Disha Salian : The life and times of the celebrity manager

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Some of the rarest of the rare and even unbelievable situations that tends to happen in our living world is the time when a person rises to overnight fame only just after his / her death and the thirst for knowledge about his / her life story grows among the masses with each passing day. Meanwhile, sometimes the case of the dead person also becomes such that he / she continues to be discussed in social media or even in random conversations of people thereby making him / her achieve almost the status of immortality in a true sense. This type of situation is exactly what happened with celebrity manager Disha Salian after she passed away on June 9, 2020. Although the exact cause behind her death still remains a mystery, she achieved heights of fame as one of the celebrity managers of Bollywood actor Late Sushant Singh Rajput posthumously. After the passing of some days since the death of Rajput on June 14, 2020, netizens have been demanding justice for him and Salian almost every day with long notes of promises that they will continue to do so till the truth behind their demise comes out in front of the public.

disha salian
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Born on May 26, 1992 in Karnataka’s Udupi, Disha Salian has worked as a manager for a number of TV and film celebrities in Mumbai. She completed her education in Mumbai and even worked there in various talent management companies. After completing her schooling from Mumbai’s Dadar Parsee Youths Assembly High School, Salian did her graduation in mass media (Bachelor in Mass Media) from Rishi Dayaram & Seth Hassaram National College and Seth Wassiamull Assomull Science College, Bandra. By starting her professional career as a freelance reporter with WinkBall, she joined Times Group as a researcher in 2012. Salian also worked as a talent manager with Media Vantage, Imagesmiths, CAA KWAN Talent Management Agency and Cornerstone Sport and Entertainment Private Limited. Her brother Vijay Salian is a software engineer. She got engaged to TV actor Rohan Rai who is mostly known for playing the role of Anuj Satish Gupta in the serial Piya Albela that was telecasted on Zee TV in 2017.

Many reports had stated that Disha Salian committed suicide by jumping off from the 14th floor of an apartment in Malad where she was staying. However, the most common theory that has been doing the rounds is that she fell of accidentally from the 14th floor as she was in a heavily drunken state thereby making her death case seem like an accidental one. According to a report in India Today, Salian had moved to the apartment that she and her fiance Rohan Rai had taken together during the initial days of  the nationwide lockdown that was imposed to curb the first wave of the coroanvirus pandemic. It is believed that the couple had purchased the apartment to permanently settle down there once they tied the knot together. On June 8, 2020, Salian was partying with her fiance and a group of friends late into the night. As she had consumed a considerable large amount of alcohol, she became intoxicated and started ranting that no one cared for her. After she was asked by her friends to stop being a ‘party pooper’ and shut up, she became angry and locked up herself in her room. On being asked to come out by her companions, Salian did not answer following which they broke down the door of her room only to find that she had fallen off the balcony. By the time they reached downstairs, the watchman had already called the police. One of Salian’s close friends had told India Today that she was alive inspite of being grievously injured but was declared dead on arrival at the hospital.

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Meanwhile, a number of people are still holding on to the belief that the death incidents of Disha Salian and Sushant Singh Rajput are interlinked and they are of the view that the two incidents must be probed together to find out the real events that had led to the unfortunate events. Some netizens are also writing almost every day that both Salian and Rajput were brutally murdered. A number of netizens are seeking justice for both Salian and Rajput daily in social media with different hashtags each day. The Mumbai Police had closed its probe on the death case of Disha Salian in August 2021 i.e. almost after a year has passed since she left from this planet. Police sources had said that the probe was closed as no evidence of foul play was found and therefore ruled out the possibility of murder. They also claimed that no evidence was found to connect her death with that of Rajput.

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Former Chief Minister of Maharashtra Narayan Rane turned heads after openly claiming that Disha Salian was raped and murdered. “Disha Salian did not commit suicide. She was raped and murdered. One of the young ministers from the current Maharashtra government attended the party where Disha Salian was also present. Maharashtra government trying to save the culprit,” Rane had said in a press conference in August 2020. His son Nitesh Rane had also went on to claim that Salian had dialed 100 for help and that her boyfriend Rohan Rai, who was missing after her death, was aware of what happened to her on the night of June 9, 2020. In 2021, Narayan Rane had once again opened up on the issue of the death of Salian while lashing out verbally against the current Chief Minister of Maharashtra Uddhav Thackeray. He claimed that he is not going to sit quietly till the ministers responsible for the death of Salian is arrested. Police had said that the allegations of Salian partying with politicians before her death were baseless as the CCTV cameras of the building were checked and it was found that in the days she was there, she just came out once to take delivery for something she had ordered.

Disha Salian was one among the millions of Indian youths who works hard to fulfill their dreams they deeply aspire for. Her untimely demise from Earth is deeply shocking. It only goes on to say that the need for caring about mental health is an absolute necessity along the maintenance of physical health which would ultimately help in the holistic development of a person.