10 least educated Bollywood actors for whom education didn’t matter

less educated bollywood actors

From celebrities who chased their passion right through to stars who ventured out after sorting priorities out, Bollywood is an eclectic mix of highly qualified actors and lesser educated personalities. However, ranking a bit low on the qualification radar does not rob these people of their charm and talent, which is what has persisted them all throughout in the filmy journey. Here’s a look at some of the least educated Bollywood actors who made it matter through their craft-


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The first female superstar of Indian cinema, Sridevi had been enthralling audiences with her acting and looks since she was 4 year old. Starting out at such an early age professionally took a toll on Sridevi’s academic life. She had to miss out going to school and college owing to her career, making her one among the less educated Bollywood actors.

Hema Malini

less educated bollywood actors hema malini
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Bollywood’s forever Dream Girl and an enchanting actress, the legendary Hema Malini also had an unaccomplished academic career owing to her early foray in films. Malini attended the Andhra Mahila Sabha in Chennai and then the DTEA Mandir Marg, which however she chose to leave when she was in the 11th standard. Her exemplary career in films soon thereafter did not give the beautiful actress any chance to revert to complete her education.


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She has wowed movie goers time and again by dishing out compelling performances in some of the most iconic Bollywood movies. But stardom came to Kajol at a price as she could not continue her education. Having spent her school years as a boarder at the  St. Joseph’s Convent School, Panchgani, Kajol intended to return to education after completing Bekhudi which she bagged at a mere sixteen years of age. But her love for the arts and extracurricular superseded her love for academics. Kajol thereby decided to pursue a full time career in acting and never returned to school thereafter.

Aamir Khan

He might be the Perfectionist that Bollywood looks up to in the present time but Aamir Khan did not exactly have the perfect childhood. Financially constrained, Khan however did his schooling from the Bombay Scottish School, Mahim and completed his twelfth from the Narsee Monjee college in Mumbai. More into sports than studies, Khan however was cherished to be seen by his parents as a doctor engineer. But his passion for acting led Kapoor to not pursue higher education and instead make the switch to showbiz.

Akshay Kumar

One of the most successful Bollywood celebrities, Akshay Kumar’s endurance and stamina puts him at par with the newer crop of chiseled action heroes. That perhaps is a feature attributable to Kumar being a trained martial arts exponent. A black belt in Taekwondo, Kumar however was never much inclined to academics. Having done his schooling from Mumbai’s Don Bosco School, Akshay attended Guru Nanak Khalsa College for a year before dropping out to instead pursue martial arts. No wonder, he is among the less educated Bollywood actors even when his histrionic abilities have earned him name and fame in the filmy world.

Karisma Kapoor

Karisma Kapoor
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The ’90s most popular of actresses, Karisma Kapoor ventured into the filmy world as a teen. However, despite hailing from the illustrious family of the Kapoors, Karisma’s inroads into acting for financial reasons had her ditch her studies midway. Kapoor studied at the Cathedral and John Connon School in Mumbai and later, for a few months at Sophia College before dropping out to pursue a career that would help her support her family monetarily.

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut
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An incredible actress and an even phenomenal voice when it comes to speaking out against issues plaguing the Bollywood industry, Kangana Ranaut is very much the Queen of tinsel town. Although a rebellious kid who liked to experiment with fashion, Ranaut decided to pursue medical studies at the insistence of her parents. Having completed her schooling from the DAV School in Chandigarh, she went on to pursue her higher secondary in science. A studious girl, Ranaut’s life course however took a dramatic turn when she ditched her studies after having flunked a chemistry test. On relocating to Delhi, Ranaut embarked on the path of showbiz as a model and emerged to be a successful actress shortly and resiliently thereafter.

Salman Khan

less educated bollywood actors Salman Khan
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One of the most enigmatic of presences on the silver screen for more than three decades now, Bollywood Bhaijan Salman Khan has the looks, physique and persona to keep his career graph going for him. His academic life however has not been so longstanding. Salman did his schooling from St. Stanislaus High School in Bandra, Mumbai after having studied at The Scindia School, Gwalior for some years. And though Khan went on to attend St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai he dropped out soon thereafter and instead pursued a career in acting.

Katrina Kaif

less educated bollywood actors Katrina Kaif
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One of the highest paid actresses in India, Katrina Kaif’s exquisite good looks and charisma lend her a steady foothold in Bollywood. Having been brought up with seven other siblings by a single mother who dedicated her life to social causes, Kaif have had a wandering childhood. This became a hurdle in Kaif accessing institutional education, resorting instead to be home schooled by a series of tutors. However, even as one of the less educated celebrities, Kaif’s dependability among fellow actors in Bollywood is nowhere close to being a rued exception.

Arjun Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor
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Arjun Kapoor hasn’t exactly been the kind of actor fawned over by Bollywood over his histrionics. Turns out the son of legendary Bollywood producer Bonney Kapoor was equally inadept in studies. Arjun did his schooling from the Arya Vidya Mandir school in Mumbai and continued until the 11th grade. However, he ditched his academic life soon thereafter when he did not manage to clear his class 11 exams.