Top 10 richest actors of Bangladesh movie industry Dhallywood

top 10 richest actors of bangladesh

Films and filmmaking anywhere account for an industry steeped in the riches of the art and the assets alike, spanning out therefore as a career option that is both lucrative and gratifying, with passion, glamour, entertainment and creative liberty all making for an expression in utter beauty. All over the world, regional, national and international film industries have spawned an altogether different arena across which style, sensibilities and substance converge to present a world of different dimension altogether. Known also uniquely in their pertaining out of different regions and countries, these film industries each manifest through an identity of their own even when resident in the same universal ethos of film making as an art, whether of commercial or alternative allusions. The Bangladeshi film industry too is such a unique stemming of passion and prosperity, dominating since the early 1970s with its own premise of grandeur. With the riches flowing in out of this symphony largely in melodramatic musings, the Dhallywood identity of this deriving out of Bangladesh has given rise to rich, richer and richest actors, the top 10 of whom we are enumerating below-

Shakib Khan

Shakib Khan
Source: Dhaka Post

The numero uno superstar of the Bangladesh film industry whether it be in terms of star power, acting prowess or the strength of a solid bank balance, Shakib Khan comes at top in the 10 richest actor list of his country. With a career spanning well over two decades, this multifaceted celebrity of the contemporary film industry who in fact has spurred the growth of Dhallywood lays claim to this coveted place by virtue of being also the current highest paid actor establishing therefore full fledged dominance arising out of his status as being as one of the most successful actors in Bengali cinema. Having starred in a host of the all time highest grossers in the history of the Bangladesh film industry, Khan has time and again asserted himself as the most bankable star while delivering also as impeccably with his exceptional steeping in the histrionics to lay claim to numerous awards, most notably emerging as a four time National Film Award winner.

With a net worth of a whopping 22 million dollars backed indeed by as weighted a pride of his popularity that has seen him dubbed by the media with titles like King Khan, King of Dhallywood, Number One Shakib Khan, Bhaijaan of Dhallywood, the aura of Shakib Khan indeed is one that fittingly places him at the top when it comes to being not just an actor among the richest 10 but also as the most popular and wealthy of all entertainers in the history of the nation. Identifying also as a producer, singer, film organiser and media personality is this instantly recognizable phenomenon of the present day Bangladeshi film industry, the unbelievable almost extent of his popularity gaining recognition also from Google and YouTube that has recorded him as being the most searched and viewed actor on the web for more than one time.

The brand ambassador of Bangladesh’s energy drink Pran Power Energy Drink since 2013 as well as of the Asian Town Development Limited’s housing project Asian Duplex Town and appointed also the brand ambassador of SMC Orsaline-N in 2019 followed further by according of the same status in 2021 by Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited, it indeed is evident that Khan has more than just his already massive earning from films to fall back on when it comes to substantiating his amassing of the riches. Also the owner of the restaurant chain Red Chicken at Jamuna Future Park, Shakib Khan draws an annual income significant enough to emerge as one of the country’s highest taxpayers for three consecutive years. In therefore his numerous leanings whether within the entertainingly artistic premises of Dhallywood or drawing thus upon his fame to be as prominent through his other commercial ventures, Shakib Khan has for long now been the ultimate powerhouse in the Bangladeshi cultural scene.

Ananta Jalil

An actor with a difference, whether it be in his parallel identity as a businessman or his exploits even with a limited filmography, Bangladesh star Ananta Jalil too makes it count as one of the top 10 richest of the industry. Apart from acting, Jalil is also equally well versed in a host of other associated cinematic concepts including producing and directing. Having lent his skill to write the story, dialogue and screenplay of his 2013 directed amd acted film Nishwartha Bhalobasa that wasn’t just a commercial success but also enjoys the distinction of being premiered at the 66th annual Cannes Film Festival, Ananta Jalil established himself as a talent of immense credibility. An estimated net worth amounting anywhere between US$8- 10 million sourced from his starring in successful film projects as well as drawing upon his business acumen is what has helped this decade long star of Dhallywood achieve considerable success and popularity.

Pori Moni

Beautiful and talented Bangladeshi actress Pori Moni’s net worth of US$7 million makes her a rich Dhallywood celebrity even when she isn’t even a decade old in the film industry. Having harboured an active interest in acting and modelling from her childhood, the gorgeous actress born as Shamsunnahar Smrity in fact started out as a model in advertisements before finding greater fame and success with her very first movie. Listed in Forbes Asia’s “100 Digital Stars” magazine in December 2020, Pori Moni boasts of a substantial net worth of 7 million US dollars to be a richie rich residing in the Bangladeshi movie realm.

Ferdous Ahmed

A 5 time National Film Awardee for Best Actor, including one that he laid claim upon with his very debut movie and hailing from a prestigious family, Ferdous Ahmed has been living a legacy of being among the top 10 richest celebrities in Bangladesh by dint of talent as well on account of his origin. His US$6 million net worth though entails not just out of these dual capacities but derives also from his producer identity. Owner of the film production house Nuzhat Films and a tele production company CinemaScope, Ahmed has been raking in the moolah from more than a couple of channels deriving also from his ownership of a wing of an event planning studio.

