23 unusual fashion accessories Katy Perry sported over the years

Katy Perry
Source: The Independent

Katy Perry has been one of the most influential of global music icons worldwide. However, it isn’t just her music that has brought her all fame and attention. Equally attention grabbing is her striking choices when it comes to fashion. Be it provocative makeup or no sense accessories, her out of the world outfits or her over the top style, Katy Perry sure knows how to be in the limelight.

The forces of yin and yang making their way to Katy Perry’s headgear to ward off the evil eye beside her. Symbolic fashion stuff has never been so provocative.

Christmas bells chiming in swing with the bells ringing through Perry’s puffed bun lends so much of the #festivevibes.

The shimmer of Perry’s dress reflecting through the beads in her hair.


Katy Perry as the (eye) candy floss gorging on a ice cream replica gives so much of a fun, flirty vibe.

A crystal headgear adorning a hugely over dressed Perry is the perfect complement to her lost look emphasised by her dove eyes.

Subtle, if compared with other iconic Perry interpretations, nonetheless bold and exotic in true Perry style.

This illusion of a look, with a pair of eyes imposed on her real ones, replete with cobweb earrings have to be one of Perry’s most evocatively experimental look.

With a Mickey perched on her head and a guffawing smile gear covering the lower part of her face, Perry seems as exuberant as a kid with her favorite cartoon character.

The outfit indeed is outrageous, yet one look at the Cheetos bag on her hand and there remains no doubt of the ‘character’ Katy has morphed herself into.

Source: glamourmagazine

The California Gurls star pulled off a dice necklace complimented by a playing card headband while on a promotional tour for her first solo album One Of The Boys.

Fruits adorning her head as Katy perches bright pink on a look that is sensuous yet cute.

Flaunting her curves- and her tail as a leopard lady- in true blue leopard print, Katy Perry is a hell of a seductress in this avatar of hers.

Cheetos and now McDonalds, Katy’s pursing accessories are sure one of the worthiest gimmicks of brand endorsement and advertising.

katy perry
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Another of Perry’s iconic black lipstick look that is so commonplace, yet those unique key jewelry adorning her upper torso lends this look the characteristic Katy touch.

This is definitely one look that has gaudy written all over it. Be it the candy flossed hair, the ultra shine makeup or the outrageous frills over the dress, Perry definitely managed to go wrong all places with this one.

Glitzy and extravagant, this look sported by Perry isn’t for the faint hearted. Be it the towering bird looking over her crown or the gilt edged braids and even the statement jewelry, not to mention that seriously offsetting eye makeup, Katy went daring then ever with this one hell of a look.

Demure and delightfully pretty, oh we don’t expect Perry to look as charming as this. But stun she did, with this super soft makeup and butterfly accessories bringing her soft, feminine side to the fore.

With her hair dressed up in a bun, replete with two sharply shaped squares in alternating hues of monochrome, this look has adventurous written on it. Not only the hairdo, even the hot red earrings complementing the perfectly done lips and nails are testimony to Perry’s striking fashion choices.

So unlike Katy Perry like, yet we totally adore this softly sensuous look by Perry that has all the fruity touches to it.

When Perry decides to go extravagant, there is no stopping her. With this impossible to ignore look that abounds in golden touches, Katy sure is the unreachable demi god of music as she revs up one of her most lavish looks with all those precious accessories and defining makeup.

Under a veil, Katy is the enchantress here as she cleverly has a spider accessory claw its way through her web of glamour.

Lollipops on her head as Perry exudes charm in a silver dress has to be one of the crooner’s candiest of eye candy looks.

A stunningly beautiful Katy enthralls us all as she puts on yet another of her feminine graces with that statement earring definitely sprucing up a simple look!