to do aish and bring in the cash!

Raja Rani ko Chahiye Paseena

Source: Navbharat Times

So things start heating up here!

Kuch Karo Naa

Source: Facebook

Desperation level: Innfinity!