Top Child YouTube Sensations Of India

Gone are the days when television was the only source where we enjoyed visual form of entertainment. Today, YouTube is a popular source of entertainment for most of us. Whenever we feel bore or during hours of leisure , our hands always makes us pick up our darling mobile phones from our pockets or bags and open the YouTube app to enjoy unlimited number of videos as we wish. The good thing about You Tube is that it can be enjoyed anywhere and at anytime unlike the television which can be enjoyed only at a particular place.

Apart from being a good source of entertainment, YouTube has provided a platform for a large number of persons to prove their hidden talents as an individual or in a group and fulfill their dreams. As a result, many persons have become successful YouTubers today by making meaningful, educational and entertaining videos . Moreover, they also earn a handsome salary through YouTube. India has many YouTubers who are now household names. Some young children have also emerged as YouTube sensations by making different sorts of videos.

Take a glimpse into the life of some popular children who are ruling YouTube.


With a YouTube channel known as My Miss Anand having over 10 lakhs subscribers, Anantya Anand is the queen of Indian child You Tubers. The bold and confident girl makes hairstyle videos, provides fashion tips, do fun drama series and funny challenge videos and also makes videos on her lifestyle with her family and friends. She also comes from a family who are also famous YouTubers. Her paternal aunt Shruti Arjun Anand is one of the leading Indian YouTubers with a channel of her own name that has over 20 lakhs subscribers and even her mother owns a YouTube channel Cook With Nisha that has over 6 lakhs subscribers. Her family has been mentioned in major newspapers of India as one of the richest YouTube families of India who are taking the video sharing website by storm.


A teenage YouTube sensation, Samreen Ali has over 5 lakhs subscribers in the channel of her own name. The 13 year old teenager who lives in New Delhi makes funny entertaining drama videos on YouTube. Her siblings also have their own YouTube channels. Her sister Mehjabeen Ali has a channel of her own name where she posts make up videos and funny drama videos with her sister. Her channel has over 40000 subscribers. Her brother Md. Kashif has a YouTube channel called Techfire where he posts technological videos and has over 1 lakh subscribers.


The youngest YouTuber of India, Varchasvi Sharma is extremely cute.She has been charming viewers with her cute and smart way of talking and giving reviews of different toys in her YouTube channel having over 60000 subscribers. Apart from toy reviews, she also reveals her cuteness by her way of reciting nursery rhymes and also gives reviews of her family trips with her cute banter. She is the 2 year old daughter of a famous YouTuber Praval Sharma of YouTube channel Sharmaji Technical having over 10 lakhs subscribers where he gives reviews on different types of gadgets. Sharmaji Ki Beti is truly a genius!


The singing star, Jayas Kumar has an unusual heart condition , that is, his heart is present on the right side which is usually present on the left side of a person’s body. But this body defect didn’t let him stop from following his singing passion. As a result, he became an excellent participant in the popular Zee TV reality show Saregamapa Lil Champs in 2017 at just 5 years . The young lad called as Chhote Bhagwan by Himesh Reshammiya has a YouTube channel of his own name with over 17 lakhs subscribers. His YouTube channel proves his melodious singing talents as it has a number of videos of him singing at various concerts and events.


The multi-talented Ayat Sheikh rules YouTube via her channel Wonder Girl Ayat that has over 1.2 lakhs subscribers. Her channel proves her multiple talents of singing, dancing and giving excellent speeches through her numerous videos. She also makes videos on beauty and fashion. As her YouTube channel suggests, she is really a wonder at only 8 years and her videos justifies her multi-talented avatar.


The adorable girl Kyra Kanojia has an amazing collection of wonderful toys which she shares with her viewers on her You Tube channel Kyrascope Toy Reviews having over 9000 subscribers. She has done videos on Play-Doh, GAP Kids, H&M Kids, HM Kids, Bata Bubble gummers, Beados, Pottery wheels, Angry Birds, Little Live Pets,Lightning Mcqueen Cars 2, Monsters University, Monsters Inc, Monster High doll, Baby Alive doll, Barbie, Spiderman, Back to school series, Toy Stories, kids movie reviews, Kinder joy toys, surprise gifts etc. This 8 year old girl’s toy collection will make us long for our carefree childhood days where toys were one of the chief items we would go gaga over.


The tech savy Ronit Singh first gave reviews on each and every gadget that he had on his website and later started a You Tube channel to do so. Today with over 2000 subscribers on his channel , this 15 year old even gets calls from electronic companies to advertise their products on his channel.


Nihal Raj cooks up a storm on his YouTube channel Kicha Tube HD- Cooking Recipes that has over 32000 subscribers. This young Kerala chef presents innovative cooking recipes on his YouTube channel that will make your mouth water as your eyes feasts through each cooking video. The boy was invited to the British television talent show Little Big Shots UK to showcase his cooking talent. He was also invited by Ellen De Generes in his show ‘The Ellen De Generes Show’ where he made a Kerala recipe puttu and became a worldwide cooking star overnight at just 7 years. He is a receiver of several awards and one of his videos Mickey Mouse Mango Ice Cream was brought by Facebook and he was paid $20000 for it.


Daria Bedi, the 3 year old cute niece of Pooja Bedi, has an YouTube channel Starrin’Daria having over 1000 subscribers. This channel features the cute munchkin with her mother Tina Bedi cooking up various recipes like snacks, cakes, smoothies etc. She also shows various yoga poses in her yoga videos and also gives glimpses of her vacation trips to various places.

With a genre of child YouTubers emerging in India, plus the full time adult YouTubers are also there. Therefore, it is no surprise that You Tube is the world leading media portal of the 21st century. So guys, if you like to showcase your hidden talents to the world, then YouTube would be a most convenient platform for you.


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