10 highest tax payers in Bollywood whose tax payments will overwhelm any lesser mortal like us

highest tax payers of bollywood

With great power comes great responsibilty. Or if you want to rephrase it more accurately- with high incomes comes higher tax payments. And who better than our celebrated Bollywood personalities to personify such an wealthy adage perfectly? As the scions and helmers of a film industry that is the among the largest in the world, Bollywood personalities earn insane amounts of money. It is only apt therefore that with their mind boggling reserves of income, they pay equally mind boggling amount in taxes as well- amounts that are sure to overwhelm the common man. Here are 10 such Bollywood celebrities with the highest tax payments that will have you condoning your minuscule existence-

Amitabh Bachchan

The Big B of Bollywood, the ultimate Shahenshah when it comes to acting prowess and super stardom, Amitabh Bachchan’s larger than life personality and tremendous aura translates off screen and in his finances as well. Apart from film releases and commercials, the actor also plays host to a very popular reality TV show that helps him constantly fill his coffers upto the brim. No wonder he is the current highest tax payer in Bollywood as he reportedly paid some 70 crores as tax in Indian rupees for the financial year 2018- 19.

Salman Khan

One name that has forever held Bollywood in an aura of his own is Salman Khan. Legions of fans, many of whom are crazy about his macho on screen presence as also about his off screen humane personality, have ensured that the Sultan of Bollywood is all the buzz. Be it his extravagant movie featurings or his many commercials and regular television appearances, Khan mints more than enough money to be eligible to pay off a whopping Rs 44 crores as tax to the government.

Akshay Kumar

Source: Financial Times

Even when he continues to face trolls for not being an Indian citizen- for those who don’t know, Akshay Kumar holds a Canadian passport and is one of the most prominent of Bollywood superstars who are not Indian citizens, Khiladi Akki also passes off as one of the biggest tax payers of Bollywood. Even when he foresake his Indian citizenship, Akki did not necessarily let go off his Indianess as is evident in his many choices of patriotic or socially relevant films and also in his dutiful contribution of his share of income tax. As of now, Kumar pays an estimated Rs 29.5 crores in tax to the government.

Hrithik Roshan

The actor who had once paid a staggering Rs 80 crores as advance tax, Hrithik Roshan makes it matter with his contributions even as an income tax payer. With cumulative tax payments of Rs 25.5 crore, Junior Roshan sure knows how to make fans swoon with not just his looks and moves but also his finances.

Shah Rukh Khan

As the numero uno of the richest Bollywood actors it is no surprise that King Khan Shah Rukh also pays it big when it comes to income tax. The Badshah of Bollywood who has forever held fans and critics in fancy not only dazzles with his many screen appearances but also draws huge from his many business ventures. With an approximate tax payment of Rs 22 crores, Shah Rukh Khan very deservedly rounds up the top 5 of the highest tax payers in Bollywood.

Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma
Source: Pinkvilla

The Comedy King might be a new entrant in the list of celebrities who pay insane amounts in taxes but this has in no way dented Kapil Sharma’s chances of etching his name among the tax payers’ record books. With his hugely successful television show that sees the entire nation rolling in peals of laughter every weekend, Sharma is no less than any hotshot Bollywood celebrity in his tax payments. Shelling out an approx Rs 23.9 crores in tax payments, Kapil Sharma sure draws more from his impeccable comic timing rather than his standing in Bollywood to make it to the list.

Ranbir Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor
Source: News18.com

A sure shot presence among new age Bollywood stars who has caught the tinsel world by storm is the son of legendary Bollywood couple Rishi and Neetu Kapoor. Ranbir Kapoor has by virtue of his ample histrionic skills and his immense influence as a youth icon as well as the new gen heartthrob has taken over the silver screen with panache even as he remains the recurring face of commercials for a number of leading brands. With current tax payments of 22.3 crores in Indian rupees as compared to some 16 crores a couple of years back, Junior Kapoor also is one of the highest tax payers in and of Bollywood.

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan
Source: Livemint

The Perfectionist that he is, Aamir Khan is very selective with his film choices and his numerous other projects. But the movies that he indeed does churn out are always a class apart and therefore all record busters and money spinners. With somewhere around Rs 14 crores in tax payments even with sparing movie releases, Aamir Khan retains his celebrity status more than effectively.

Karan Johar

There’s perhaps no hat that prolific Bollywood film maker Karan Johar has not don yet and that for sure finds ample expression in his earnings and consequently on his tax payments. Be it as a producer or as director, as chat show host or as reality show judge, in business or in film making, Johar has made intelligent choices and moves that have forever paid of very well. As per reports, Johar’s cumulative tax payments hover somewhere around a decent 11 crores.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone
Source: CNN.com

Close on the heels of Karan Johar when it comes to making hefty payments is Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone. The woman of the moment for quite some time now, Padukone has enthralled one and all in Bollywood with her talent and charisma, delivering power packed performances and graceful moves with elan. With her array of blockbuster hits and consistent presence in national media, Padukone makes money enough to render her liable for some over Rs 10 crores in tax payment.