9 photo tricks we can pick up from Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle for the perfect shot every single time

kate middleton and meghan markle

While royalty might exude all dreamy vibes and weave fairytale dreams for most of us, those who indeed get to live the dream of an imperial existence doesn’t just have a fantasy to relish. It is also about being forever conscious of being seen in a manner worthy of dignity, while managing to flash just the right smile and maintaining the perfect posture.

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are the two most visible royal presences of the 2019 era. As modern age royalites who are also fashionistas in every inch of their appearance, the two widely visible women of the royal spectrum have a host of tricks up their illustrious sleeves that help them give paps the perfect shot every time. Here are some of the unwritten ‘rules’ that royalties abide by to greet us with those delightfully beautiful pics of theirs-

#1 A ‘handy’ pose

Wandering hands that have simply no clue where to rest can be a serious eye sore in otherwise nice photographs. More so for royalty when they are expected to exude confidence and awe every time they get snapped.

This is where the folded hand pose comes to the rescue. Kate Middleton knows gathered up hands make for pretty decent pictures. And we can’t agree more with the Duchess of Cambridge with this pic of hers with husband Prince William who knows also that his wife knows best!

#2 Minimalist makeup look

Except when it’s something celebratory, the royal women generally opt for toned down make up looks. Because anything over the top can look gawdy in pictures and also because royal protocol does not really favor too much brightness in looks.

#3 Gazing a bit afar (avoiding eye contact)

Because looking directly into the camera can be a bit intimidating and a lot more awkward, both Meghan and Kate like to gaze away from the lenses. What’s more, even Princess Diana did this photography trick work for her to look casual and natural in her pictures.

#4 A head tilt

This isn’t something exclusively royal though. Tilting your head a bit to the side when you are getting snapped is a genius hack to ensure that you look your best in each snap.

#5 Flaunting some royalty

They might be royalty but they are humans after all. Meghan Markle has time and again brought to focus her stunning engagement ring for the paps to rev it up. Either because it gives her photos a nice glint (diamonds ooh!) or simply because the ring is pretty enough to be flaunted over and over again!

#6 The perfect posture

For any picture to matter, holding a good upright posture is important. Because slouching takes away most of the merit from shots, both Kate Middleton and sister- in- law Megham Markle pitch up their perfect posture even in heels. Now that’s some royal burden we say!

#7 Putting the best profile on display

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Because everyone has their best profile somewhere out there, it makes absolute sense as to why we would do that side of ours do the talking for us. Whether it’s a slight tilt of the waist the way Kate does it or finding firm ground like Markle, finding the perfect angle to pose seems to come naturally to these very royale ladies.

#8 Smiling right

A forced curve on the lips and you are disinterested, a bit too much teeth and you are outrageous. Markle knows the perfect middle ground to flash just the right smile. Somewhat restrained and yet welcoming, Markle wins over with husband Prince Harry by her side.

#9 Exuding grace

While posing is all fine, royal ladies are also expected to exhibit grace and decency. Which explains why Princess Diana and Kate Middleton sit demurely even as they exude all confidence in these pics.