Indian celebrity owned brands that curate the starry power of business

Celebrity owned brands are quite the rage- at least for their star appeal if not anything else. But turns out some of these starry ventures are not just reasonably good; they in fact are really enterprising specimens. These brands that only further the net worth and popular image of celebrities add therefore another layer of identity to their already prominent names. Here’s 15 such brands owned by one Indian celebrity or the other that has managed to live up to their ‘privileged birth’-

Anomaly Haircare
Priyanka Chopra

Source: Ecomnews

Priyanka Chopra has been one of the most recognisable Indian celebrities for quite some time now. And with her global presence only continuing to grow, it is no surprise that the Desi Girl’s brand Anomaly Haircare has also grown tremendously to be one of the wealthiest celebrity owned brands in the world. Launched in 2021 and taking giant strides since then to rake up the moolah thanks to PC’s mass appeal and the products occurring as natural and sustainable and effective, Anomaly Haircare also is one of the few brands owned by an Indian celebrity that do not deal with fashion and apparel.

With something as revolutionary as ‘democratization of beauty’ being part of its mission, Anomaly Haircare definitely is well crafted and as well marketed as well. PeeCee sure knows every aspect of what she is doing and creating and contributing to emerge as a true star.

MS Dhoni

Source: Seven by MS Dhoni

India’s Captain Cool MS Dhoni has always been a master of all trades and so is the case with his footwear brand Seven that he launched in 2016. The very simple, straightforward name of the brand itself personifies the personality of the cricketing genius. A reference to the number Dhoni has sported in his professional identity as a player of the Indian cricket team, Seven’s presence today is iconic as well much like the cricketer himself. India’s first home-grown global sportwear brand, Seven speaks of style in a language of perfectionism as practised by Dhoni.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu

Source: News Bugz

Saaki is an ethnic fashion brand that emerges as a co- creation by actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu with former Miss India winner Sushruthi Krishna. Offering a modern Indian fashion range through a direct-to-consumer approach, Saaki identifies as a 2020 born venture that aims to encapsulate the essence of India in each of its globally stylish affordable offering. In these three years of being in business, Saaki has already scaled considerable heights of the fashion and commerce world alike. Its presence across 15 countries bears testimony of its fashion consciousness, even when in its conscience is nestled an aspiration for responsible fashion of which Samantha is the star face.

Hrithik Roshan

Source: InsideSport

HRX by Hrithik Roshan started out in 2013 as a casual lifestyle brand. But it was only inevitable that its owned identity being one derived from a celebrity fawned over for his sculpted body, brand HRX would ultimately meander to occupy the fitness space as well. Thus even as sportswear and activewear and fitness wear followed suit, the brand has gone even more massive with its portfolio of offerings to explore also the realm of home gym equipment.

Deepika Padukone


Trust the enigmatic Deepika Padukone to do things in her own quirky way and her very unusual sounding brand 82°E just perfectly holds up that element of individuality. A self care brand that dabbles in the fore of skin care and that which is as close as possible to the image of Padukone herself, having time and again vouched for everyone to inculcate the virtue of self care, 82°E occurs as ‘soulful’ beyond measure. “Skincare made with science and spirit” is how the brand promotes itself as, even as its Indian heart is laid bare in its very name. Taking after the meridian 82°30′ East that passes through India, the brand comes across as an intelligent business in self care that still indulges in the primary spirit of a beauty practiced as wellness.

Rhea Kapoor l Sonam Kapoor

Source: Fashion network

Hailing from the style sensibilities of self proclaimed fashionista Sonam Kapoor and her designer sister Rhea is the brand that asserts as Rheson. A portmanteau of the names of the Kapoor siblings, Rheson launched in 2017 as their maiden venture and has held its head high ever since. A high- street label that only is as fashionable as the dynamic style sensibilities of Sonam and Rhea, Rheson is affordable and accessible all right. But what strikes as being the USP of the brand is its offering being not just one of apparel and fashion. Instead, Rheson curates glamour for the ordinary customer that is well validated with two of the most fashionable celebrity names of India spurring that identity.

Kay Beauty
Katrina Kaif

Source: Koimoi

Katrin Kaif’s persona is writ large over her brand of beauty products that was launched in 2019. So as someone who pursues makeup as much as a passion as her acting profession, it is only fitting that Kaif’s venture into business should be in exploring this realm of life so crucial to her celebrity identity. And it is no surprise as well that Katrina’s own preferred range of product as she personally uses are some of the most spectacular offerings of her brand. A list of clean and natural ingredients is obviously something one would expect from celebrity owned beauty brands particularly in the current times and Kay Beauty does tick all the boxes to emerge as an identity as starry as its name.

Alia Bhatt

Source: Exchange4media

Alia Bhatt’s mommy duties might still be relatively new but her kids clothing brand Ed-a-mamma has been in business for quite some few years now since 2020. Like most other celebrity ventures, the actor’s thrust too has been on sustainability alongside fashion. But behind the quirky name is an inspiration that is very personal. Identifying as her cat Edward’s ‘mamma’ first, Bhatt drew upon her love for this first child to curate her own businesswoman image.

