Insanely viral buzzes of the internet

What does it take to become a viral trend absolutely smashing it out of the park in no uncertain terms? Some part imagination, some part sense of humour and surprisingly not so much intention of it. That’s exactly how the most catchy viral songs of the past many months over the last couple of years has achieved their status in simplistic exaggeration, laying claim to the collective fancies of the world in such measure that indeed has made chartbusters out of almost nowhere. Entertaining for sure and imaginative to as surely extreme levels are these many a songs that now plague the collective consciousness, though in an assertion infinite times more welcome than the viral strains of the COVID 19 ‘trend’-

Kacha Badam

Sellers selling their wares with the accompanying melody of jingles might not be any novelty but imagine one among them coming up with a full ‘wholesome’ composition to to drive sales. That speaks not just of ‘business acumen’ but some serious skill as well! And managing to earn his living and some fame as well by means of his singing exploits is peanut seller Bhuban Badyakar of West Bengal whose now well recognised ‘music’ has indeed leveraged his identity. The ‘Badam Badam Kacha Badam’ jingle is catchy to say the least but most remarkable is the singing sensibilities that characterise its play, as Badyakar indeed does more through his song than calling out to prospective customers. All that is very much intentional as well, as the peanut seller also professes to singing to entertain people. A viral hit now across social media platforms, Baydakar though is not any unaware of his amusing creation being exploited outside his knowledge and has even approached the police to lodge complaint against the same. Deserving indeed of the accolades and the money being minted out of his ingenious crooning is this quirky creator whose tune has now taken over the internet in very visible frenzy.

Bachpan ka Pyaar

Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying the fact that it’s almost impossible to get that Bachpan ka Pyar tune outta your head. Whether it be the fun nature of the song itself or the fact that it has been all over the place for quite some time now, this viral beat had defined the most of 2021 courtesy 10 year old Sahdev Dirdo whose video of belting out the number was what kickstarted the trend. Although originally sung by a Gujarat lad Kamlesh Barot, it was Dirdo’s rendition of the song that made it the ‘hit’ that it is today, infectious enough in its ‘energy’ to even have an official spin off starring popular rapper Badshah with the kid of course in tow.

Rasode Mein Kaun Tha

Undoubtedly the breakout anthem of 2020 and one that perhaps made the sailing smoother for other viral tunes to follow in much hilarity has been the Yashraj Mukhate number Raode Mein Kaun Tha. As the perusing musician simply mixed up the dialogues of a certain scene from a particular popular daily soap, what he ended up offering to a whole nation in lockdown was some entertainment that struck in the sheer beat of it. The ‘song’ itself became more than a massive trend but Mukhate was indeed the one who deservedly got all credit, as he became an overnight sensation with everyone from celebrities to the actors involved in the clip joined in on vibing along to the rap with gusto.

Tuada Kutta Tommy, Sadda Kutta Kutta

Another Mukhate spin on another dialogue, this time of a real life contestant on a reality show, the sadda kutta kutta, tuada kutta Tommy deliverance came to be immensely popular as well. In fact as one of his most viewed videos, Yashraj’s take on this particular Shehnaz Gill utterance inside the Bigg Boss house also came to be as taken in stride by Gill herself even as Bollywood celebrities alike jumped on in joining the mashup bandwagon.

Pawrii Ho Rahi Hain

Call it the party call of 2021 because Pawri Ho Rahi Hain delivers indeed all the feels ever since it became the viral ‘tune’ that it is, thanks to Pakistani social media influencer Dananeerr Mobeen. The accent itself is unmissable and so is the zest with which netizens all over caught up to its rendition in all fun and pawri mood. Evoking once again a take by our now very own Yashraj Mukhate, the pawri trend though has been standout enough to encompass the infectious spirit of partying on its own.