International Left Handers Day 2018: not so ‘dime a dozen’ facts

Left hander's day

Being a leftie is a great deal of struggle. But it is also a privilege in that it endows you with a uniqueness. So even as you have to deal with all those ‘queries’ and limitations that serve to alienate you from the masses, you might as well rejoice in the fun of having a day solely dedicated to you!

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Yes folks, August 13 marks the International Left Hander’s Day. And if that doesn’t give right handers the complex, I don’t know what will!

Just in case you need more of the fun, we have a stock piled up for you!


People have the tendency to fear anything and everything. So there even exists the fear of being left handed, or worse, the fear of left handed people. Seriously? Yeah, we call it Sinistrophobia.

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As if social media addiction was not enough for you to be sleep deprived. If you are left handed, you are even more likely to be an insomniac.

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You probably would not have known about this but there exist pens specifically designed for lefties.

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Left handers are three times more likely to become addicted to alcohol. We wonder what addiction has to do with hands?

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Creativity abounds in lefties and unsurprisingly therefore, they are also bound to be more inclined towards a career in the liberal arts.

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Being a leftie might also make you specifically prone to migraines and a greater number of allergies.

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You are more likely to be a scaredy cat if your left hand is the go to for tasks.

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Lefties are so looked down upon that they are even considered precursors of evil. Even a word as dark as ‘sinister’ is derived from the Latin word for ‘left’. Not fair!

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Left handedness seems to be an ambiguous concept. Because studies have shown that people who are born as left handed tend to be ambidextrous ie they develop the ‘power’ to use both hands simultaneously. Which left me perplexed. Are there people who are only left handers? Yeah? No..umm, don’t know.

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Since they are generally ambidextrous, it also implies that lefties are good multi taskers as well. After all, two hands are better than one any day!

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Satan has been depicted as being left handed. Well, that doesn’t mean anything, does it?

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We also have a bonus for you. Surprisingly a huge many of your favorite celebrities are lefties. Is this the affinity of fame for southpaws? Seems likely.


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Prince William
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Keanu Reeves
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Bill Gates
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Go on lefties. Mark the date and seal your fate. Happy Left Hander’s Day to all!