17 movies rejected by Priyanka Chopra no one knew about

movies priyanka chopra rejected

Salman Khan’s eid ritual spanning over the years for the last decade will see the release of his film Bharat this Wednesday. With Priyanka Chopra (in)famously exiting the film, Bharat has already been high on hype. But Bharat isn’t the only film Desi Girl has ever rejected. PeeCee has rejected a host of desi films, and also a couple videsi ones. Here’s a look at all the movies that Priyanka Chopra has ever said no to-

#1 Bharat

Pee Cee didn’t reject Bharat. She had been very much a part of the Salman Khan starrer, and had even begun shooting for the same. However, Chopra had to walk out of Bharat due to her impending marriage to Nick Jonas. Her exit created a lot of furore, with she being termed unprofessional but Desi Girl does what she knows is the best for her!

#2 Cocktail

A classy, bitchy Veronica proved to be the game changer for Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone. That might not have been the case though had Priyanka, who was the initial choice for the Cocktail character wouldn’t have turned it down. Apparently, Miss Chopra wasn’t very sure about the prospects of the character in the film.

#3 2 States

Priyanka also turned down the role of the leading lady opposite SRK in Bollywood’s adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s 2 States. Eventually however, even Shah Rukh Khan did not give his nod to the role and the youthful movie went to be made with Alia Bhatt- Arjun Kapoor as the leading pair.

#4 Ghajini

The first ever Bollywood film to enter the then elite 100 crores club, Ghajini starring Aamir Khan and Asin was also initially offered to Priyanka Chopra. Chopra however had other commitments at the time and lost out the chance of starring in the blockbuster. Already a star at the time, PeeCee also didn’t find the role substantial enough for her to do it.

#5 Race 2

The second film in the Race franchisee, the glamorous star ensemble of Race 2 ensured that the film was a runaway hit. Priyanka rejected a titular role in the film which Deepika again went on to make her own, and how!
(Priyanka’s tiff with Kareena Kapoor at the time might be the reason behind the rejection as Kapoor’s husband Saif Ali Khan was a part of it!

#6 Heroine

Madhur Bhandarkar’s favorite lady Priyanka Chopra was a very obvious choice for being cast as the lead in the film Heroine. Chopra rejected Heroine, even when it was a Bhandarkar film, because she thought she would be repetitive, given her earlier casting in Fashion.

#7 Kick

Bharat isn’t the only Salman Khan movie that Priyanka Chopra had to let go. The prolific actor was also thought of as the lead in Sajid Nadiadwala’s Kick but she rejected it because of reasons best known to her. Her role was later offered to Jacqueline Fernandez.

#8 Robot

Even rejecting a movie with God level superstar Rajikant comes very easily to Priyanka Chopra! Case in point- the sci- fi flick Robot which saw the iconic pairing of Rajnikant with Bollywood beauty Aishwarya Rai was offered to Priyanka. But she rejected the big budget film with no qualms whatsoever!

#9 Happy Ending

Another Saif Ali Khan movie, the multi starrer did not do good at the box office. But things could have been different had the first choice of the makers, Priyanka Chopra consented to do the film.

#10 Singh is Bliing

The makers of Akshay Kumar starrer starrer Singh is Bliing had also approached Chopra for casting her as the leading lady. Chopra rejected the film when nothing concrete had materialized even after the narration. Her part was eventually pulled off by Amy Jackson.

#11 Sultan

Third on the list of Salman Khan movies that Priyanka refused to do is Sultan. Sultan is the biggest eid opener till date and the fact that PeeCee chose not to be a part of this aspirational romantic drama means she lost out on much of the bucks as well. But Priyanka Chopra is the international star that is making India’s presence felt on the world stage and she couldn’t care more- or less!

#12 Happy New Year

Another movie that Priyanka rejected and which emerged to be Deepika Padukone’s another of the biggest grossers is multi starrer Happy New Year. With Shah Rukh Khan in the lead once again, Priyanka however wasn’t the only one to have rejected the film. Happy New Year was also not given the nod by Aishwarya Rai prior to Chopra rejecting it.

#13 Fanney Khan

Priyanka also did not quite like the script of Fanney Khan, and she rejected the role she was approached for in the film , which later went to Aishwarya Rai.

#14 Salute

Salute was slated to be the biopic of Rakesh Sharma, India’s first ever space traveler. Priyanka was slated to star opposite Aamir Khan in the movie and she had also been in talks for the same. However, after Khan decided to not go ahead with the project, Chopra also chose to walk away from it.

#15 London Dreams

London Dreams is yet another Salman Khan movie that Priyanka could not do. Mostly because even after she was offered the film, nothing much came to be made out of it and it was only her secretary that was being corresponded to.

#16 Main Aurr Mrs Khanna

A venture of the Khan brothers starring both Salman and Sohail, Main Aur Mrs Khanna also had been offered to Priyanka. But she did not like the role enough for her to take it up, making way for Kareena Kapoor instead to step into the movie.

#17 Immortals

But if you think Priyanka has rejected films like a boss only inBollywood, then you aren’t exactly right. The actress was also in talks to have starred in the 2011 American epic fantasy action-adventure film Immortals opposite Superman Henry Cavil. The mostly successful film was however only one of six Hollywood projects that Chopra has rejected.