Mahiya Mahi

The current highest paid female actor of Bangladesh, Mahiya Mahi too warrants an entry into the list of the top 10 richest celebrities on account of that distinction. A new age star having made her debut in 2012 and emerging thereafter to be “a new sensation” as reported by all Bangladeshi media has been this Fair & Lovely brand ambassador who rests upon an estimated net worth of a 5 million US dollars. The ‘princess of Dhallywood’ as she is popularly known, the actress is very active in her social media presence and draws therefore on the considerable influence of the digital platform to endorse brands and products that contribute to her sizeable income. A passionate actress and a pretty face as well, Mahiya Mahi sure has the talent and the personality to make it count in the glitzy world of showbiz which is what has helped assert her dominance across the cash awash realms of the fantastical filmi world.


From an acting debut made when she was still in junior school to winning a National Film Award more than a decade later, Purnima’s journey as a female actor in the Bangladesh film industry has been unique but no less distinguished that has earned her money and fame enough to sufficiently place her among the top 10 richest Dhallywood celebrities. With both commercial success and critical acclaim marking her repertoire of the acting trove, this is an actress worthy indeed of her $4 million amassment of fortune, having stood up to her passion for the acting chops that even made her take up the stage name of Purnima over her birth identity of Dilara Hanif Rita.

Tahsan Rahman Khan

Tahsan Rahman Khan
Source: Twitter

With a profile that asserts his identity across a range of ‘professions’ both within and outside the film industry, actor Tahsan Rahman Khan’s source of income is understandably multilinear as well. And that’s wherefrom accrues his net worth of close to a 3 million US dollars, in his capacities as a singer, songwriter, actor, composer, model as well as a teacher. Beginning his career in showbiz as part of a music band, Khan went on to make his mark as a solo musician before pursuing acting, first on the small screen and then graduating to the bigger and glitzier silver screen. Despite being just a couple of films old in Dhallywood, Khan’s charting out of the entertainer identity has earned him more than enough money to make him manifest as an actor definitely among the top 10 richest across the national Bangladesh cinematic portal.

Jaya Ahsan

An acclaimed actor of the Bangladesh film industry currently, Jaya Ahsan started out as a model and television personality before making it big not just in Dhallywood but also in the Indian Bengali cine industry of Tollywood. A four time Best Actress award winner at the prestigious Bangladesh National Film Awards as well as the Best Female Actor awardee in the Foreign Films category at the Madrid International Film Festival 2020, Ahsan’s net worth of close to $2 million makes her another top contender in the list of the 10 richest celebrities of the film world. A trained classical singer as well, having expertise in the fields of Indian classical music and Rabindra Sangeet, the multifaceted artiste has also lent her voice to a few songs in some of her films even as she continues to chart out other areas of creative interest as a craftswoman and a visual-artist. The brand ambassador for USAID (US Agency for International Development) entrusted to help women and children in her capacity as a popular figure in addition to being chosen the brand ambassador of Bangamata U-19 Women’s International Gold Cup in 2019, Ahsan might be more than prominent in her social role but that does not make her commercially any less versatile as well. Having run an event management company with her ex husband, Jaya Ahsan more than ably draws upon her array of multiple talents to emerge as an endowed individual indeed, whether it be in the riches of her faculties or of her wealth.

Arifin Shuvoo

Yet another actor with a National Film Award to his credit making it matter also as one of the top 10 richest movie personalities of Bangladesh is the as popular tele star Arifin Shuvoo. Effortlessly cruising through genres like romance and action while dazzling in negative and heroic roles alike even while laying claim to such distinctions as starring in the highest ever grossing Bangladeshi movie worldwide as well as lending his voice to the first animated movie of Dhallywood, with considerable critical acclaim and resounding commercial success only emphasising further the mass appeal of his histrionics, Shuvoo sure has eked out for himself a name that delivers across every single aspect of what is expected out of him as an entertainer. No wonder the immensely emotive actor’s net worth sits within a cosy range of 2 to 4 million US dollars at present.

Symon Sadik

A net worth of a 2 million US dollars is what makes actor Symon Sadik be among the top 10 richest Bangladesh film stars. Apart from the acting credits, Symon also dabbles in his roles as diverse as those of assistant director, lyricist, model and politician even as his current holding of position of the Assistant General Secretary of the Bangladesh Film Artists’ Association makes him even more versatile a personality to be gracing Dhallywood. Another National Award winning Bangladeshi actor who has managed to create a fortune for his own within a decade of his debut, Sadik hails from an affluent family of politicians who incidentally much like his own doubled up also as purveyor of the arts. Etching an image of his own in the public psyche by dint of hard work and talent, shifting roles from being a private job holder at one point to being an actor of international acclaim, with one of his films finding screening at the 24th Milan Film Festival, while continuing to explore his other passions in both commercial as well as artistic avenues of them have surely rewarded Symon Sadik enough to make him a wealthy presence in entertainment.