Sara Ali Khan is definitely not the usual star kid propelled by nepotism. Know Why.

Sara Ali Khan

If looks could speak, there perhaps would not have been any end to the adulation that Bollywood newbie Sara Ali Khan would have commanded. Courtesy her stunning facial features and that regal glow and aura about her, that while is appealing is not intimidating at the least, Sara is definitely one of those few star kids whose star power is drawn more from her charm as an individual with a mind rather than a decked up glamour girl vying to be the next best thing in Bollywood.

Okay, raving all about the looks while being boisterous about a personality is a ‘sin’ we all are guilty of. But when it’s someone as ethereal as Sara Ali Khan, can we be talking about some thing else?

Of course we can. An inherited legacy of fame, a continuing star presence and the forever debated graver issue of nepotism- all these are tags that comes naturally attached to any star kid waiting to take the big plunge into tinsel town. But for Sara, the baggage is a bit diversified and certainly demanding.

Because the celebrated daughter of Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh isn’t your usual star kid. Apart from her surname, Sara does not desire to draw much from her ‘prowess’ of being the descendant of a family for whom spotlight has always been a way of life.

So why do we, and at least one half of our celebrity crazy country think that Sara Ali Khan rules the roost when it comes to being a diversion from all those other star kids who know for certain that Bollywood would be their treading ground at some point of time or the other? The answers are apparent and quite obvious as well ,but what is not so very obvious is the myriad characteristics that make Sara stand out as being somewhat different from the rest.


Most of Sara’s cool attitude comes from her being raised in those environs that wasn’t influenced by the glamour of Bollywood. Growing up away from the public glare perhaps lent her much more of a carefree existence, that has now translated into her kind of nonchalant attitude.

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Of course, while Sara’s plunge into films might be a conscious choice, her journey started only after she had had some decent education. That stands her in good stead in the (real) world, where wisdom is the only way to gain one’s own place.


Sara’s determination is also one of her huge plus points. Not only did she battle Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and worked hard on being fit, she also chose to accept her struggles in front of the world, not shying away from speaking of her disorder and her remarkable transformation out of it.


Also being raised by a single mother has done much to make Sara draw inspiration from a strong woman. Sara has grown up seeing her parents’ divorce and the continuing hype around it. Naturally, she has matured enough to be one of those kids who has grown up being extremely independent and with a definite knack for making decisions.

But it isn’t just that Sara is so close to being one among the ‘common people’ that lends her an intense appeal when it comes to being accepted by the greater populace. Her foray into Bollywood has also been as enigmatic as her personality that has taken the world by awe.

Particularly, Sara’s debut movie Kedarnath has managed to project her as an actor with a flair. Her performance within the limited ambit of her character in an essentially Bollywood style dramatised romance speaks volumes about her potential as someone who can mesmerise with her histrionics.

A choice of films that is mainstream alright but still with an element of difference, an act that looks natural and an allure that renders her every bit of an enigma, Sara Ali Khan has managed to tick all the boxes right with her sass and grace.

Even in her debut appearance in Koffee with Karan, Sara was surprisingly- but expectedly- composed and poised. Yet she did not ‘put up’ a show, rather she was being herself even when she reacted dramatically to her father’s words while on the show. That perhaps speaks of a trait innate in Sara, that immediately renders her more relatable to the new age people, for whom being one’s own self is the only thing that holds prominence.

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But while Sara Ali Khan is definitely in a league of her own, her cause in Bollywood might have been further helped that she is the lone among star kids after Alia Bhatt to have ‘inherited’ the genes of genuine acting. Particularly with a range of expressions that helps her in acing the acting game, Sara for sure sparks a lot more interest that spans more than just her beauty.

No wonder, Sara is quite the eye candy and she might even be very soon another youth icon on the rise. But to immediately glorify Sara as a wonder person might not quite spell the reality you wold have so blatantly expected of her.

Perhaps in being too accepting of her privileges in spite of clearly bring benefited by the same set of bestowals, Sara might indeed be criticised as someone who comes across as a hypocrite. Because notwithstanding her decent performance in Kedarnath, Sara clearly did not have the prior ‘validation’ that would have fetched her the opportunity to debut with the film of a National Award winning film maker.

And yet as Sara Ali Khan sought to acknowledge the vilification of nepotism even when being gratified by it to a certain extent, she immediately won over the validation of the crowd. Whether that’s something Sara was perceptive of or simply an action that won her hearts isn’t very apparent, but somewhere underneath it has only elevated Sara’s presence in tinsel town.

We just hope this not so usual star kid does not sink leaving just traces of what the world expects of her. Fingers crossed!