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Recreating celebrity looks might be quite common but actually looking like them would not really strike as ordinary a possibility. The abundance though of celebrity doppelgangers tell otherwise with some of these personalities often finding more than one takers of their dopplegangered existences. Here’s some immensely popular Indian celebrities and their lookalikes who bear as immense similarity to these stars-

Deepika Padukone l Amala Paul

Source: Bollywood Life

Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone and South actress Amala Paul has more in common than just their profession and their regional roots. Paul presents in fact as a spitting image of the Hindi entertainment industry’s leading lady even when she isn’t the only one with whom Padukone bears considerable extent of resemblance.

Deepika Padukone l Rijuta Ghosh Deb


Next on the list of celebrity doppelgangers is once again a DP replica. A content creator who goes by the name Rijuta Ghosh Deb does indeed come close to the global icon in  looks. Den looks strikingly alike with Padukone particularly across a certain profile in her photos.

Arbaaz Khan l Roger Federer


The uncanny resemblance that Bollywood personality Arbaaz Khan and global tennis legend Roger Federer bears perhaps is one of the more known cases. Their similarity has been long evoked as ‘meme material’ and the lengths to which this alikeness goes in terms of their physical identities is great indeed.

Anushka Sharma l Julia Michaels

Source: Hindustan Times

Julia Michaels is an American singer- songwriter and while she is a celebrity herself, she closely resembles also Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma. Both the ladies have acknowledged as well their sure but surprising sharing of facial features, with Sharma proclaiming her ‘search’ for a further five doppelgangers even as Michaels went on to quite vibe with her ‘twin’ a couple of years later in also sporting identical haircuts.

Shah Rukh Khan l Akram al-Issawi

Source: Mumbai Mirror

Turns out celebrities often find doppelgangers in people who are as professionally artistic as they themselves are. No wonder Bollywood Badshah Shah Rukh Khan’s lookalike asserts as a Jordan photographer Akram al-Issawi. Issawi himself is quite aware of the reason of his ‘passive fame’ and had even featured in an interview exclusively occurring due to this ‘specialness’.

Tiger Shroff l David Saharia

Source: SpotboyE

It isn’t just the face but also the body of Tiger Shroff that Assam’s David Saharia exactly emulates to make him a ditto of the Bollywood star. Himself an actor and fitness enthusiast which explains him being the real life body double of Shroff, it comes as no surprise that Saharia looks up to his doppelganger and would be understandably delighted with this similarity.

Hrithik Roshan l Bradley Cooper

Source: NETTV4U

The numerousness of facial features that Bollywood heartthrob Hrithik Roshan shares with Hollywood man Bradley Cooper is what makes them the most famous of such cross country celebrity doppelgangers. With their chiseled jaws and light eyes as well as a similarity that extends to even their hair, both of them acclaimed actors assert as celebrity twins indeed.

Hrithik Roshan l Harman Baweja

Source: Amarujala

Hrithik Roshan has a doppelganger closer home as well. Harman Baweja might not have been quite a famous name in films but the close resemblance shared with Roshan ensured that he would receive considerable limelight before ultimately fizzling out.

Esha Gupta l Angelina Jolie

Source: Bollywood Life

Gareebo ki Angelina Jolie is what Bollywood actress Esha Gupta has found a peculiar identity in both ridicule and favor. But she indeed is reminiscent of the global icon across many angles of her photographing. Gupta is not ignorant as well with such regarding of her looks in incessant comparison that she has handled with grace while holding in all acceptance.

John Abraham l Mubashir Malik

Source: Times of India

Bollywood hunk John Abraham’s much fawned over looks and body is closely embodied by British broadcaster and writer Mubashik Malik. Malik’s roots though are from Pakistan and one of his books go by the title Lahore Se Aagey. Their shared subcontinental identity finds physical expression to close quarters almost of the dimple as well as their hairstyle.

