18 reasons why Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas chose Oman as their honeymoon destination

priyanka- nick honeymooning in oman

As netizens are going crazy over Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas‘ lovey dovey pictures of marital bliss as the couple honeymoons away in Oman, we cannot help but fantasise about the land that have lured our dear desi girl into its treasure trove of luxury. Indeed, Instagram have left us all star eyed as it turned up with pictures from the dreamy escapade.

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Marital bliss they say.. ?❤️?

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We round up 18 likely reasons why PC and Nick have ventured into this wonderfully mystical land-


For love struck couples who have always visualised romantic getaways somewhere in the conventional Swiss Alps or always fantasised the Eiffel Tower in Paris as the epitome of love, Oman is a stunningly off beat destination. No wonder Pee Cee and Nick chose to be one among the elite celeb couples to experience the sultanate of Oman at their own leisurely pace.


Oman is surprisingly close to India. With a flight duration of just three and a half hours, the rich land would be the perfect mini honeymoon destination for our desi girl who has a whole lot of work commitments to fulfil. So its marital bliss plus the work ethics combined that worked out Oman as the newly weds’ ideal holidaying destination.


The honeymoon period is a one in a lifetime experience for every couple and obviously is intended to be a memorable affair for long. This is where Oman precedes the appeal of better known tourist destinations as the country offers opulence and luxury for couples dying to soak up their blissful moments.


Oman abounds in adventure activities to provide you all the thrill of an exciting honeymoon. Whether it be scuba diving or para sailing, hiking or rock climbing, dune bashing or sand surfing, Oman provides an wide array of adrenaline pumping detours to make your honeymoon quite the offbeat one!


Oman is one of those few countries that remains luxuriously steeped in elegant beauty.  Crystal waters splashed in refreshing coolness, dunes of golden sands, an expanse of lush greenery dotting the landscape are only some of the natural wonders that this delightful land is blessed with. Undoubtedly, such abodes of beauty provides the perfect setting for a romantic honeymoon getaway.


As Oman cashes in on its reputation as an unheralded, emerging tourist destination, it remains one less clamoured localities around. Peace and serenity are high on the agenda in this Arabic land and Mr and Mrs Jonas must have surely had the privacy on their mind when they flocked to this amazing expanse of dreamy paradise.

And as one of the safest countries around, Onam is gaining ground as a favoured travel destination. A major addition to our bucket list!


Omani people are very warm and friendly, so you don’t have to worry about encountering cold stares along your way. The locals are very inviting and would treat you with the strong Omani Quewah coffee and juicy succulent dates.


Arabic countries have been fantasy lands of magical lamps, intricately patterned carpets that spins tales of mystic, extensive embroidery lined handicrafts, pretty trinkets of delight et al. The shopping rendezvous in Oman is one unique experience that sure enhances the honeymoon experience for adoring couples.


The romance of a honeymoon and more essentially of love are incomplete without an affectionate basking in the sunny warmth under the clear sky. And Oman, with its locational convenience is indeed the perfect place to enjoy a romantic stroll in the coastal regions that amply deck up the country’s luxuriant sands.


Even as Onam prides itself on being a conservative country where women dress up in whole body covering apparels, the restrictions in place for tourists are surprisingly unorthodox. Tourists are free to dress in the way they like ans this provides for the honeymooning and touristry experience to be really comfortable and relaxing.


Nestled among expansive World Heritage Sites in Oman are an array of plush hotels and resorts for you to enjoy a lavish honeymooning experience. Majestic views of the extravagant natural treasure while being nestled in the troves of opulent modern comfort is an experience that you can only relish in the expanse of the Arabian hinterland.


Arabian lands might be a lore of spirits and myths but Oman is particularly captivating for its unrestricted access to the distilled spirits. Alcohol is freely available to tourists in the country and that surely counts as a plus for honeymooning revellers!


One of the prime reasons that should work in favor of Indians considering Oman as a honeymoon destination is the vast range of Indian food on offer here. Also as a coastal country, there is a scrumptious range of sea food on offer along with international cuisines to tickle your taste buds.


It’s no surprise that with its stunning locales and architectural finesse Oman provides the most picture perfect setting for couples to capture their love filled moments. So for those life long collection of beautiful snap- memories, Oman is definitely the place to pose!


Onam is not just the place for humans to frolic, animals have their fair share of attention too. So be it lending an eye to watch the adorable dolphins playfully frolicking about or relaxing in the Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve as you gaze (with your honeymoon daze of course!) at the demure turtles nesting about , Oman is resplendent in all its wondrous glory of flora and fauna.


Oman is one of the world famous destinations for glamorous camping or ‘glamping’. For a land that abounds in deserts, Oman provides the perfect opportunity to go camping in a desert but equipped with all the luxuries of a home stay imbibed into your camping tent. Honeymooning could never have been any more glamorous!


You think its lame? We believe its destiny. That you should be whirling about in romance while honeymooning in Oman isn’t just a play of names. It’s love at play as well!


In this age of Instagram and social media, inevitably all pictures from your dream holiday would end up getting publicly viewed by your many followers on social sites. So why not lend your viewers a worthy experience as you post some envy inducing pics on your profile? And trust Onam to provide the perfect background settings to make your honeymoon memories stand out among the lot.