Ridiculously rich possessions of famous Indian personalities

most expensive things owned by indian celebrities

We call them stars for a reason- residing as they do in an universe of swanky shines and glittering riches, courtesy of course all their hard earned money not to mention the intense pressure of living under the strict scrutiny of the public eye. The life of celebrities is one teeming with glitz and glamour, resplendent with riches and minting of all the money in the world. And they spend it indeed as lavishly as they can, in utter indulgence of their ultimate desires and fancies, be it in fashion and style or living and travelling and even in flaunting and displaying their starry status as well as their priceless power. Here’s some such ridiculously expensive things that our favorite Indian celebrities boast of, acquired of course with all the money in the world that they have minted in their capacity as prominently talented personalities and fawned over public figures-

Hardik Pandya’s tab on time

He might be a cricketing sensation and a controversy king all right but Hardik Pandya tends to be as unmissable when it comes to donning extravagance. Stylish indeed in his own right with a certain quirky sense of fashion occurring as his signature style and one that sets him apart from his peers, the younger of Indian cricket’s Pandya bros is no less a phenomenon himself in his lifestyle choices. Point in case- not just one but more than a couple of astonishing Patek Phillipe watches each worth a staggering crores of Indian rupees at least. Luxe indeed in his choices particularly when it comes to keeping time of one of the country’s currently high value players, Hardika though had courted controversy even in his possession of one of these masterpieces. Whatever that might be, Pandya has forever been flaunting his love for watches with another standout assertion being a Rolex beauty worth a whopping 90 lakh rupees approximately!

Diljit Dosanjh’s wardrobe of quirks

Another quirky celebrity on the list, this time an artiste of multiple identifications and one with as massive a fondness for the aesthetics as well is singer-actor-entertainer Diljit Dosanjh. While Dosanjh might be quite be the ‘desi’ at heart, what with his much publicised commenting on the posts and photos of global celebrities in pure Punjabi flavor, it is his sportings in fashion of as much international character that has regularly seen him shelling out a fortune from his multiple streams of amassing a stupendous net worth. Not just a singular standalone revelation though, Diljit’s entire collection is one minted out of much more money than one can ever imagine.

From a cute Gucci sweater worth more than a lakh to an oft sported Gucci necklace as well that goes up even further by an additional add up in the lakhs, from a Balenciaga jacket costing well over another lakh to an oversized shirt from the same brand with an almost identical price tag, his wardrobe sports a mix of the funky and the cool and the classic but always with the numbers speaking for themselves their appeal in luxe sophistication. No less remarkable would be his other ‘modest’ buys worth less than the high haul of the six digits but steeped still in charm and cost at par with his trademark charisma.

Amitabh Bachchan’s curious command over the cursive

Perhaps a ‘lesser’ competitor when interpreted in its still not so humble calculation in price of some 68 thousand is a very interesting possession of Bollywood shahenshah Amitabh Bachchan that counts as one among the ridiculously expensive buys by Indian celebrities. This curious specimen of pricey prominence happens to be a pen- an exclusive crafting of art named the Montblanc Honore de Balzac created as a tribute to the French writer of the same name. And while this honored valuable isn’t by any means the only luxury enlisted in the name of one of the veterans of Indian cinema, it sure is by far the most unusual and precious possession even by extravagant celebrity standards. Even more intriguingly, another far expensive 9 lakh purchase again in the form of a pen too classifies as an extravagant listing amidst the combined assets of the senior Bachchan celebrity couple though there tends to be some ambiguity over this more costly ‘property’.

Tina Ambani’s artistic ardour

A top actress herself during her time in the entertainment industry and a celebrity still very much presently, Tina Ambani too boasts a collection of such valuables indeed only money can buy. An art enthusiast who scourges out constantly works by emerging and eminent artists alike, the billionaire wife takes particular delight in a Souza painting that she acquired at a Christie’s action for a fitting but free spending still splurge of a mind boggling 10.5 crores of Indian rupees.

Veritable valuing of vanity vans

Vanity vans might first and foremost be a necessity for celebrities of the entertainment industry but they sure also depict as well the sea of riches that actors, singers, dancers, entertainers- so as to say artistes in general resides in. From swanky, suave spaces well accommodating of the many fancies and needs that naturally entail out of one’s star status to being steeped in extreme luxury replete indeed with the choicest of all things starry, these quintessential ‘homes’ of living and sleeping and getting ready in their own flamboyantly comfortable way while on sets too tend to be as extravagant and expensive as they case. And while there are quite a few vanity vans personified in their inimitable grandeur within the Indian scene, it is the Rs 7 crore worth ‘Falcon’ that takes away credit as the most pricey of them all. With one of the southern greats Allu Arjun laying claim to this expansive arena of personal splurging, this shapes up indeed as a rather remarkable realm of reclining in the riches.

The 7 crore price tag of Falcon might well eke out the 5 crore Volvo 9BR of Bollywood badshah Shah Rukh Khan by a comfortable couple of crores but the latter still deserves a special mention in all its fame of beholding the SRK aura. While the interiors of SRK’s luxe lounge indeed is a customised setting equipped with all latest gadgets and state of the art technology, it is the distinction of being the first Indian celebrity van with a hydraulic system employed to push out the living space to double its size when the home on wheels is not moving. Talk about SRK and talk about not being grand. Not possible!

Shahid Kapoor’s cycling chronicle

shahid kapoor 3 lakh electric bike
Source: GQ India

It isn’t just riches that make celebrities out of people, it also is health consciousness that the celebrity status invokes in people. Sweating it out at the gym, swearing by rigorous training and often papped ‘indulging’ in strenuous exercise session as part of their efforts at maintaining health and body is what characterise the life of public figures. Bollywood actors are no different and most of them are known to hold this particular factor of happy living in high regard. No wonder that some of the A listers of the film world dish out a fortune on such devices that help maintain their wealth of health and depict the health of their wealth as well. Maverick actor Shahid Kapoor for instance regularly cycles his way around on an electric bike that costs anything between an astonishing 2.5 to 3 lakhs.

Jacqueline Fernandez’s exclusive island

When even the most stinking rich Indian celebrities seem to be content with their possession of luxe homes and sprawling villas, a now predominantly Indian actress has set such real estate expectations that is sure to see similar such aspirations take root. Sri Lankan beauty Jacqueline Fernandez has established herself rather well in the Hindi film industry as well apart from her already eminent identity in her home country. With this dual claim to fame, it is understandable that the bubbly actress sure would be banking on her multiple raking in of the fortunes to acquire for herself an entire island almost a decade back! A whopping 4.5 crore Indian rupees is what Fernandez willingly shelled out for this haven off the south coast of Sri Lanka that she acquired as a gift for her parents.

Mukesh Ambani’s richer than the richest reputation

mukesh ambani 13 crore rolls royce
Source: News NCR

The richest Indian possessing the most expensive car in the entire country seems like a very logical proposition to follow. Even then the 13 crore price tag of the Rolls Royce Cullinan owned by none other than Mukesh Ambani is still a tremendous amount to consider for us ordinary mortals. However with the ever increasing reserve of fortunes that the Ambanis has managed to accrue to them through their decades long effort and expertise in conducting business, this makes for a ‘reasonable’ but striking still assertion of wealth likely to occur to the rest of us ordinary mortals as ridiculously remarkable.