Indian movie stars who made heads spin with their staggering charge for a single outing

highest charges for indian movies
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The largest film industry in the world, Bollywood spins out multi crore worth projects every year. From staggering production costs to cost enhancing stellar star casts, the Hindi film industry regularly mints in some few millions. Specifically the Bollywood stars enjoy the larger share of revenue, either as fees or as profit share. Here’s a list of 15 Indian actors who made heads spin with their staggering charge for a single movie-

Prabhas for Saaho

Rs 70 crores

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Akshay Kumar for 2.0

Rs 55 crores

Rajnikant for 2.0

Rs 50 crores

Hrithik Roshan for War

Rs 48 crores

Akshay Kumar for Jolly LLB

Rs 42 crores

Shah Rukh Khan for Zero

Rs 40 crores

Ranbir Kapoor for Tamasha

Rs 38 crores

Aamir Khan for Dangal

Rs 35 crores

Source: IMDb

Hrithik Roshan for Bang Bang

Rs 30 crores

Source: JanBharat Times

Prabhas for Bahubali 2

Rs 25 crores

Ranbir Kapoor for Sanju

Rs 25 crores

Prabhas for Bahubali 1

Rs 20 crores

prabhas in bahubali

Deepika Padukone for 83

Rs 14 crores

Kangana Ranaut for Manikarnika

Rs 14 crores

Deepika Padukone for Padmaavat

Rs 12 crores

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