The “Feel” Music and Magic of Shantanu Moitra

The Feel Music and Magic of Shantanu Moitra

…as the eyelids droop closing upon the world…to the distant strains of music thats yours…i drift across the hills of kasauli…the long and unending roads of nowhere…the ghats of benaras….the melas of kenduli…the mists of cherrapunji…the madai melee of the lal matir desh…the backstreets of the old moffusil towns with no pavements….maybe the parisian walkways…as the trumpet bellows…the flute flows…and the sarangi sings…your music becomes you….and i lose myself once again…..#Feel_Music

Plug in your earphones or blast your Speakers with whatever wattage that you usually do, music sure is the food of love so play on…as rightly said by William Shakespeare. Music is life for some while others swear that their life is music, whichever way it works, it works for music making the world go round!!

And then there is music that becomes you, the “feel” kinda strains that makes you lose yourself as you wander along the meandering labyrinth of your thoughts, slowly and surely losing the heart, your soul and your mind to the magic of the music that’s yours and only yours.

Everyone has atleast one or some maybe many favourite musicians, for me it’s the mood that matters! And for the “feel” kinda, “lose yourself” kinda music, I can only think of the magic of Shantanu Moitra – a genre that’s mine which I call “The Feel Music”

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“Shantanu Moitra is a live antenna. An antenna ‘catches’ the vibes from everything that happens around us. Shantanu does that too. The whisper of the breeze, the humming of bees, the meteor that waltzes across space – he responds to all these. The minutest vibration resonates in his mind.” writes Gulzar emphasising the “feel” factor of Shantanu’s music which reverberates in some of these tunes, my all times favourite music where I lose myself infinite times…

Kya Khayal Hai

Embarking on a journey of musicians driven by passion, this song is a part of the “Dewarists” with Moitra giving us an instant connection with the earthly tones of the folk music of the sub continent. A flavour of a cross border collaborative project with musicians from Pakistan and India, this song takes you in an inward journey of finding yourself as an integral part of the country’s heartland both physically and within our souls.

Piya Bole

A love ballad from the movie “Parineeta” characterised with lovely visuals of a handsome couple takes you far and away to a land of love where birds sing and flowers bloom and the hearts rejoice. Simple lyrics, the meanings even simpler, that’s where the “feel” resides as one of the lovers croons, ” Maine poocha ek ghata se itra ke chaldi kahan..” speaking effortlessly to the winds as only the lovers do!

Bawra Maan

An insane heart searching for that one dream, the dream which could be anything – love, loss, ideology or maybe a memory. Do we need to say more?

Tere Bin

Another melodious love ballad, another song which speaks more through its music than a few words that it uses to express “everlasting” love – “Tera bina marna nahi, Jeena nahi tere bin, Tere bin, tere bin” 

(Won’t die without you, won’t live without you) A burning heart, an insane feel and a will to be together till the end and Shantanu Moitra’s lilting melody – you are perfectly traversed to the realms of your mind where you and you alone reside, humming nothingness into space that’s just yours!

There are of course many more “feel” music compositions of Shantanu Moitra who swears that being a part of the creative bandwagon gives him an upper class feel, a privileged being right from his early days that he spent working in an advertising firm. He also says that the best part of his growing up was not knowing what to do! Maybe that’s what makes him create some of the best music which simply seeps into your soul and becomes you. Gulzar in conversation with Tagore is another project that he has taken up with Gulzar, Shreya Ghosal and Shaan which is a new age take on Rabindra Sangeet fused with the musical brilliance of Moitra.

A national award for the background score of a Tamil movie ” Na Bangaaru Talli ” showcases his diversity as a music director while he has also embarked on a 100 days journey across the Himalayas as a part of his spiritual self. Here’s hoping for more “feel” and some soul searching music from the Himalayas!!