Top 5 Most Romantic Singers of All Time

Justin Timberlake

There is no love without music, and music thrives on the fact that composers have been writing love letters to their real or imaginary passions for decades. There are many popular singers. They are loved, listened to, admired, but only some of them become real idols of millions. Even after death, they remain popular and loved. Their performance fascinates more than one generation of fans. It is difficult to say which of the following singers is the most popular. Each of them is talented in their own way; their fame has long crossed the borders of the countries of residence. They are world stars. Moreover, a concert of one of those who are still alive can be the best place to find a wife.

1. Elvis Presley

Source: The Sun

Elvis Presley was called the “king of rock and roll” and sometimes simply “the king.” Presley was not the first performer in this genre, but his name is associated with the explosion of rock and roll popularity. He is one of the most commercially successful vocalists of the 20th century. Albums with his recordings continue to be re-released so far,

and the total number of copies sold has already exceeded one billion.

2. Michael Jackson

It is impossible to leave the list without the king of pop music because this man made an invaluable contribution not only to music but also to other sectors of the world. Michael Jackson left the world ten years ago, at that time, he was only fifty years old, but he left a great legacy to his fans and all those connected with the music world. Over the years of his life and career, he managed to release more than twenty albums, was a regular participant in television programs, released several books about himself, took part in the creation of video games (where he was a hero). But most importantly, he spread love all over the world.

3. Sting

He is another popular British romantic singer who is world-famous. Recordings of his songs have always been on the top lines of charts around the world. Many of his romantic songs became soundtracks for famous movies. Sting toured the world with concerts several times, where he had unprecedented success. Sting’s popularity has not waned over the years. Although he has already crossed a 60-year milestone, the rock music legend continues to perform. Despite his age, an energetic Sting is full of creative plans. On his 65th birthday, he released the new album “57th and 9th”.

4. Justin Timberlake

Source: Twitter

For more than twenty years, this handsome man has been stirring the hearts of millions of people around the world. We first met him in 1997, right after the release of the debut album of the band N Sync (where Justin was), which blew up the whole globe not only with its music but also with its participants – handsome young men. Five years later, Timberlake began a solo career. His most romantic song is called Cry Me a River. Over the years of his solo career, he released five albums, recorded twenty-five collaborations with the most famous singers around the world, went on a world tour six times, starred and voiced more than twenty films and cartoons. Also, he has a huge number of music awards, including Grammy.

5. Enrique Iglesias

This forty-four-year-old Spaniard excites the hearts of millions of women around the world. He is very popular not only in Europe and the USA but also in Latin America. Iglesias has a huge number of music awards where a special place is occupied by numerous ASCAP, American Music Awards, World Music Awards, and Grammys. Enrique released ten albums and starred in three films. He constantly participates in commercials, is a music producer, and he went on world tours nine times. He is also an exemplary family man and philanthropist.