Netflix Indian Originals series Ghoul

Netflix’s foray into the realm of original Indian content based web series has been well received at least till now. With a perfectly framed premise of a gripping plot and superlative acting by the star cast, the first ever Indian origin series Sacred Games has been up for a stunning opening sprint.

But maybe it’s time to move over Sacred Games already. Netflix’s new found love for content oriented Indian series is all set to be manifested in an all new web show Ghoul.

With Radhika Apte making her debut with Sacred Games, her casting in Ghoul has already set the bar real high and the gripping over one minute long trailer has all the elements in place to deliver the chills to your spine.

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Starting off as a pursuit that seeks to hunt down one wanted man who happens to be the protagonist Apte’s father, Ghoul sets the tone for a dark setting with its sinisterly exploitative confines and a tensed gloom pervading the atmosphere that is seriously disquieting.

But what unfolds as the plot moves on with a pace that borders somewhere along the lines of the surreal, there’s a revelation that is far more spooky than you would have expected it to be. It’s not just the gore and the darkness that seeks to render Ghoul its ghastliness. The underlying elements in play are even murkier. And no, it isn’t just the psychological aspect that seeks to lend the series its obscurity; it’s also the play of the supernatural that spells the premise of India’s first ever horror web series.

Ghoul plays out at a secretive detention center where suspected terrorists are tortured and questioned and Apte, as interrogator Nida helps officials to expose her father as an anti government activist. But as the plot proceeds, it’s actually a different aspect that comes to play. In a surprising development, it’s the surreptitiousness of the demons that pervade Apte’s life that are sought to be revealed by none other than the accused himself.

The Ghoul trailer is indeed a classic case of not always believing the eyes, as the intensity of the mystery in this one is stranger than you can probably gauge. And along with Apte, co- actor Manav Kaul dishes out an intriguing performance within the limits of the trailer that does some seriously horrifying business.

Ghoul Cast

What sets Ghoul out as a riveting watch of sorts is perhaps the way in which it bores into the viewer’s psyche all while being engaged in something political, a deception of the senses is what you should very much expect as you find horrifying unravels of the demons engulfing the entire narrative.

Indeed, the fascination of Ghoul as a thriller-horror series lies in its embracing of the disquietude as it sets about its business in a confine that concentrates on the purely dark and sinister abyss of its exploration. In all the intrigue and mystery it strives to dish out, Ghoul isn’t chilling as such, it’s rather a dank account of the bearings brought about while employing the demons from the Arabic folklore that seeks to undo every semblance of sanity with a wide array of metaphors on offer in its distinctively delirious ride of the unexplained.

Twitter have reacted to Ghoul’s creepy trailer with frenzy and anticipation and the horrifyingly dark video have done much to fuel speculations about the content of the upcoming series.

The overall reaction to Ghoul has also been mostly staggering. For, as the play of a genre that stands out in relation to its take on horror within the ambit of a setting spelling out a thriller, Ghoul fascinates and woos with its fresh content and the terrifyingly real panic it generates.

Ghoul, produced by the makers of Insidious, Get Out and Udta Punjab, is Phantom Film’s second collaboration with Netflix after Sacred Games and the official Twitter handle of the production house recently shared the trailer of its latest venture, captioned as “Question what you see, because fear will smear a new color soon. Here’s the trailer of #Ghoul. Streaming on @NetflixIndia from August 24.”

Set initially as a three episode offering of a show time of an hour each, the series will go on air from August 24 and is expected to be an altogether differently horrifying experience.

Ghoul will surely be a fresh new addition to the best Netflix series of 2018 that you wouldn’t want to miss!

Fear has already taken on a whole new dimension this August and if the Netflix Indian Original web show Ghoul is any precedent, demons are likely to overrule all of your previous perceptions of the spooky and the unreal.

As ‘enhanced interrogation’ officer Nida Rahman turns in her father to the ministry for his ‘anti national’ activities and as a result, she is rewarded with a promotion to an underground prison. As the main accused Ali Saeed arrives at this venue of the interrogation, it’s inevitable that he also brings on something ominous as the accompaniment.

The appeal of Ghoul as a dark unfolding of a near apocalyptic account of sorts lies in the intensity of senses it stirs. Even the victims can be manifestations of evils at times, and in not deifying any particular character and adhering to the notion of humans as fallible creatures, Ghoul sets the tone for a three episode ride of high on anticipation depravity.

Guilt undoubtedly runs deep in the veins of Ghoul, though it’s also the underlying fear behind that sinfulness that works wonders in bringing forth the extremity of this highly captivating thriller of sorts. Interestingly, Ghoul belongs to a genre that pervades the reigns of only horror, to instead arrive at something that is phenomenally introspective and ridiculously cynical.

In its portrayal of Muslim characters as being at the fore of the drama that unfolds but not necessarily relying on only the apologue of religion, Ghoul is a stirringly futuristic tale of the mind and the games that it can play, even while invoking the spirit of a demonic apparition all throughout its paced depiction of the world of crime and death.

Undoubtedly, the moving force in this web series is Radhika Apte and unlike in her previous venture Sacred Games, Apte as Nida has a relatively broader working space and is perhaps also one of the most vital elements in the new Netflix offering.

In its success at alluring audience through its allude to allegories galore, Ghoul definitely leaves  a wide scope for a sequel, though not necessarily depending on one to achieve the climax. However, Ghoul being a Blumhouse Production, the company which is known for making series with multiple seasons, and also given that it is the offering of Netflix, which again counts on viewers’ taste to dish out season after season of series, Ghoul can very well be regarded as a forerunner to open up yet another run of Netflix favorites.

As belonging to an unconventional genre of horror that counts on derivations of ancient mythology and folklore to send chills up the spine, Ghoul has undoubtedly been a fresh watch. And with the twist of nationalism, or anti nationalism for that matter, brought about by the setting that focusses on terrorists and the like bestowed on Ghoul, the series also may seem to serve as some sort of an aberration and this might very well enhance a vested interset in Ghoul.

Unsurprisingly, with a climax that remains open to interpretations (and manipulations), ghoul can be some sort of a cliffhanger, one that is so much a characteristic of all Netflix thrillers and most importantly, that leaves so much more to be explored. Going by the gauges of the minds that scripted this phenomenal class of suspense and horror, future seasons of Ghoul might not be just a speculation.

As of now, let’s all just wait and watch what winds up in this mind run feast that is Ghoul.