Celebrating Michael Jackson with 9 of his legendary dance moves

Michael Jackson

As the world phenomenon that Michael Jackson was, the King of Pop does not require any introduction. Undoubtedly the most popular entertainer of modern times, MJ was a legend in his own right. His every song and every move exuded a charm and allure that became an instant veneration of the icon’s forever exalted image. On the occasion of his 60th birthday this year, we recollect some of the most iconic moves that has been immortalised by this exemplary powerhouse of talent and showman ship.


Undoubtedly the move that characterises Michael Jackson’s dancing style is the marvelous way in which he does the moonwalk slide. Not only innovative but also highly unusual and a smoothness with which MJ performed the move every time he took to the stage just about proves his prowess as a dancer as effective a singer.

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The signature move by MJ was undoubtedly as radiating as the man himself. And the subject of adulation of millions of hearts worldwide.


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And while the moonwalk captures all attention for its infinite visual surreality, its sibling move, the Sidewalk was also nothing less than a phenomenon. Basically a preview of the more illustrious Moonwalking style, Michael Jackson’s side move is nothing short of a dancing phenomenon.


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Perhaps the one move that defined Jackson’s stupendous dancing ability was the very famous crotch grab. True, it did not classify as hard core dancing, but the trademark move and the accompanying pelvic thrust went on to garner immense public appreciation and acclaim.


MJ was a demi god- in all of the love and respect he commanded, his status was nothing short of a virtual deity. And the visual deception that he performed with his famous anti gravity lean only sought to uphold his supernatural aura. Not withstanding the fact that the precisely accurate 45 degree lean was possible courtesy a pair of specifically designed shoes. But even in all of these considerations, MJ’s lean was nothing short of a gaping wonder.


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In another case of gravity defying dance moves, MJ would spin about in a serious sprint of swift jaw dropping revolutions, managing to land on his toes perfectly, every single time. And to think that he would continue his performance even without getting the dizz from all of that rounds is another revelation in itself.


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While he ended up on his toes after the trademark spin, MJ stood on it long enough to be credited with yet another amazing dance move. The toe stand looks completely unreal and this one wonder of a man managed to pull that thing just fine. Plus his cropped pants and sparkling socks made this move even more awesome.


The flair and restraint with which Michael incorporated robotics into his acts at a time when that genre of dance wasn’t even explored speaks volumes about his versatility as an entertainer of the masses. The god damned genius of all times!


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A black belt holder in karate, Michael Jackson would perform those powerful kicks with such charm and strength that you would seriously ponder about the areas of expertise of this one man army.


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This might be one of his more ordinary dance moves (that are more of a style statement), but the charisma with which MJ used to perform the jacket back throws would send his fans into a swoon! Simple and relatively less popular, yet visually one of the most entertaining moves ever!