Sumeet Vyas: the YouTube sensation who rules over the web

sumeet vyas

It’s not the excellence in the craft as much it is the real likeness of an act that spins most adored characters out of highly competent actors. However, not all aspiring actors manage to make it matter as characters of substance. They either go OTT in glamour in their quest for fame or mostly get sidelined with whatever rawness they have to offer in terms of their talent.

But then, it’s not always a tale of the haves and the have- nots. There are those who masterfully tread the lines in between, cracking the soaring code that lets them aim for the moon while not being detached from the roots that aspired them to fly.

Among one such refreshing presences in the mainstream showbiz circuit is the goofy yet sombre, the funny and witty actor, Sumeet Vyas. Whether it be his status as the quintessential web series guy or his larger than life enactment of starkingly real life like characters, Sumeet Vyas is definitely a man born to create leagues of his own.

We all remember Vyas as the ‘cooool’ Mikesh Chaudhary from what is arguably the first ever widely visible of Indian web shows- TVF’s coming of age series, Permanent Roommates. From being an overnight star to firmly instilling the digital medium as one that would be the next big platform to stream content, Permanent Roommates marked a lot many significances for Vyas. Mainly because it endowed him with recognition but also because Vyas has been particularly visible on the digital platform since forever.

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Not to say that Sumeet Vyas is an actor confined within just the modern domain of web series. He transforms himself and translates his performances with as much seamless ease into the versatility demanded by theater shows as he does with his appearances on the silver screen. Coming from a family where his NSD pass out father was a script writer, all things theatrical had spelled out love for Vyas, but it wasn’t until he identified with the ‘whiff’ of it that Vyas decided to make that also his motto in life.

Interestingly though, even for something he was very passionate about, Sumeet might not have characteristically made the plunge into acting had it not been for his ‘reputation’ as a below average student. But as events unfolded and one set of happenings led to the other, it was indeed clear that Vyas had found his calling- one perhaps that would not be too difficult to discern given that he was boded along well by his father who was also steeped in his own love for the trade.

Permanent Roommates might have been the most notable presence of Vyas on the web circuit, alongside his stint in another of TVF’s lauded series Tripling, but Vyas sure made it big in a couple other web shows as well. Vyas has been a part of Arre’s series Official Chukyagiri and the sequel Official CEOgiri. While Y- films’ Bang Baaja Baraat has the talented actor also write scripts for them!

Like most creative people who dabble in words, Vyas wants to “churn out finely wrought prose day in and day out while sipping tea in a dainty cafe which overlooks the mountains”. Such is his penchant for letting words find a free flow into visuals that make an impact that Vyas even took a break from scripting even after Tripling was a breakthrough success. He rather chose to let some time leave him and the team refreshed and recharged, so that they can deliver yet another credibly fresh season. Vyas likes to view writing not as something that he would merely take credit for. Writing to him is an intimate experience, somewhat personal and yet one that lets you forge bonds.

Being the co writer of the Tripling script also lends Vyas a certain sense of authority. As the precursor of the road trip genre, Tripling unravelled such aspects of Vyas as a writer and an actor that are impeccable to say the least. Yet even in all of its awesomeness and effect that was created, Vyas remains a man forever wanting to do more and even more. In the goofiness of that endearing smile that he flashes or even in the calmness posed through his demeanor, Vyas lets his work do the talking.

Unperturbed even by a staggering 300 something rejections he faced per month, Vyas continued with his journey, unfazed and still a largely content man. Sumeet Vyas is also one among those who had his beginnings from the humble but enriching stage of theater, but had his acting repertoire extends to other mediums as well.

A limited, largely understated stint with television, however boded well for Vyas. As an actor focussed purely on content, Vyas also made his presence felt in Bollywood. While English Vinglish might be his most noted appearance on the silver screen yet, apart from critically-acclaimed movies like Parched and Ribbon, Vyas had also been a part of the touted chick flick Veere Di Wedding. In a film with a largely female cast, that included Bollywood A- listers, Vyas manages to hold his own. Not that he was strained about making an impact anyway, because for this man it is the performance rather than the impression that speaks. Insecurities does not even come naturally to Vyas- for someone who has never shied away from the public domain in accepting that it was indeed him who had reached out to TVF, instead of it being the other way round, we wouldn’t expect Sumeet Vyas to be one unnecessarily goading off with his ego and stuff.

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Equally competent is Sumeet Vyas in his many appearances in short films. Within the limited time frame, Vyas manages to make his presence felt in a way that you remember the impact of the film upon you through the character portrayed by Vyas. That just about speaks volumes regarding how efficiently deft and convincing the man is in his capabilities as an actor.

Like many from his current lot of contemporaries who are stars with their own act, Sumeet Vyas commands the accolades as fluently as he rakes in the cash. Naturally, with his acting parlance that traverses all modes of expression, Vyas is more than eager to experiment. Whether it be playing a serial killer or a character that is rooted in all its darkest of streaks, Sumeet Vyas is game for virtually everything.

As of now, Vyas is packed with web releases the coming days. Come July 25th and Vyas would be seen in a 10 episode show, titled Rejectx. Rejectx is
a musical thriller set in a college campus in Singapore and will be streaming on Zee5.

Vyas is also part of another new show with a newer concept- CNBC-TV18’s ‘Kiska Brand Bajega’ that will be airing from 26th July. A 13 episode show, Kiska Brand Banega has Vyas as one of the celebrity panelists alongside Boman Irani, Atul Khatri, and others.

Sumeet Vyas is unconventional even in the conventionalities he embodies. Indeed, he acts and emotes, but he also appeals to the masses in a manner that is addictive, endearing and definitely star like!