Pataakha trailer is an engaging drama on sibling rivalry

Ace film maker Vishal  Bharadwaj’s upcoming film Pataakha had its trailer release recently.

The trailer is a continuation of the first look poster of the film which depicts the journey of two ‘warring’ sisters, even as they bring to fore the tumult and chaos of a dysfunctional family.

Starring Sanya Malhotra and Radhika Madan as the siblings torn in strife, Pataakha seems to be an unconventional take on the nuances of a sibling relationship- all while embedded in rivalry and antagonism.

Genda Kumari or Chuttki (Malhotra) and Champa Kumari or Badki (Madan) are not your typical sisters sharing just a love hate relationship. Their bond, or the lack of it thereof, is more akin to the India- Pakistan tumult, a parody drawn into reference by the director himself.

The main premise of the film borders on this unusual ‘camaraderie’ of the sisters no doubt, but what pushes the narrative forward is a twist of fortunes in the tale that explores the nuances of an evolving relationship that does not cater to societal norms.

When the girls’ father, their Bapu faces a huge financial crunch, he is faced with the prospect of marrying either of them off to one to one wealthy tharak, Thaarki Patel in exchange of a huge sum of money.

What follows as both girls try to escape the clutches of this quintessentially lustful character of Patel is utter chaos and humdrum as in their life’s ‘aim’ to ouster each other from their lives, they end up eloping with the men of their choice, who happens to be siblings as well.

The Pataakha trailer is resplendent in its glorious depiction of the sibling rivalry, albeit in an avatar as intense as it can get, what with scenes ranging from blurting out gaalis as kids to being grown ups enough to fight it out in the mud to engaging in duels and affrontery in full public view.

Both Radhika and Sanya are point on in their depiction of the tumult characterising their respective portrayals. Be it in their expressions and the hate emerging out of their tirades, both the actors are perfect as they ravish about their dueling act.

Another highpoint of Pataakha is the presence of famous comedian and actor Sunil Grover in its ranks. As Dipper Naradmuni, the friend to the sisters and also the instigators to them at some points, Grover is at his usual comic best. A delight to the eyes with his comical expressions as well as his dialogue delivery tactics, Grover is in essence the soul of the off beat light hearted moments in the film.


The setting is rustic and the backdrop of rural India adds a somewhat earthy flavour to the tone of the film. In all that Pataakha encompasses as a story of two warring but free willed women and its departure from the usual Bollywood masala offering, Vishal Bharadwaj is all set to rock with the film that is set to release on September 28.