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brand virushka

A mix of aggression and individuality makes anyway for a combination as potent as the mingling of the cricketing craze and the Bollywood drama. No wonder then that when two of the most celebrated personalities from these two distinct but similar ways of life came together to craft a fairytalesque reality of their own in a world familiar to both in the glamour and sophistication and allure of it, they ended up creating what indeed is a veritable fusion of all things interesting enough to keep everyone hooked.

Ace Indian cricketer Virat Kohli and talented Bollywood beauty Anushka Sharma might be doyens of their own standings in separate genres but together they make up one of the most phenomenal of the modern day identities that the whole of India recognises in unison. The saga unfolded of the Virushka phenomenon might be a revelation in all stardom but nowhere else is matched the charisma and cheer that this new age Indian power couple conjures up an eclectic version of in all their assertion of individuality even in the most intense displays of togetherness.

What is Virushka?

A power couple in their own might, in bringing to fore such attributes of passion and such expressions of emotions that establish them as a real force to reckon with even when confined within the show display world of glamour, but also as assertive of fashion and style in their public image that accrues therefore to their combined identity of Virushka a worth as manifesting of the distinctive presence of their professional identities, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli makes for easily a brand name as reliable in their collectiveness as they are in themselves.

Equally assertive in their relationship as they are of their individualities is this favorite celebrity couple who constantly dole out hearty moments of affection that spell well indeed as the coveted #couplegoals their fans and followers find delight in. But what is even heartier than their adorable displays of PDA that splash all across their social media profiles much to the joyous discovery of their millions of ardent fans is the many ways both of them have stood up to each other numerous times throughout their journey of togetherness mired in rumours and controversies as much as in love and fantasy. Whether it be Sharma backing her husband through his lows or the man standing up to his wife against trolls blaming the lady for the cricketer’s poor run of form, Virushka has set the ideal for couples seeking out to go and grow together in the magical journey of love. It perhaps is this relatability that the couple has managed to deliver through actions that are genuine and reciprocal and worthy enough that has made this particular Sharma- Kohli pairing stand out among the multitude of stars mingling across the most favoured portals of fame and fortune of cinema and cricket.

Who is best- Virushka or Deepveer

It isn’t just their chemistry though that makes Virat and Anushka the brand unmissable in their public presence. Whether it be as regards their relationship or their stature, Virushka has always been one step ahead of the rest. Even as other significant enough power couples like DeepVeer and Saifeena or even Nickyanka or Ranbir and Alia for that matter have managed to stir the public interest with their own unique journeys of love and capturing of the fancies through their prominent appearances as brands thriving on the dual premises of love and popularity, the Virushka brand is still residing in a league of their own. And this isn’t just some claim guaranteed by PR managers and agencies of the celebrated couple. As the power couple of the times who ranks high on effective enough parameters of “trustworthiness” and “respect” as per a report compiled by the Indian Institute of Human Brands for its inaugural 2019 edition of The Sparklers, Virushka comfortably edged out all other contenders to bag for themselves a brand image that makes them the favorite pairing of endorsement campaigns.

What works for Virushka as a brand are certain personality attributes so integral to their collective identity that finds therefore natural expression along any professional venture they pair up for as well. In fact, this is nothing surprising given that Kohli and Sharma started their journey together with a commercial ad that was intriguing enough in the chemistry between them even at a time when they had no connection of any sort whatsoever. And now, after all these years of togetherness in friendship and relationship and love, the two have built indeed such a rapport that translates naturally into their ‘dealing’ with each other, both personally and professionally. Fun and energetic, and yet elegant and sophisticate, Virushka presents an image of themselves in such light that make their pairing always residing in a vibe very natural to them. Most evident in their campaigns for brand Maanyavar is this Virushka supremacy playing out through some of the most adorable moments that which has instantly leveraged their brand presence and value, while syncing perfectly with elements of their real lives.

Across their virtual presence as well as a singular entity, Virushka commands a standing among the Top 25 Global Instagram Influencers of 2020 that which indeed is a further assertion of the impact they yield as social media celebrities. Evident in the extent of their audience engagement is the mass influence that Kohli and Sharma exerts both individually and collectively across their interactions on social media platforms, drawing eminently from their most desirable traits of trustworthy and dependable that is a tribute to the bond they share and a sure worthwhile celebration of the persons they are.

