Types of people you will definitely find in every cinema hall


After the gloom of the COVID-19 pandemic started disappearing slowly, the dull and forlorn cinema halls which were devoid of the lively audience and mostly the colourful big screen which weaves out enthralling stories seems to become alive once again with the masses coming back to enjoy a dose of full form of creative entertainment with their loved ones. With the audience coming back, the big screen also literally turned on magically churning out written stories in live format in picturesque locations along with its interesting characters who are given a life form by the actors. From chewing over popcorns and fries to gossiping with each other soundlessly and even laughing out heartily, the reactions that are formed as the big screen goes on narrating a story are worthwhile to be studied or observed. As the ideal form of weekending or spending a mini leisure time in the 21st century is to go to watch a movie, the cinema halls are thereby one of the perfect spots where people go not only for entertainment but also for a mini-escapade away from the real blues of life into a large sized reel world. This large size reel world can be experienced only in cinema halls.

As an audience is literally the life force of a cinema hall, let us know about the types of people you would find in this diverse group-

Overemotional Showoffs


When a movie with too much of tragedy scenes is going on, you might turn your head away from the big screen for a moment and find the person sitting next to you , at the back or even two seats away from you shedding a stream of unwiped tears silently or sitting with moist eyes. The moment of catching the reactions of these overemotional people whose nerve gets tickled at the flow of sad dialogues, crying scenes in the movie is interesting and no less than a scene of entertainment that a cinema hall already is. If the sound of silent weeping suddenly becomes loud for a fleeting second with a loud burst and you get to hear it, then, not only you, the whole row of people might give out a soundless laugh

Loud Chewers

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While people generally enters a cinema hall to enjoy what a movie has to offer, there is a category who goes there only after paying for a bucket of popcorn or fries at the nearby counter so that they can satiate their hungry belly with tidbits throughout the period the movie is playing on the big screen. If they luckily get to take their food with them in the movie hall, they would happily take their seats and go on enjoying the movie , or rather say the food. However, if they would have to wait for the waiters to come with the orders of food, they would go on watching for the sight of them by raising their necks everywhere and sometime even disturbing the persons sitting near them as the latter would think that they are being stared for some reason or other and get suspicious. Next, there is also a category who plans to have a meal midway through the movie time and gets solace only when they have hailed a waiter, paid and taken a meal. These passionate eaters are more likely to find contentment in the food rather than the movie

Overbored Masses

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The guys who generally get overbored during a movie and start throwing tantrums are the kids. This little group of people finds solace only at the period of intermission and when the movie finally gets over. Besides kids, there are some individuals too who loses their interest in the movie after a period of time and keeps on deciding when would be the best time to head towards the exit without being shown off as rude to the rest of the audience. These people would while away their time by scrolling through some interesting content on the phone or chatting away with their pals or taking too many selfies as per their wishes. By the time the movie is over, they are the ones who would hurriedly rush off to the exit or manage to find a way there. Among the category of overbored masses, there exists some pair of diehard lovers who manage to while away the movie time by smiling enchantingly at each other, flirting in sweet overtones and secretly twirling their hands over each other by taking advantage of the dark ambience and unconcerned people

Latecomers & Forgetters

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By the time a movie has been running for almost 15 minutes, you can surely find four or five people coming hurriedly from the entrance door and irritating the rest of the audience with the light of their cellphone torches as they move higgledy-piggledy across the cinema hall trying to find their seat locations. Again, there are the ones who forget to make their mobile phones silent before the show time and a loud vibration or ringing of the mobile phone would make others angry since the beauty of the story being narrated magically would take you in that filmy world and when that concentration is broken with a ring of a stranger’s cellphone is so damn disappointing. The most disgusting part is when a person chooses to answer their phone in loud voices when a movie is going on instead of talking lightly or deciding to call once the show is over.

The Know-it-all & the Judge-it-all

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The chatterboxes that go to watch a movie are generally of two types- the Know-it-all and the Judge-it-all. The first category of people would update their peers about what is likely to come up in the next scene as they are the ones who have memorized the trailer, read the reviews and plot in Google religiously before booking their tickets. The second category would go on blabbering about what went wrong in the movie like an expert film critic and review it by giving marks to the ones they know. They can also turn out to be self-proclaimed filmmakers by suggesting how the plot or dialogues should have been.

Whatever be the type of audience, cinema halls are an essential part of society where creativity and entertainment meets together to heal people, make them socialize and showcase the rich diversity of the performing arts.