Complete list of richest singers in India who are insanely wealthy

richest singer in india

Showbiz in India is showy business, whether it be actors or dancers or singers or even directors and producers. In its massive entertainment scene, the country harbours a number of highest paid actors, richest celebrities, glittering stars and the like. Singers in India come also resplendent in their hefty net worth, thanks to their art being a celebrated phenomenon in this part of the world. Here’s the list of such richest singers in India who are insanely wealthy-

A. R. Rahman

For a singer revered as the Mozart of Madras, it is only natural that fame and money would be overflowing the coffers for A. R. Rahman. An Academy Award winner as well a Grammy recipient, Rahman commands a net worth of an astounding 280 million dollars making him therefore the richest singer in India. The National Award winning singer is most remarkable for his soulful numbers, that which delivers with a stirring intensity even when streaming from the alleys of mainstream Bollywood. Unsurprisingly one of the world’s best-selling music artists courtesy the versatile universality of his tonal exploits, Rahman’s exponential abilities in his craft has also earned him a BAFTA and a Golden Globe award apart from a host of other distinctions.

Nowhere in the realm of popular Indian music has western elements been synced so effortlessly with the traditional Indian derivations as has been by A. R. Rahman. The living legend as he is known, Rahman has been named one of Tomorrow’s World Music Icons in 2011, and his style of music is such that instantly has you in its charm. He is as mainstream as he is artistic, and the Mozart of Madras is one of those greatest musicians who has virtually revolutionised Bollywood with his compositions. There’s something so enticing about his music, both in zest as in melancholy that instantly stirs up your heart and soul. Indeed A.R Rahman has to be one of the greatest musicians of India through all times and ages.

Lata Mangeshkar

Th Nightingale of India, it indeed is a testament to Lata Mangeshkar’s timeless talent that makes her the richest singer in India even without much commercial pursual in recent times. The living legend is one of the most best-known and most respected playback singers in India. With more than a 1000 films mentioning her in the credits, the three time National Film Award winner is also the the first ever Indian to perform in the Royal Albert Hall. Probably the most recorded artist in history, the legendary singer’s current net worth stands at a whopping 50 million dollars.

Sonu Nigam

One of the most popular names in the singing circuit in the country during the late 1990s and early 2000s, Sonu Nigam is another singer among the richest in India. Loved and respected in Bollywood as being one of the best singers of his time, the Lord of Chords has also acted in a number of films. But it is his singing talent that has earned him immeasurable name and fame. With a net worth of $50 million, Nigam has established his dominance as being one of the best playback singers in the Hindi film industry. The National Award winning Nigam is also one of the favorites to have been ruling the roost in Bollywood with his range of work and renditions.

Honey Singh

Rapper and singer Honey Singh might be currently behind the honeymoon phase of his career but that does not take away anything from his status as still one of the richest in India. A man as controversial as he is popular, Singh still is one of the highest paid musical artists in Bollywood. And his substantial $25 million net worth does much to validate the claim. The name behind some of the most foot tapping numbers in Bollywood as well as some really chartbursting singles, Honey Singh enjoys massive fan following across India.

Atif Aslam

Among the many Pakistani artists who have achieved huge success in India is singer Atif Aslam, who also has emerged as one of the richest by virtue of his fame and calibre. Often regarded as one of the all-time best playback singers in the Indian and Pakistani music industries, Aslam is known for belting out deeply touch romantic numbers that resonate a chord in every heart. Interestingly for the singer now worth a massive 22 million dollars, Atif Aslam had his first breakthroughs in Bollywood and Hollywood before venturing as a singer in the Pakistani filmy arena. A fan favorite not however just in his music but also in his dashing looks, Atif Aslam has dished out some of the most popular tracks in Bollywood over the years.

