KRK tweets which asks for a controversy kyuki fursat bohot hain bande ke paas

krk controversial tweets

If there’s one man on earth that can rattle up your brains like no other, it has to be the undying spirit of the greatest ‘celeb’ ever- Kamaal Rashid Khan.

The king of controversies, KRK never fails to irk you with his tweets. From the most outrageous to the dumbest. here is a collection of tweets by KRK which just prove how much of a time unbound person he is!

#1 Actor ratings never got more real!

#2 Nor did world politics

#3 Basically, only idiots send him mails

#4 That never ending hate for KJo!

#5 Climate expert spotted

#6 And the award for the most epic film of the times goes to…

#7 Still a better bet than the “intended Oscar nominee”

#8 National Awards may lie, but KRK never does!

#9 He has his standards, you know!

#10 God save us all!

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#11 Direction lessons from the pro

#12 ‘Respected people’ like KRK, we reiterate

#13 ‘Celebrity tantrums!

#14 Of course!

#15 And thus we are spared the humiliation!

#16 If spreading shit counts as a job that is

#17 Literally, outworldly!

#18 Yet an idiot nevertheless

#19 WTF was even that?!

#20 Hilarious alright but KRK, No!

#21 Downright ridiculous

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