New age Indian rappers who are redefining the rap scene

new age indian rappers

While music has always been the language of the masses, the appeal of melodies across genres does differ for all. But rap music even when being a breakaway from the notions of conventional free flowing music has an impact upon basically the most of the lot. The catchy word strung score of musical beats gets people heaving with its characteristic, raw flair. In India, while the rap scene has always been decent, it’s after Gully Boy that rap has emerged to be the winner. Here are 7 new age Indian rappers who are redefining the rap scene in the country-


For someone who was ‘rescued’ from obscurity by a bigger name in the game, Karma aka Vivek Arora however does not have to owe all of his fame to the ‘launch’. Raftaar, who is now a mainstream presence in the music circuit might sure have brought Karma into the limelight. But Karma’s success and claim to fame as an emerging rapper also has the victory over his stammering ‘disorder’ that very much paved his way to recognition. The free style rapper’s most resonating rap verse is the stupendously original Mere Bhai Log. A prolific writer as well, Vivek Arora puts his dexterity with words to great use in churning out essentially hard hitting lyrics to his rap songs.

Prabh Deep

As India’s underground hip hop scene barged into the visible arena of public domain, courtesy Bollywood, there have been many rappers who have emerged from the underworld confines. One such name that resonates now as being one among the finest of the lot is Delhi’s Prabh Deep Sagar.

With a follower base of 23000 on YouTube, MC Prabh Deep sure lives up to what he had set to achieve. For someone who is a high school drop out by choice and oblivious to the technical aspects of music or for that matter, even life, Prabh Deep did not dream particularly about anything. However, once he discovered his calling somewhere along the lines of rap music, the young lad knew exactly what he needed to do.

Prabh Deep stands out because he chose to make his raps an way of asserting his disillusionment and disgust at the prevailing state of affairs. His music is all things very conscious and with his Punjabi- Hindi lyrics, Prabh Deep sure knows how to make his songs have a definite impact on the world and on anyone who listens to them.

7 Bantaiz

Another profoundly influential name in the new age Indian rap scene is again one that had their roots in obscurity. Rising from the slums of Dharavi to the higher echelons in India’s independent musical ladder.

7 Bantaiz is as versatile in their language as they are with their lyrical and musical credibilities- the guys rap in Marathi and Tamil as well apart from their Hindi and English songs. Because for this crew of seven, rap is the way of asserting their identity- what they are and where they come from. And with their resort to expressing themselves in their mother tongue- something which virtually spells out their very identity, it’s incredible how 7 Bantaiz have come to be a very prominent mainstream existence.

K4 Kekho

If you have heard Kekho’s “I Am An Indian” rap, you will know instantly the kind of music that streams from this young musician from Arunachal Pradesh. Like most of his contemporaries for whom music is a way of connecting to the masses with their own distinct identity, K4 Kekho also relies on the adage of relatabilty to prove his existence.

Kekho understands the importance of lyrics in making a statement through rap music, mainly because his compositions had found a following in school at a time when he was beginning to discover music. Naturally, he wants to rely on words as the essence for his music to make an impact.

Foreign Flowz

A fresh rapper duo from the North eastern part of India is making their voice heard among the generation of new age Indian rappers. Even with their commercial approach to music, the duo makes songs that are steeped in a bag of heartfelt emotions. Love and heartbreak find way into their melodies to provide the delightful tone to their songs. But the music is also all realistic as the duo incorporates also the struggles faced by youngsters of the third world in indeed making life a reason to rejoice.


A rap-duo comprising of EPR and GJ Storm, Adiacot identifies itself as action- pro artivists who are aimed at addressing social-ills and spreading awareness through the medium Hip-Hop. However, rap battles have emerged to be the more formative aspect of Adiacot’s musical pursuits. The duo gained fame with their diss track, downplaying two of the country’s foremost rappers. What still guaranteed this two men acclaim and recognition is the fact that they dared to criticise the Indian rap scene in the context of it aiming to take familiar routes in pursuit of quick fame rather than sticking to the start out goals of delivering an essence of their own.

No doubt Adiacot also raps about issues that are socially relevant. Interestingly, the duo doesn’t just tell on others, they are equally forthcoming with their own ‘social’ responsibility. Serving emerging artists the platform they deserve while helping them perfect their beat is their attempt at making meaningful music out of their own.

Emcee Hasnain

Emcee Hasnain is another independent rapper from India. He rose from the Mumbai slums with his hip hop exploits in bringing to fore socially explicit issues that very much relates to the common people. Remarkably, Hasnain also played a cameo in the blockbuster movie GullyBoy. With a subscriber base of 94000 on his YouTube channel, Hasnain sure is making wave as a new age rapper of India.