Dirty secrets of Bollywood which will keep haunting the industry

bollywood secrets

Bollywood for all its glitz and glamour isn’t just the world of dreams. A murky land, with murkier secrets, tinsel town is forever staring at deep secrets and tousled musings. We round up some of the dirty secrets which has forever held Bollywood in its fold.

Aamir Khan’s love child

Bollywood perfectionist Aamir Khan and his relationship with Jessica Hines is (somewhat of) a secret that is known to many in the industry. However, what is a better kept hush- hush talk is that Khan even fathered a child from the relationship.

Aamir met British journalist Jessica Hines when she was in India while penning down the biographical novel based on the life of megastar Amitabh Bachchan. The two fell in love and were dating each other and Khan even got Hines impregnated.

However, Khan wasn’t ready to be a parent yet and asked Jessica to get an abortion done or to get off the relationship. Jessica on her part chose to keep the child, a boy named Jaan.

Aamir Khan is now married to Kiran Rao and seems to be having a happy life with his wife and kids. However, rumors about him dating his Dangal co star Fatima Sana Sheikh have been doing the rounds for quite some time now. Bollywood stars and their relationships certainly are far too many to handle!

Priyanka- Nick romance

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ fairytale love affair and wedding undoubtedly has to be one of the most talked about events of 2018. But as a romance that played out surprisingly quick, the relationship seems too good to be true.

The emotions have to be real obviously, but the wedding, engagement and proposal were all too far etched in dreaminess. Right from the day they made their first public appearance (that sparked rumors of a relationship) to the proposal ring and their wedding pics, everything was branded under tags.

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Be it the co-ord Ralph Lauren dress, the Tiffany store bought ring or even the ‘sculpted’ smiles that they sported, Priyanka and Nick’s journey of togetherness was more a play of names.

And given the scale of their grand wedding and receptions, it would be unlikely to presume that the entire matter was conceived within a matter of a few months. Of course, their love struck pics leave no doubt about how happy they are as a couple. Nevertheless, insiders and quite a few people claim this to be PeeCee’s ultimate shot at an American green card!

Rekha- Amitabh Bachchan saga

Bollywood’s evergreen diva Rekha and her love for the Big B of Indian cinema Amitabh Bachchan is a tale that needs no retelling. And yet, even with it being an open secret in the industry, it still remains the hush- hush affairs of B- town.

Over the years, Amitabh Bachachan and his wife seem to be the perfect couple. But Rekha continues to keep gossip mills abuzz with her public appearances.

From sporting the sindoor look to avoiding the Bachchan family at red carpet events, Rekha’s affection for Big B is well known. Obviously, Mrs Bachchan wasn’t amused by all of this and Senior Bachchan has since been directed not to star opposite his fling ever in any project.

Even decades later of the alleged affair, this is one secret that still haunts Bollywood.

AbRam being SRK’s love child

Tinsel town’s romance king Shah Rukh Khan has a picture perfect family. With wife Gauri Khan and kids Suhana, Aryan and AbRam, SRK is the ultimate family man. However, it is said that with AbRam, Khan guards a secret that not many knows of.

AbRam has, on many occasions, been touted to be Aryan’s love child, from his relationship with a white woman. This remains a conspicious matter for the media though. AbRam was born of a surrogate, and sources say that SRK adopted Aryan’s baby as his own to avoid scandal.

Arjun Kapoor- Malaika Arora affair

Though Arjun recently admitted to not being single, there’s no confirmation on whether he is dating diva Malaika Arora. The Arjun- Malaika relationship, though, is a continuous glare factor in the media spotlight at present.

It is, however, not Arjun’s speculated affair with the ex wife of Arbaaz Khan that is much of a scandal. What remains as an even lesser known private talk is that Arjun used to date Khan’s adopted sister Arpita. But very soon he was found to be hooking up with Malaika.

Malaika also let go off her 20 years of marriage to Arbaaz and now is reportedly dating Bonney Kapoor’s son. They are reported to be planning on tying the knot sometime soon.

Shatrughan Sinha- Reema Roy’s extra marital affair

Shatrughan Sinha as the quintessential angry man of Indian cinema has been a terrific actor. How terrific he has been at maintaining his relationships is a matter that is disputed.

Sinha enjoys a happy marriage now with wife Poonam and his darling daughter Sona is totally doted upon by him.

But even Sinha was said to be in an extra marital affair with yesteryear actress Reema Roy. However, the relation ended in tears for them since Reema wouldn’t have a relationship if it wouldn’t result in a marriage. And though Sinha was emotionally too attached to Reema, he chose to stick by his wife.

However, even to this date his affair remains a much gossiped matter given that Sonakshi bears at least some resemblance to Reema in looks. Sources say that Sonakshi is indeed Sinha and Reema’s daughter.

Aishwarya Rai- Amitabh Bachchan affair

Aishwarya Rai might be the Bachchan bahu now, but the eternal beauty diva of Bollywood had purportedly also been in a relation with her father-in-law. Though it isn’t yet clear whether the relationship was affectionate or romantic, sources had it that during the shooting of the song Kajra re, Amitabh had the entire floor of a hotel booked.

Clearly, both Amitabh and Aish ‘needed’ each other for support. Eventually, Aish got married to Junior Bachchan who, as per another industry secret, is gay.

SRK- Priyanka Chopra extra marital relation

Shah Rukh Khan starrer Don 2 had former Miss India Priyanka Chopra as the co- actor. And as per industry insiders, SRK and Pee Cee got quite attached and cosy during the shoot of the film.

The romance had developed quite rapidly and soon escalated into a full fledged affair.

It was only when SRK’s wife Gauri Khan gave him an ultimatum to never work with Priyanka again that the Badshah mended his ways and brought an end to the blooming romance. Priyanka also left for Hollywood soon after.

Akshay Kumar’s exploits in love

Bollywood’s fitness enthusiast and Khiladi actor Akshay Kumar is the ultimate khiladi even in real life. Kumar and Twinkle Khanna might be one of the most popular couples of B- town but Akshay has been known for his flirtatious nature since long.

Akshay’s romance with Raveena Tandon had been one of the most speculated love stories of tinsel town. Akshay had even got engaged to Raveena but the engagement broke off soon after.

However, Raveena wasn’t the only actress Kumar was engaged to. Shilpa Shetty had also reportedly exchanged rings with the actor. Among other actresses who were romantically involved with Akshay were Pooja Batra, Bollywood diva Rekha, Priyanka Chopra, Ayesha Jhulka and his now wife Twinkle.

Casting couches

Bollywood has forever been the playing ground of asking for favours. Casting couches are surprisingly commonplace in the Hindi film industry. Quite a few actors have also opened up to the disgust that guides the casting dilemma in Bollywood.

A- listers Ranveer Singh, Siddharth Malhotra, Radhika Apte, Ayushmann Khurana are among the many actors who experienced it first hand. Now this is a not so well kept secret that will surely be haunting Bollywood for years to come.