Motivational Songs you definitely need to add to your playlist for a beautiful 2022


A dose of motivation from any source – be it from magazines, newspapers, online sites, YouTubers, social media pages or from a person’s speech- has the capacity to change our spirits of negativity and get ready or make an attempt to tackle the challenges ahead that life throws at us. According to psychology, motivation is the pathway to change our way of thinking, feeling and behaving. Some of the prominent outcomes that a motivational speech can give us includes improved performance, enhanced well-being, personal growth or a sense of purpose. It is a fact that music increases productivity at work. When a day’s workload makes us get fatigue, the best way of finding relaxation is to put our headphones on ear and listen to the song or music of our choice. By listening to the music, the mind is distracted from the issues that are bothering our minds and help it in improving the quality of relaxation which in turn helps us in getting inner peace thereby serving as a boost for our mental health. If we move to the rhythm of the music, it not only helps our motor coordination but also boosts our self-confidence. Meanwhile, there is a study which describes how music and the nervous system reacts with other that is called neuromusicology. As music is a very powerful neurological tool that helps us change our mindset and mood, therefore it can become a wonderful source of communication to a person when it brings life to a song full of empowering lyrics. To step into a New Year, there can be nothing better than renewing ourselves with some Bollywood motivational songs that are still evergreen.

Here are some songs that you must add to your playlist (if you haven’t yet) for a beautiful 2022-


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The motivational song from the 2005 Bollywood sports film Iqbal i.e. Aashayein is the perfect musical medicine to heal your negative spirits or a pill to be taken whenever you are feeling mentally low. With powerful music tunes coming from the talented composers Salim and Sulaiman, the lyrics of the song Aashayein penned by Irfan Siddique is full of inspirational lines that automatically boost our zeal to be more efficient in doing our duties wholeheartedly. The song tells the listeners to make every attempt with strength even if they had to cross rivers or rip apart storms for it so that they reach their destinations with full satisfaction. Besides wishing for every listener’s hearts’ desires to blossom, the lyricist even beautifully motivates listeners to sing their own songs of their lives literally by working so hard that even God is pleased with the hard work and bless him / her with the sweetest fruits of success.

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Tu Na Jaane Aas Paas Hai Khuda

tu na
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A song which tells us to keep faith in God when moving through the difficulties in life, Tu Na Jaane Aas Paas Hai Khuda is a melodious motivational song of the 2010 Bollywood romcom movie Anjaana Anjaani. Sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, the song beautifully describes the picture of real life challenges and the best option to do in these moments. It encourages listeners to colour their dreams in this world by moving ahead despite facing difficulties and keeping faith in God who is the only companion who stays nears us for help although He is invisible. The songs urges listeners to change their luck by working hard. The best line of this song is that the lines on the palm of a hand can be twisted and turned by the courage of a struggler who dares to do anything to fulfill his/her dreams.

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Yun Hi Chala Chal Rahi

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The soulful track from the 2004 Bollywood film Swades, Yun Hi Chala Chal Rahi  inspire people to go on with the flow of life happily despite facing problems. With great music given by the maestro AR Rahman and sung by eminent singers like Udit Narayan, Hariharan and Kailash Kher, this song makes one fall in love with nature with its beautiful lyrics speaking of the glory of the colourful world around us. To take a refreshing break from a boring schedule, just plug the headphones in your ears and soak in the vibes of this wonderful song.

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Zindagi Ki Yehi Reet Hai

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A melodious Hindi motivational song from the 80’s era, Zindagi Ki Yehi Reet Hai will always remain evergreen mostly due to its lyrics which accurately depicts the picture of life in reality- i.e. wins and losses. This song from the 1987 Bollywood movie Mr. India encourages its listeners to keep smiling even during the time of sorrow and keep the lamps of hope burning by fighting hard.

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Apna Time Aayega

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The blockbuster Bollywood motivational song of all time is Apna Time Aayega from the 2019 movie Gully Boy. With energetic music by Dub Sharma and Vivian Fernandes a.k.a. Divine and the voice of actor Ranveer Singh giving life to the lyrics of Ankur Tewari and Divine, this song has the massive potential of switching your negative spirits to a highly positive one. By listening to this powerful song, say goodbye to every sort of negative feelings and start afresh with a new energy of activeness and positivity. Besides urging listeners to fly in search of themselves, the song also motivates them to live life courageously and fearlessly , steal success and make winning a habit.

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Ruk Jaana Nahin Tu Kahin Haar Ke

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A melodious motivational song from one of the best Bollywood singers of all time Kishore Kumar, Ruk Jaana Nahin Tu Kahin Haar Ke beautifully explains the journey of pains we get while struggling to the time our lives light up when we achieve our goals. The song from the 1974 film is the perfect soothing motivational song to hear to know that days of waiting will become pleasant evenings only when we go on struggling through the thorns or obstacles of life without stopping. The beautiful light at the end of the tunnel can be seen only when a traveller journeys in his / her life by working hard.

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Love You Zindagi

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As the name of the song itself says, Love You Zindagi from the 2016 Bollywood movie Dear Zindagi tells us everything about how we can live our life to the fullest. While one advice to be happy in life is to keep smiling and get rid of fears, the other one is to keep everything that we like by our heart and removing that which it detests. The song certainly has the capacity to make you adore your life.

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