Oppo F9 Pro’s Diwali ad is here and we cannot get enough of it!

oppo ad

The Festival of Lights is just around the corner. Which means long nights of celebration, glittering gatherings and festivities, not to forget the dainty sweets and the happy gifts. Diwali is here and so is a whole bounty of emotions and joys. And what better way to celebrate the joys of Diwali than with gifts that light up your life and your world like no other?

With the world at your fingertips becoming a necessity rather than an adage, smartphones have been revolutionizing the world. And with budget phones mushrooming up like never before, you would be spoilt for choices. So slack the task a bit and turn to us as we bring before you the flagship device that should be your ultimate Diwali buy- the Oppo F9 Pro!

Loaded with industry leading VOOC technology, supported by over 500 patents, the Pro uses low voltage, high current charging solution. Which makes it possible to gain 2 hours worth of battery life with just 5 minutes of charge. Just how convenient is that? Surely, we couldn’t have asked for more!

Source: suriajerai.com

And if you really aren’t impressed even with all that power the battery packs in, there’s something even more. With one time screen replacement warranty set to make your clumsy handling skills take it with some ease, Oppo definitely scores it big with its Diwali blockbuster offers.

But if you still aren’t convinced with all the looks and hooks, the electronics major plays it big with its latest Diwali ad that dwells on the spectrum of love and emotions that is the essence of every celebration and festivity.

The ad tugs at your heart with its sentient enactment of all things genuine, and the barge of emotions that gush in as you live a world of empathy along the recourses of the video is more real than you can even perceive.

The emotions are palpable throughout: as the protagonist Khushi frolicks about in course of her Diwali celebrations, all the while being aware of the truth of her existence even in the face of supposed ignorance, you find yourself seemingly steeped in empathy. Indeed, adoption is one among the many noble deeds and when you take a child up for adoption, you aren’t just doing good, you are gifting life to a soul- one that would forever be blessed with the virtue of your love and care.

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For ushering in a whole world of love and happiness into the life of a child, your Diwalis will always be brighter and your life always a bit more happier. To all the love that you give, you deserve even more of that adulation.

Happy Diwali!