Bollywood actors with the highest fan following in India

highest fan following actor in india

Bollywood isn’t just an industry in India; within its starry enclosure the tinsel town of the country hordes a gamut of emotions and fans an entourage of dreams. Bollywood celebrities are all the rage in the country. Even as scores and hundreds strive to make it big here every day, Bollywood sits already boastful in its many beacons of name and fame who have built up their allure and glamour over the years. In their mass success with their many movies and moats of money, these stars also are gloated in on their heroics by their legions of fans and admirers. For indeed it is the audience that makes an actor and therefore the fan following that makes stars, the Bollywood of India is as much about dizzying adulation as it is about critical acclaim. Here’s listing the Bollywood actors that enjoy currently the highest fan following in India-

Shah Rukh Khan

As one of the global stars to command massive fan following in the world, Bollywood Badshah Shah Rukh Khan is obviously the actor with the highest number of fans in India as well. With also a significant following in Asia and the Indian diaspora worldwide, Khan is one of the most influential Bollywood names in the present day cultural scene of India. The actor with the greatest net worth and a regular feature in lists that attribute him as one of the most desirable men, it indeed is Shah Rukh’s phenomenal legacy that has catapulted him to the top of fandom.

With 22.4 million followers on Instagram and a further 40.1 million on Twitter, SRK is also a phenomenal presence across social media. Be it his inspiring journey from nowhere to the top of the popularity ladder, his popular image as the dreamy lover boy or even his many philanthropic ventures, Shah Rukh Khan sure has more than one claim to fame.

A very visible presence not just on the big screen, SRK’s many fans stem also from his many appearances on television and in commercials. Not to mention the stupendous impact he have made on the global stage that has led him to continually being named the world’s biggest movie star by a number of media outlets. So powerful is his self made legacy that SRK films represent a cult of their own, holding a diversified appeal to a wide base of dedicated audience and fans. In his far flung popularity and immense credibility as a star of the masses, SRK sure is the man of every moment to a whole lot of his adoring fans.

Amitabh Bachchan

He have been decorated with titles as adulating as Shahenshan and Sadiyo ke Mahanayak and that already is enough proof of just how celebrated a personality Bollywood Big B Amitabh Bachchan continues to be. Even after more than five decades in the showbiz industry, the aura of this man widely acclaimed as one of the greatest actors in the history of Indian cinema has not waned a single bit. The highest followed Bollywood actor on Twitter, Bachchan has over the years amassed a gigantic fan following in India as well as over the world.

And indeed, there is more to Bachchan than just his acting prowess that has earned him fans and followers across different interests. His image as an angry young man defined his presence in Bollywood during the 70’s and sure made him the fawned over star for a host of his female admirers. Of equal prominence is the superstar’s commanding voice that which makes him so skillful a narrator and endows him with a charisma to leave millions bewitched.

One of the tallest actors in Bollywood, whose towering stature lends as much weight to his presence as does his histrionics, it is indeed to Bachchan’s credit that he has managed to remain ‘relatable’ to the changing norms of the showbiz industry even so many years into it. For an actor committed to moulding himself to the changing demands of his characters, and the times, it’s no surprise that Amitabh Bachchan remains one of the most followed celebrities all throughout.

Priyanka Chopra

A global star, not just in her might as an actor but also in her range of other works that stem from her exploits as a singer as well as her involvement in a number of humanitarian works, Priyanka Chopra’s fan following in India knows no bounds. A role model for youngsters and one of the most popular entertainers of the country, PeeCee is known for her dynamic range of work in front of the camera.

The most followed Indian woman on Instagram, Chopra is among the best actresses that Bollywood can take pride in. Various medial outlets have celebrated her as intriguing and influential, even as her physical attributes and style sense make her also quite the diva of tinsel town. In her wide range of roles as an actor, Chopra has established herself as someone who lives her character not merely in the looks but also in their soul. Enjoying global popularity by starring in the thriller series Quantico, Chopra continues to stay true to her Indian roots which perhaps make the Desi Girl all the more a hit with her many desi fans.

Salman Khan

The Bhaijaan of Bollywood, Salman Khan’s fame as the handsome hunk needs no reiteration. In his incredible body and starry aura, Khan has managed to eke out a niche of his own even when his histrionics might not render him adequately competent as an actor. But that’s no hurdle for Salman Khan when it comes to amassing the numbers, whether that be in the fans and followers or in the box office collections. A regular presence on the Forbes’ list of highest paid celebrities, Khan stands true to the illustrious legacy of his reputed family while also asserting his own brand value and image.

Named the Sexiest Man Alive and also a recurring presence in a number of listings that place him among the most desirable men, it indeed is obvious where a major portion of Salman Khan’s sky high fan count arises from. That, coupled with his penchant for machoism and perhaps his forever bachelor status make him all the more a chased celebrity. A huge 35.4 million followers on Instagram substantiates Khan’s standing as an actor with the highest fan following in India.

Deepika Padukone

Be it as an actress or a dancer, as a fashionista or a mental health activist, there has been no role that Deepika Padukone has not aced in her Bollywood career. In producing a range of scintillating performances that have been a wholesome mix of style and substance, Padukone has established her range as a powerful actor in her own charismatic demeanour. One of the highest paid actresses in India, Deepika also is one celebrity who commands a huge fan following courtesy her identity as an actor. As the most followed Asian woman on Twitter, Padukone’s reaches as a celebrity drawing the fans are immediately apparent. Add to that her parallel stature as a woman of substance, having been named among the world’s most impactful and admired woman, and you would understand just how Padukone has evolved to emerge as one of the most adulated stars.

Hrithik Roshan

His range of films might span fewer numbers than many of his contemporaries but that does not make Hrithik Roshan any less brilliant an actor. Known for his impeccable dancing skills and his Greek God like looks and figure, Roshan’s standing in the starry echelons of Bollywood is a tale unlike any other. From starring in roles that are as diverse as can be to not fretting over releases in every calendar year, the handsome hunk is celebrated for his essence as an actor and his charisma as a starry phenomenon. One of the most high profile Indian celebrities and also one of the most popular public icons in India, the actor enjoys a huge fan following. One of the Bollywood celebrities to have his wax figure at the iconic Madame Tussauds in London, the versatile Hrithik Roshan continues to be a public favorite in his many dignified outings.

Akshay Kumar

There have been no genre that Akshay Kumar has not dabbled in as an actor always on the go. One of the most remarkable fitness enthusiasts of Bollywood, Kumar is among the handful of actors who transitions between his critical approach to acting and his commercial bankability with tremendous ease. One of the most successful actor of India, Kumar’s fan following draws also from his image as a fitness freak. The highest paid entertainer in India currently, Kumar is also as effective in his many comic outings. Even with his starring in mindless comedies, Akshay Kumar has forever proven to be the box office czar. His slew of recent releases has seen him vouching for such issues that stir the Indian element, furthering therefore his immense connect with the Indian fans.