7 Bollywood Stars Who Made India Proud In The World Stage

Bollywood has blessed us with a stunning repertoire of talents who have been entertaining us for decades now. No wonder then that when these gifted actors set their foot out in the wider realm of world cinema, they dazzled with their profuse display of class and character.


Anupam Kher
Source: Navsamvaad

Already a trendsetter in Indian cinema, Kher utilised his versatility as an actor in his portrayal of different world characters. English movies Bend It Like Beckham, Silver linings Playbook, You will Meet A tall Dark Stranger celebrates his caliber as a strong, level- headed actor.


Naseeruddin Shah
Source: The Cinemaholic

A classic actor and a prominent figure in Indian parallel cinema, Naseeruddin Shah shot to international fame with his portrayal of the Indian pirate Captain Nemo in the 2003 Hollywood comedy The League of Extraordinary gentleman. That apart, his roles in The Great New Wonderful and Monsoon wedding establishes his versatility as a world actor.


Shabana Azmi
Source: DNA India

This Indian actor’s versatility as a true talent is amply explored in movies like City Of Joy and more particularly in Madame Sousatzka where she pulled off a strong yet restrained act as an immigrant.


Irrfan Khan
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The Bollywood star with a difference, Irrfan Khan has impressed one and all with his histrionic abilities in a host of international movies like Life of Pi, Slumdog Millionaire, Inferno, The Namesake, A Mighty Heart, Jurassic World, The Amazing Spider Man, et al. Khan is one Indian actor who has made the world take note of his exemplary acting skills.


Amrish Puri
Source: Shubham Cinema

The quintessential villain of Indian movies, Amrish Puri also forayed into world cinema and dazzled with his roles in movies like Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom.


Shabana Azmi
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Niece of the illustrious Shabana Azmi, Tabu is one of those rare mainstream Indian actors who has established her class with her depictions in numerous movies. Her presence in the world cinema circuit is manifested through films like Namesake and Life of Pi.


Adil Hussain
Source: Ourstories

An Indian actor, Adil Hussain’s emotive faculties find fine expression in international cinema, with his casting in such movies as The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Life of Pi, Feast of Varanasi, The Illegal and At Large projecting his geniosity as a true world star.