KRK tweets which asks for a controversy kyuki fursat bohot hain bande ke paas

krk controversial tweets
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If there’s one man on earth that can rattle up your brains like no other, it has to be the undying spirit of the greatest ‘celeb’ ever- Kamaal Rashid Khan.

The king of controversies, KRK never fails to irk you with his tweets. From the most outrageous to the dumbest. here is a collection of tweets by KRK which just prove how much of a time unbound person he is!

#1 Actor ratings never got more real!

#2 Nor did world politics

#3 Basically, only idiots send him mails

#4 That never ending hate for KJo!

#5 Climate expert spotted

#6 And the award for the most epic film of the times goes to…

#7 Still a better bet than the “intended Oscar nominee”

#8 National Awards may lie, but KRK never does!

#9 He has his standards, you know!

#10 God save us all!

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#11 Direction lessons from the pro

#12 ‘Respected people’ like KRK, we reiterate

#13 ‘Celebrity tantrums!

#14 Of course!

#15 And thus we are spared the humiliation!

#16 If spreading shit counts as a job that is

#17 Literally, outworldly!

#18 Yet an idiot nevertheless

#19 WTF was even that?!

#20 Hilarious alright but KRK, No!

#21 Downright ridiculous

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