How did Virat and Anushka meet

The first meeting between Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma was indeed what set the precedent for Virushka to see the light of the day. And yet, this first impression was nothing very impressive an encounter, not at least by Kohli’s standards. Known for his stylish presence and aura both on and off field, and for sure for the aggressiveness that characterise both his game plan and personality, Kohli however was a blurry reflection of his real self the day he met his future wife. Arriving on the sets of a commercial shoot, Kohli was nervous before meeting Sharma and ended up blurting something that made him look like a fool in front of the Bollywood star during his first meeting with her.

But despite the embarrassment that entailed Kohli on their maiden one on one meeting in 2013, the future flow of the nature of their relationship was somewhat determined there and then itself. Soon after their starring in the ad shoot, rumours of their linkup went viral and from the following year itself, Virushka manifested as a collective presence at least in their multiple appearances together. From Virat turning up at the actress’s residence and film sets to Sharma accompanying Kohli to a number of his cricket matches, the speculations continued to grow with each passing day. Reports of their breakup also emerged sometime in 2016 even as both Sharma and Kohli unfollowed each other on social media but they were back together the very next year, sparking in fact rumours of an engagement. But while both the stars had chosen to remain mum about the many speculations doing the rounds as regards their relationship, they denied in fact the engagement rumours. Soon thereafter though, Virushka morphed themselves publicly into the very brand they already were as they went on to tie the knot in the December of 2017 in a very intimate wedding ceremony that spanned out as a fairytale saga along the picturesque entrails of Tuscany in Italy.

Evolution of Virushka

From their nascent beginnings in 2013, Virushka has really evolved though. Starting off on strictly professional terms, the Sharma- Kohli connect got up, close and personal to the extent that today the stature of their relationship is what hat lent them greater accountability also along their workspace. While Kohli’s cricketing exploits and Sharma’s choice of films are obviously excluded from this sphere of the immense potential they together hold, both have been time and again unwittingly drawn into circumstances involving the other without any real basis to such links however. Virushka though have only grown with such unwanted iterations of their relationship, continuing to hold each other in love and support all through for a life radiant indeed in the joy of their togetherness. Now parents to a baby girl Vamika who they welcomed in January 2021, the 32 year old Kohli and his 33 year old wife Anushka Sharma truly have set a standard for relationships in the real world, something remarkable indeed given their stemming from the world of glamour where every single thing is likely interpreted in terms of benefits.

What has perhaps manifested in Virushka being the ultimate power couple of the times despite their journey marred by rumours and subject to the harshest of criticisms and the most inconsiderate of trolls is the remarkably similar premises on which they are based. Both Kohli and Sharma might be massively adulated public celebrities today but they both have had middle class upbringings and have dealt with their own share of hardships before going on to make it big in their own respective trades of choosing by sheer dint of talent and perseverance. Also identical are the beliefs and ideologies commonly nurtured by Virushka as is evident in the multiple instances they have stood up for social causes, whether it be their support of veganism or their love for dogs as well as their benevolent works of charity and so on and so forth. It indeed are such common grounds of connect that make Kohli and his wife whom he lovingly calls Nushkie click together so well, spelling wonders therefore for a relationship where they however aren’t just a romantic couple but also a pair of the best ever friends.

It though also isn’t just the chemistry and goofy expression of their selves that makes Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma so much of the massive force that they today are. Accounting considerably in this expression of popularity is also the associated worth commanded by both as a brand standout in its very mannerism of working, drawing from the fact that both are currently in the prime of their respective careers and have maintained a rather consistent stint at that. Anushka Sharma is currently one of the highest paid Bollywood actresses and also boasts of her own production house from where she rakes in the moolah apart from brand endorsements and public appearances. Kohli too is amassing of as massive a worth, being one of the top 100 highest paid athletes in the world while also relying on brand endorsements and lucrative sports contracts to match up to his credibility as the swashbuckling batsman that he is. Both also have their own apparel brands as Nush and Wrogn, with Virat also running a chain of gyms and a couple of hotels besides being the co- owner of a Dubai based tennis team. A combined net worth exceeding even the whopping limits of a massive 1000 crore accrues currently to brand Virushka that in itself is a staggering assertion of the extraordinary appeal that this duo owing their allegiances to the two most ardent passions of the Indian experience holds, though in all happy humility.