Diljit Dosanjh

richest singer in india Diljit Dosanjh
Source: The Tribune

The multifaceted personality that Diljit Dosanjh is, the celebrated singer is as famous an acting star as he is a crooning gem. No wonder his dual exploits in the arts have managed to earn him enough bucks to make him uber rich. With a net worth amounting to $16 million, Dosanjh as a singer is easily one of the richest around. In fact, Dosanjh’s riches also stem from his immense popularity, not just in India but also on the global stage. The first turbaned Sikh to be honoured with a wax statue at Madame Tussauds, Diljit is also as admired an artist in south India apart from being one of the leading artists of the Indian music industry. Having starred in some of the most successful films in Pollywood, Diljit Dosanjh is a pan Indian phenomenon explaining why the riches find such an easy way to him.

Daler Mehndi

As a singer immensely instrumental in popularising the Punjabi variant of Indian folk music bhangra internationally, Daler Mehndi is a very popular name in the music circuit of the country. As also one of the artists who have made it big sans much linkup with Bollywood, Mehndi is also a diversive phenomenon. Also in creating the distinctive genre of Rabbabi music, Mehdi has long established his range as a musician immensely steeped in his abilities. His Tunak Tunak Tun song has enjoyed worldwide popularity, establishing him as India’s biggest popstar of his times. In all his encompassing fame and exemplary musical depths, this iconic singer is one of the richest in India with an estimated net worth of 12 million dollars.


One of the highest paid celebrities in India as per the Forbes India Celebrity 100 listing, rapper Badshah might not consider himself a singer per se but his many playback numbers have established him as an artist contrary to his expectations. His many chart topping numbers have firmly put Badshah as among the more popular entertainers in India which has also contributed in making him a singer well among the country’s richest. Known for his trademark personal style that stems from the genre of rap music he mostly dabbles in, Badshah is a rich star with a net worth of a 15 million dollars.

Mika Singh

Flashy in style and versatile in his music is Indian singer Mika Singh who has been a very prominent presence in the music scene of the country since long. From belting out chart toppers to delivering peppy numbers and catchy tunes, Singh is a really rich Indian playback singer with a $13 million net worth.

Shreya Ghoshal

richest singer in india shreya ghoshal
Source: APN News

A National Film Award winning singer, Shreya Ghosal is also one of the richest in India when it comes to her $12 million net worth. One of the leading playback singers in Indian cinema, Ghoshal is celebrated for the quality of her voice that which makes her renditions instantly endearing to listeners. Featuring five times in the the Forbes list of the top 100 celebrities from India, Ghoshal also is the first Indian singer to have her wax figurine in Madame Tussauds Museum. Trained in Indian classical music, Ghoshal has very often been applauded as being the most versatile singer of her generation. She also is the only Indian singer to be included in the list of Verve’s 50 Power Women when she made the cut in the 2016 edition.

Sunidhi Chauhan

Celebrated for her distinctive voice and as distinctive a style of singing is Sunidhi Chauhan who is another richest singer in India. Dominating Bollywood through her vocals through the early 2000s, Chauhan has marked her identity as a celebrity working her way also into the Forbes’ Celebrity 100 of India. As of 2020, the net worth of the celebrated ‘queen of item songs’ stands at 10 million dollars.

Arijit Singh

One of the most sought after singer in Bollywood for quite some time now, it needs no reiteration how Arijit Singh has won the nation over with his vocals. His songs touch the soul in all their mellifluous essence, delving into a world where emotions rule privy. Equally versatile is Singh in delivering such melodies that ring in a happy vibe and that which make him all the more a hit with leading composers and actors. With a voice that sings ballads directly to and of the heart, Singh’s phenomenal musical journey has translated well into the millions, with a net worth of some 10 million dollars.

Armaan Malik

The first Indian singer-songwriter to be featured on the Times Square Billboard in New York City, Armaan Malik’s fame knows no bounds. Cherished as much for his charming looks as for his soothing singing style, this new age musician has dished out songs in a multitude of languages. At a mere 25 years of age, it is commendable that Malik has built a net worth of some $10 million to emerge as being the richest singer in India. There is a certain innocence to his singing that makes this young gun a fan favorite entertainer in the country.