Robert Vadra l Freddie Mercury

Source: Twitter

One of the most interesting pair of doppelgangers that has found observation expresses though as very unlikely a proposition. Vadra himself is a businessman and his celebrity status largely borrows from the political status of his in- laws. Married to Priyanka Gandhi and son-in-law of the politically prominent Gandhi family, Vadra’s looks would also tend close to a celebrity as iconic as Freddie Mercury.

Shaan l Vijay Prakash

Source: TV9 Bharatvarsh

Popular singer Shaan’s doppelganger is also a singer himself- and a quite distinguished one at that. It then is somewhat surprising that the duo does not find as much representation in their similarity. Prakash is one of the singers of the Grammy and Academy Award winning song Jai Ho. Shaan himself is a celebrated singer and feels more than ecstatic to find his twin in someone who is one of the country’s finest singers as well.

Katrina Kaif l Alina Rai

Source: ZEE5

There is a lot in common between the looks that Katrina Kaif and Alina Rai have individually inherited through genes. Their popular identities of actress and model too are similar even when not equivalent in the intensity and measure of such profiles. Their physical features though assert as jawdropping in their exactness that has earned the London based design blogger a huge following on social media. To be equated to the ultimate diva that Katrina is sure is a blessing beyond the ranges of beauty.

Jacqueline Fernandez l Amanda Cerny

Source: India TV News

So similar does Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez and American actress-model look that has even led them to work together in vibing indeed. They make for one of the most popular celebrity doppelgangers and both of them seem to bond well over this physical commonness that has extended to also match their personalities.

Priyanka Chopra l Navpreet Banga

Source: Onmanorama

Like many other A- listers of tinsel town, Priyanka Chopra also has a number of doppelgangers claiming to assume her looks. Strikingly similar in such identity would be Punjabi actress, model and YouTuber Navpreet Banga who Chopra herself ‘approves’ of as her face twin.

Emraan Hashmi l Mazdak Khan

Source: Bollywood Tadka

Pakistani Emraan Hashmi is what Mazdak Khan finds reference as making evident both the Indian celebrity he naturally ‘impersonates’ as well as his country of origin. The similarity does reveal as exact when Khan sports the same hairstyle and beard as that of the actor but even otherwise their twinning game impresses as strong indeed.

Yami Gautam l Vidisha Srivastava

Source: Navbharat Times

Bollywood beauty Yami Gautam’s replica is a popular face of the television industry. Vidisha Srivastava exudes the same grace and charm as the elegantly pretty Gautam but does not quite fancy the allusion to her contemporary and wants to flaunt an individual identity crafted by her work.

Ranbir Kapoor l Junaid Shah

Source: Bollywood Hungama

So similar does Ranbir Kapoor and Junaid Shah looked like that led even the Bollywood Casanova’s father Rishi Kapoor to acknowledge their shared features on social media. Shah had been a model from Kashmir and was immensely popular due to his striking resemblance to the even more popular actor.

Ranveer Singh l Hammad Shoaib

Source: Business Insider India

Like wife Deepika Padukone, Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh’s appearance too is a non-exclusive claim of identity. The fame rests with Pakistani national Hammad Shoaib who himself is an actor and dancer even when he is not really convinced of the likeness. Nevertheless he is more than happy with the similarity and hopes to build on this image to further his own prospects.

Anil Kapoor l John Effer

Source: DESIblitz

The forever young man of Bollywood, veteran actor Anil Kapoor’s doppelganger is a professional body-builder and fitness coach. US based John Effer is evidently pleased with the parallel that has been drawn and has even taken the opportunity to pitch himself for a Bollywood stint!

Rajinikanth l Rehmat Gashkori

Source: DNA India

The pan Indian popularity that superstar Rajinikanth enjoys despite identifying largely as a South actor is one that occurs as a phenomenon in itself. Needless to say the discovery of his lookalike in Pakistan’s Rehmat Gashkori sent everyone in a tizzy as the retired civil servant seems like an exact match of Thalaivar in both his style and looks. The similarity might have asserted as uncanny but considering that Gashkori is himself a huge fan of Rajinikanth it is obvious that he would come to emulate the mannerisms of his idol.



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