Ritviz: the young prodigy who is raising the bar of EDM in India


It’s ‘easy’ being the man of the moment. Even when we sound like we are being dismissive of all the effort that goes into being the breakout phenomena at a time, the reiteration that we had sought to emphasise, stands- catapulting into fame is only elementary, continuously thriving on that level of fleeting public interest is the more formidable proposition.

But there are some talents for whom being revved about comes pretty normal. It’s more like they live on stature, though most of them does not necessarily lives by it. And perhaps there lies the phenomenal haul of a talent catapulting from being a performer of the masses to being an artiste of the senses. And a young lad from the country, Ritviz, is adept at being both.

You know him from the brilliance he brought forth with the offbeat track Udd Gaye (more precisely, Hum Toh Udd Gaye and that probably got you grooving anyway), you remember him again as the one behind other equally offbeat and catchy scores- Sage, Mukti, Beatific et al. Which is exactly what brings forth Ritvik’s relevance as a man of artistic credibility who puts to use tremendously his mass appeal, in dishing out sounds that truly are music to the ears.

Ritviz Srivastava is a prodigy, there’s no doubt in that. Someone who has been doing music since the tender age of seven under the guidance of his mother, Ritviz’s musical masterpieces are unlike anything you have ever heard before. There is a line of identity running in tandem through all his songs- a breezy, peppy vibe that some how infuses tricky elements into the more simpler nature of expression to deliver chart busters that seem to bring along a new wave altogether to the age old realm of song making and song humming.

It is perhaps Ritviz’s diverse interest and belonginess that makes his songs all the more distinct and something that instantly catches up to you. Trained in Hindustani classical music, Ritviz’s interest in electronic dance music spanned also his classical roots in a manner so intense that his sounds turn out to be a variegated form of either genre. It is to Ritviz’s credit that he spins essentially melancholic lyrics to belt out a number that sounds so happy and is so groovy in the breakout track that is Udd Gaye.

Someone who is essentially reserved, Ritviz draws on personal experiences to inspire his songs. Like in Udd Gaye, he dwells on his childhood crush and all the emotions he felt at that moment when he thought he was head over heels in love with her.

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In fact, the very premise of the song’s lyrics was set back then and he indeed ended up using the first draft to churn out a final product that sure made an indelible impression. It’s also refreshing how the video of the track was picturised- and it is definitely a look through into how variedly Ritvik seeks to operate through his songs and work.

But even with his strong base in classical music, Ritvik’s songs rely more on the music to make the impact. That however does not make his words any redundant- in fact, it is all the more emphasising of how this young lad, all of 22, knows to strike all the right chords to make an impact.

Perhaps Ritvik’s recipe for continued success is so foolproof because he draws it from his own persona. Also a DJ, the young lad wants to do music that are an extension of his self and that which will goad him to do better. Even when he realised early on that with success, the pressure of delivering on the same level of perfection is a considerable stress to deal with, Ritviz finally discovered that each song would have its own set of audience and all he needs to do is doing the best he can to make listeners also listen to the best they want.

A strong bass that plays upon distinct Hindustani classical influences, Ritvik’s version of the EDM music that he makes is largely his own. Even with strong undertones, Ritviz manages to make music that is still soothing and refreshing. Expressive in the emotions and high on the beat and feel of it, Ritviz’s songs are undeniably perky- something that will get you high without any hardcore inclination. Here’s a musician who continuously tops off his chartbusters in true rock star style, delivering one ‘play-on-loop’ worthy hit after another!