Toy Story Land turns into reality

Your favorite ‘Toy Story’ franchisee is now a reality that you can live and experience. With the opening of the latest Toy Story Land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida on June 30 last, fans and admirees of the animated series are in for a lifetime adventure of thrill and exploration with the larger than life setup in one of Disney world’s most iconic locations.

The newly opened world of toy delight presents a mass assortment of animations from the colorful world of the loved franchisee and your encounter with all of those adorable characters will set you up for some real fun and enjoyment as you prepare to explore a new destination for a refreshing vacation!

Toy Story Land
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At the entrance, you encounter Woody, setting you up for an embracing foray into the world of fascination, with detailing from the movies that had lighted up your screen at some point of time.

Toy Story Land
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And as you venture deeper into the maze of the wholesome entertainment that this pretty place has to offer, you find yourself enchanted in the world of pure charm as you proceed to decipher all that lost innocence that can bring so much joy to you.


The ever adorable mascot Slinky will set you on course for a double delight as you hop in for a wonder ride of the land in the Dog’s Dash roller coaster.

Toy Story Land
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Pal Buzz towers upon you as you prepare to brace yourself for one hell of an adventure on the Alien’s Swirling Saucers.

Toy Story Land
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Your journey to the interstellar world gets every bit real as you hop in for another fun ride. This time, in these objects of ‘Celestial’ wonder!

Toy Story Land
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Toy Story Land
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Maybe the most attractive part of the whole show is bound to be Woody’s delectable lunch box, that serves beauty, fun and delicious meals in one go!

Toy Story Land
Toy Story Land
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The stuff dished up looks divine, so you don’t have to worry about your taste buds while continuing to indulge all your senses into luxury!

Toy Story Land
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Toy Story Land
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The cutely ‘menacing’ Rex also graces the park with the cheerful Jessie keeping him in tow.

Toy Story Land
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The pack of green soldiers will welcome you into its vortex of entertaining games, with Sarge leading the crew of the engaging interaction with visitors.

Toy Story Land
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What’s more, you can land your favorite Disney merchandise among the huge collection the specially decorated booths have to offer. Toy Story Land is definitely one adventure to grab right down!