A 10X growth within a mere 10 months from launch only cemented Bhatt’s status as someone who has been making success her own in every thing she does and in a very limited span of one. And Ed-a-mamma’s growing portfolio of products that today has expanded on either end of the spectrum to encompass infantwear as well as maternity wear shows that this celebrity brand might be one of the most passionate in the fashion market as well.

Wrogn l One8
Virat Kohli

Source: USPL World

Wrogn sounds like a newer brand due to the trendy appeal of its name but turns out Virat Kohli’s business venture has been around for almost a decade now. Launched in 2014 as an apparel brand, it in fact is one of the oldest in our list of such celebrity offerings. Wrogn identifies as a youth fashion brand that however is complemented by yet another such business launched by Kohli himself. One8 asserts as the luxurious strand of fashion curated by Kohli and while it began as a sportswear brand, the current offerings include everything from dapper suits to amazing perfumes. With Kohli’s parallelly popular identity as being one of the world’s best dressed sportspersons, doing business through his personal style should only have been obvious.

Shahid Kapoor

Source: New Clear Ideas

In Skult is embodied the identity of Shahid Kapoor, with the brand name being a coming together of the actor’s initials with the word cult. And Skult indeed lives up to the reference of either as being a menswear brand by offering fashionable athleisure as part of its collection. In fact Skult was touted as India’s first athleisure brand when it debuted back in 2016 and in the kind of products it has been curating over the years, it also is one of the finest. A fashion- forward, freestyle brand that combines style with functionality in its range of athleisure that also is available as affordable and pricier buys, Shahid’s decision to foray into this genre of fashion speaks of a wisdom gained over the years.

True Blue
Sachin Tendulkar

Source: InsideSport

Another menswear brand launched in 2016 is True Blue that which assumes legendary identity in being a venture of none other than Sachin Tendulkar himself. Fashion might not be the forte of the cricketing icon who looks up to his son for style inspiration but True Blue still appealed of course. As a premium lifestyle brand that offers contemporary construct of Indian apparel while reimagining traditional motifs, Tendulkar’s take on fashion is unsurprisingly Indian indeed. The design process shaping up the creations at True Blue is personally attended to by Tendulkar whose aspirations for the brand are all about expanding its reach and appeal, whether it is in establishing a global presence or in introducing womenswear as well.

Vijay Deverakonda


Trust celebrities to acquire an image and then build businesses out of that premise. That’s exactly what south star Vijay Deverakonda did with his identity as the ‘rowdy’ of Tollywood. Launched in 2018 with even a dedicated app, the Rowdy brand of clothing by Deverakonda is special indeed in being the first of such offerings by stars from that part of the country. And while the fashion statement spurred out of the Rowdy collection is undeniably street smart stylish like Vijay himself, the Rowdy Club happens to be a rather diversified entity. Hosting a Sundowners party for instance speaks of his ‘coolness’ and with each of Rowdy’s products be it clothes or footwear or accessories definitely steeped in this element of being rowdy cool, Vijay Deverakonda’s brand is definitely one of the most distinctive ones around.

The Humbl Co.
Mahesh Babu

Source: Tollywood

The Humbl Co. by Mahesh Babu started out in 2019 as a men’s clothing brand crafted for the modern day traditionalist. Adored for his charming looks and real personality, the brand collection is an extension of the south actor’s popular image and boasts a style perfectly encapsulating the personal choices of the star. Simplistic and affordable while still being stylish, Mahesh Babu’s offering entailed as a stark contrast indeed to the year older spawning by his industry colleague Vijay. With the masses getting such a range of options to choose from, both of these brands have managed to do phenomenal businesses and establish thus the craze of celebrity owned brands as a regional phenomenon as well as a pan Indian business.

Anushka Sharma

Source: Pinterest

As one of the earlier entrants in the brand business, Nush by Anushka Sharma is a forerunner of this arena in more ways than one. An accessible clothing line that was built upon the actor’s reputation also as a fashionista but one that still exuded vibes of a laidback casualness instead of being all utterly glamorous and dressy, the 2017 born brand did quite well for itself before fizzling out. Even now though the Nush label is up for sale at ecommerce platforms where Sharma’s school of style lends itself to her legion of fans and followers.

Akshay Kumar

Source: Fashion network

One of the youngest celebrity brands owned by one of the most established Bollywood actors, Force IX is definite proof of how the charm of business is never lost upon stars. Touted as Kumar’s ‘passion project’ that he had worked quite a while on, the brand that was only bound to have an athleisure identity as per the actor’s set image and persona delivers therefore the standard of functional style. Every offering under the Force IX brand is ‘engineered with emotion’ with the most important aspects of price, quality, design and fit all aptly considered to make it a celebrity brand for the masses.