Famously rich musicians who breezes off on private jets

musicians to have owned private jets

Music lends peace to your soul, is soothing charm to your ears and is a giant money spinner for those managing to rule the world of it. No wonder famous musicians throughout the ages have continuously been labelled as some of the richest celebrities the world has been rendered richer by. With swanky apartments and private jets and business empires to their name, these singers and musicians live a life of exclusive luxury. Here’s some of the insanely rich musicians down the ages who have enjoyed their share of life in private jets-

Elvis Presley

The forever King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley’s iconic status in the music world extended well to the ways of his starry life. And his possession of not one but three private jets is quite an obvious testimony of Presley’s extravagant life that of course fitted his stature as the King. While none of the jets owned by the legend are by any means subdued in the sheen of luxury, it is a particular Convair 880 Jet, built in 1958 and flown by Delta Air Lines on routes across the US before being retired in the ’70s that Presley purchased and made his own in true gland style.

Renaming his 1975 purchase Lisa Marie after his daughter, with whom he specifically flew to Colorado for a day just so a then young Marie could see snow, Presley made sure that his $US250,000 worth of purchase underwent another $US800,000 worth of refurbishments to emerge as the opulent show of decadence that justifies his larger than life image. Featuring a lounge, conference room, sitting room, and private bedroom, along with gold-plated seat belts, suede chairs, leather covered tables, 24-karat gold-flecked sinks and more, the plane was also used by Presley exclusively to cater to his rather unusual fetishes, such as a midnight craving for what is now popular as the Elvis Sandwich.

Apart from the Convair, Presley also owned two Lockheed Jetstars. While one was customised by Presley as a flier with yellow and green interiors and that which was used to transport the rockstar and his manager on concert tours, the other private possession was more Elvis Presley- grandish in style. With its exteriors done up in red and silver, this 1976 purchase by Presley features luxe interiors, customised of course to the King’s liking. Rich crimson fabrics cover the velvet chairs, shag carpet, and bulkhead even as personalised plush touches include woodwork on the bulkheads and cabinetry as well as gold-plated accents throughout. With even a video- monitor built in within, this had been another of Elvis Presley’s more personal fancies, that he owned with his beloved father Vernon.

Michael Jackson

Another very legendary figure in the world of entertainment without whom music and dance would never have been the craze it is today, pop icon Michael Jackson too had been the proud owner of a Boeing 707. That however wasn’t the only flying machine in the kitty of the world famous performer, as he reportedly owned three others of some kind! Done to lavish grandeur for some twenty passengers, Jackson sure lived the iconic life someone of his worth could definitely afford in all its elements.

Taylor Swift

One of the highest paid celebrities in the world, it is no surprise that songstress Taylor Swift travels private all throughout the globe. In her ownership are two Dassault private jets, the Falcon 900 and the Falcon 50, that she purchased in two consecutive years during 2011 and 2012. Customised of course like you would expect from a star with the kind of aura exclusive to her, while the Dassault-Breguet Mystere Falcon 900 is reportedly worth around $58 million and can accommodate up to 12 people, Swift’s latter purchase has seating capacity for 9 of her folks.

With her lucky number 13 drawn on the nose of the Falcon 900, the customisation is every bit personal as is evident also from her initials that feature on the aircraft’s registration, N898TS. The luxe flight however is as accessible to Swift’s many famous besties and of course her boyfriend, while the hitmaker has been known to even lend it to her friends as and when needed to help them out in true celebrity style!

Beyonce and Jay Z

The it couple of the music world, Beyonce and Jay Z are known for their standout style when it comes to their craft. Translating also to the realm of the personal is this very elaborate nature of their existence that sees the power couple globetrotting in nothing less than a swanky private jet. With a Bombardier Challenger 850 to their name, the couple boasts of owning the largest super mid-size business aircraft manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace. Interestingly the plane was a gift that Beyonce got for her husband to celebrate his first Father’s Day, back in 2012. With a plane that can accommodate the entire starry family, Beyonce had to shell out a cool 40 million dollars which obviously is no big deal for someone who emerged to be the the highest-paid Black musician in history.

With a bedroom and a kitchen as well as two bathrooms occupying the interiors of the giant flier, the inside is only an extension of the customisation that make so much of the plane even in its exteriors. Featuring Jay-Z’s real name Shawn Carter as S. Carter on the body, this particular Bombardier Challenger 850 sure is a sneak peek into the kind of grand life the celebrity couple leads.

Kanye West

kanye west private jet
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Kanye West might be as known for his many controversies as he is for his music, but as one of the richie rich of the rap world it is not any controversial that he has a rather luxe jet done to personal perfection. While it is speculated that the VIP Boeing 747 alluded to here might be owned by a Royal Family in the Middle East or might perhaps be a gift from Adidas to West for his Yeezy brand, the fact of the matter remains that this for sure is more than extravagant, even by lofty celebrity standards.

A plush, double-decker giant that can actually seat up to a staggering 660 people when used for a commercial flight, Kanye’s take on this high flying aircraft that which has been dubbed the Yeezy floating office is obviously every bit comfortably personal. With a luxury double-bed suite, marble bathroom, lounge area, guest rooms, dining area, cushy seats, and other areas to really spread out, the West feature on this list is sure unlike any private jet ever in the history of celebrity extravagances.

Lady Gaga

lady gaga private jet
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There’s no missing out on entertainment with Lady Gaga in the scene which makes the forever inventive star’s private fly a much feature in our list. A Boeing 757 is what makes for the exclusive flying portal of one of the world’s best-selling music artists, that which she has been owning proudly since 2012. Gifted by her promoter LIVE NATION, the obviously Lady Gaga-themed plane featured towels with her name on it, custom seats, unlimited amenities, free plates of prosciutto, carts of gourmet plane snacks with flight attendants she called “Joannas,” in honor of her late aunt. With a cost that can range anywhere between US$65 million to US$80 million, the private jet sure lives up to the expectations of Gaga’s multi million dollar net worth.

Elton John

One of the many famed presences aboard the plane esteemed as the Starship One, Elton John’s leasing of this Boeing 720 airliner makes him another of the musicians to have possessed an own jet. In use by United Airlines from 1960 to 1973 prior to being purchased by singer Bobby Sherman who completely redesigned the interior, to the tune of $200,000, this is one of the most famous of the planes to have seen a host of musicians, including John, aboard its luxurious expanse. With his name stenciled on the fuselage after a repainting of its exterior, this Club Room, Grand Salon and Gallery equipped jet saw Elton John fly three luxurious years in utter privacy, in worthy celebration of his future legacy as one among the 100 influential musicians of the rock and roll era.

Celine Dion

The voice behind one of the most iconic love croonings in history, Canadian singer Celine Dion jet sets private as well. Her pick is a $42 million worth Bombardier BD 700 Global Express that can accommodate 12-16 passengers in three spacious seating areas, big enough to contain several bathrooms and a full kitchen.

Bruno Mars

Among the best selling musical artists of all time, Bruno Mars is another celebrity with a private jet to his name. Possessing a cool 53.5 million dollars worth Gulfstream G550 on which he jetsets off to his numerous concerts all over the world, the decorated singer lives indeed the ultimate ‘other-worldly’ life, true to his ‘Mars’ name.

Justin Bieber

A $60 million purchase that stems back to 2015 makes for the private jet ownership of much fawned over new age singer Justin Bieber. Probably a G6, as speculated in the media, the airplane comes with at least 8 white leather seats, a large couch and a lounge and makes for a really luxe jet off of elegance for Bieber across his many world trips.